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Changes Coming in August

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We've decided it is time to add a new team member to the website. Starting August 8, we will have two technical writers adding content to the website, not just one. With the addition of a technical writer, we hope to push out more content on a regular basis. Stay tuned for more announcements about changes coming to the website.

Now Adding Reviews for WordPress & Drupal Plugins

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Okay, I am getting a bit frustrated.  There are so many plugins for WordPress and Drupal out there that it is getting really hard to find the good ones without hours and hours of research.  And even then you may miss the ones that do exactly what you need.  Plus, when you do find a good one, you may not need that plugin again for months or even years, and sometimes you forget what you used.

To help deal with my frustrations, and perhaps help some people who are frustrated like me, I decided to add something new to the website: Reviews.

Some Work Behind the Scenes

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Some of you may have wondered why there have been no content updates for the past couple weeks. Well, part of that was due to some behind the scenes work we were doing for the Complete Hosting Guide. We have some design changes for the Complete Hosting Guide, as well as created a method of managing content changes on the website.

Losing Net Neutrality Means Double Billing

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Has anyone ever noticed that what the cable companies and ISPs are really asking for is the ability to double bill?  Currently everyone pays for their own connection to the internet.  Cable companies and ISPs want to charge businesses for the legs of the internet that have already been paid for by end-users.  In essence, double billing for the same bandwidth.

Contact your representives to make sure you are not double billed.

More cPanel Articles & Videos Added

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We made a big dent in the cPanel section yesterday. We have a lot more articles to come, as well as updates to the existing ones we already have.

Right now our biggest goal is to flesh out the main sections, like cPanel, and then go back and make all the articles more in-depth, plus add links to related resources.

80 Posts and Counting

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We just reached 80 articles, videos, pages and blog posts. Still a long way to go, but it is nice to see the site coming together.

Time to get some sleep and start again tomorrow. Have a great night.


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