Subtle Cultural References for Us Older IT Guys

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I know I am dating myself, but one of the fun parts of redesigning this website is adding in subtle references that us older IT guys may spot right away, but some of the younger folks may not recognize.

In a way, it's my way of paying homage to the past.

Some of the subtle references we added include:

Web LogOriginal Name for Blog

When creating a new image for the blog section, I came across an image I liked on a banner creation website, but it was designed for two words, not one. Then it dawned on me. The original name for blog was "web log" which was then shortened to "weblog" which then later became "blog."

It was too easy. I couldn't resist making the reference.

Green Bar Computer PaperGreen Bar Computer Paper

Back before there were laser printers, and printers were mostly used to print out long printouts of data, or print out code, we had green bar computer paper, with alternating rows of green and white. Most versions were designed so that a pin fed dot matrix printer would print three lines of text in each row, assuming you had the paper lined up right.

We decided to play homage to those days by turning the odd rows of tables light green, so our tables look a bit like green bar paper. Some examples include:

What else?

Now that we have added these, it's got us thinking about what other references (old and new) we can subtly incorporate into the website.

If you have any great ideas, post them in the comments below. :)

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