Losing Net Neutrality Means Double Billing

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Has anyone ever noticed that what the cable companies and ISPs are really asking for is the ability to double bill?  Currently everyone pays for their own connection to the internet.  Cable companies and ISPs want to charge businesses for the legs of the internet that have already been paid for by end-users.  In essence, double billing for the same bandwidth.

Contact your representives to make sure you are not double billed.

More cPanel Articles & Videos Added

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We made a big dent in the cPanel section yesterday. We have a lot more articles to come, as well as updates to the existing ones we already have.

Right now our biggest goal is to flesh out the main sections, like cPanel, and then go back and make all the articles more in-depth, plus add links to related resources.

Filling out the Content with Videos

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To start building the structure of the website, we are getting started with a series of videos. Once we have a base structure setup, we will come back and write the articles to go with the videos, and then add new articles. Since you are visiting the site while it is still quite new, we have quite a few holes in our knowledge base. Hopefully these videos will help fill the gap until we can complete a larger range of articles.

New YouTube Channel

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We just created a new YouTube channel to go along with our website. Initially we will be highlighting great videos from other channels, but eventually we will start creating our own videos as well.

Be sure to subscribe to get the latest updates. The more subscribers, the faster we will start making our own videos.

Our New Logo

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As we were updating our social media profiles, we noticed we did not have a logo for the website. So we created one real quick. We'll probably tweak it a bit later, but for now, our current version is simply the pseudo-code </guide> with a cursor next to it. In the animated GIF version, the cursor is flashing.


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