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Adding Videos Before Articles

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Hi all,

We are happy to announce that we are making progress on creating a comprehensive guide to WordPress and Drupal. We have already added dozens of videos and are in the process of adding many more.

To get the content up as fast as possible, we are going to do it in phases, concentrating on the videos first, and then going back and adding articles to accompany the videos.

You can see many of the new videos in the following sections:

This Month's Focus: Forums and Content Marketing

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We are going to take a short break on creating new content, and spend the next month or so concentrating on two things: the forums and a new content marketing platform that will be partially integrated into the Complete Hosting Guide.

This new platform will suggest related content as well as allow content creators to promote their own content. We will be using this website to test out the new content marketing platform before we even open it up to the public. Expect almost daily changes to the recommended content engine as we work on it.

In Support Docs, Constant Improvement is Vital

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Keeping support documentation updated can become a full time job, especially in the technology and internet arena, where change is constant. There are always new things coming out, and many changes here and there that effect support documentation.

It is not enough to write a piece of documentation once and forget about it. It is necessary to tweak and modify that documentation over time.

One of the techniques we use here at the Complete Hosting Guide is constant improvement.

Subtle Cultural References for Us Older IT Guys

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I know I am dating myself, but one of the fun parts of redesigning this website is adding in subtle references that us older IT guys may spot right away, but some of the younger folks may not recognize.

In a way, it's my way of paying homage to the past.

Some of the subtle references we added include:

cPanel is Saying Goodbye to x3

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In a recent blog post on the cPanel blog, cPanel gives a look ahead towards the future of cPanel, and one of the things they talk about is the future of the x3 theme. Namely, that they are phasing it out.

Their Paper Lantern theme was a hit, and all future themes will be based on a similar framework. Even the new "Retro" theme they are creating, which looks like x3, will behave like Paper Lantern.

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