Some Work Behind the Scenes

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Some of you may have wondered why there hasn't been any content updates for the past couple weeks.  Well, part of that was due to some behind the scenes work we were doing for the Complete Hosting Guide, and part of it was because I was working on some other projects.

More Design Changes

As you probably noticed, we redesigned the website a bit again, especially the front page.  We were getting a lot of visitors to the home page, but people weren't clicking through to the rest of the website.  So hopefully some of the changes we made will entice people into exploring further.

For example, we made the links to each section of the site more prominent, and colorful, so they stand out.  That way you can see what the site is all about at a glance, and easily navigate there.  We also added links to our most popular content on the home page, as well as which articles and blog posts are trending today.  This updates automatically based on page views.

Managing the Workload

We also made some significant changes behind the scenes to make it easier for us to manage updates on the website.  We choose Redmine as our project management system because it is more customizible than other systems out there.  Managing content is a bit different than managing web development projects or business projects, and Redmine allowed us to create a workflow that made sense.  We were even able to set it up so that we can track changes for each page in Drupal, and view a page's change history and open requests.

Back to the Content

Now that we have gotten some of the back-end stuff done, we can get back to creating content!  Enjoy the website, and be sure to join the forums and tell us what you want to see!

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