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As we were updating our social media profiles, we noticed we did not have a logo for the website. So we created one real quick. We'll probably tweak it a bit later, but for now, our current version is simply the pseudo-code </guide> with a cursor next to it. In the animated GIF version, the cursor is flashing.

For those familiar with HTML, XML and other similar markup languages, you will notice it resembles a closing tag. The white blank background signifies starting fresh. The fact that it is a piece of code pays homage to web hosting, while the fact that it is a closing tag signifies "complete" and the flashing cursor indicates that it is an ongoing work in progress, always being improved.

The always improving Complete Hosting Guide. All in one logo. ;)

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It's Growing on Me

When we first created the logo, it was something we rushed to get together so we would have something to use on Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. But the more I look at it, the more I love it.

What do you think of the new logo?

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The Complete Hosting Guide

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When I first saw the logo, I

When I first saw the logo, I thought it was pretty basic to be honest. But now that I've read the message behind the logo, I'll have to applaud you! Well done!