Website Redesign & Relaunch

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Although we liked a lot of things about the old web design, we felt that in some ways it was limiting what we wanted to do with the website, especially in regards to the website layout and available regions / blocks. So today we relaunched the website with a new web design. We also manually reentered most of the previous content to take advantage of the new layout and features.

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Two Designs to Choose From

We did a little more redesigning, and created a new theme for the website.

The old theme is the one mentioned in this blog post, although a lot of the changes we made there were carried over to the new theme.

Our new theme is responsive and mobile-friendly. It displays the same content, but looks a bit different.

The new theme is the default everyone will see. The old theme is still availabe to logged in users via a theme picker drop down box located in the sidebar.

Scott M. Stolz
Complete Hosting Guide, Editor-in-Chief
WisTex, Director & CEO