Sometime a Simple Design is Not the Best Choice

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I know that the trend right now is to simplify things, especially user interfaces, creating a more streamlined and focused experience. While that may be appropriate for many website and web apps, it really is not that appropriate for a support guide or knowledge base, where you are trying to find interconnected information.

In this case, it is useful to see related posts, categories, and external links along with the individual article. This extra information often helps you find information you need but did not necessarily know how to search for.

New Industry Buzz Section

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I just spent the last couple days adding a new Industry Buzz section to help everyone keep up-to-date with the latest news and ideas in web hosting. In many ways, it is like a fire hose of information from the industry. It includes the latest articles and blog posts from industry leaders and corporate blogs. New content is pulled hourly from each blog's RSS feed and the article links will take you directly to the related blog.

Website Redesign & Relaunch

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Although we liked a lot of things about the old web design, we felt that in some ways it was limiting what we wanted to do with the website, especially in regards to the website layout and available regions / blocks. So today we relaunched the website with a new web design. We also manually reentered most of the previous content to take advantage of the new layout and features.

A New Ambitious Website

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The Complete Hosting Guide is an exciting project that I am looking forward to take on fully. It is now Day 2 in setting up this website, and things are going well. The template looks great, and Drupal has the features I need to organize the content well. I still have some tweaking to do, but overall things are looking good. I set up the forums and the website is accepting new members. The content is a bit sparse and quite frankly a mess at this point, but chances are no one will find this website until I get that sorted out anyway.


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