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Okay, I am getting a bit frustrated.  There are so many plugins for WordPress and Drupal out there that it is getting really hard to find the good ones without hours and hours of research.  And even then you may miss the ones that do exactly what you need.  Plus, when you do find a good one, you may not need that plugin again for months or even years, and sometimes you forget what you used.

To help deal with my frustrations, and perhaps help some people who are frustrated like me, I decided to add something new to the website: Reviews.

I am going to start adding reviews for plugins that I use and/or test out.  Since I mostly use WordPress and Drupal, that is where I will be focusing.  I'll try to focus on the things that they don't tell you, or that may not be obvious when looking at the plugin descriptions.

Some of the things I will be covering include:

  1. Description of what the plugin does.
  2. Which version of the plugin I reviewed.
  3. Whether the plugin is free or paid.
  4. Links to the plugin, and related documentation (if available).
  5. Features and what it does well.
  6. What it does not do so well.
  7. Any suggestions that I have for improving it.
  8. Alternatives to this plugin (if I have reviewed it)

I have created sections where I will house the reviews:

I also created a content type called "review" for these types of pages, to distinguish reviews from "articles" which typically contain more documentation and how-to information.  You may see the type referenced in a couple of places, like on the recently updated content or popular content pages, as well as a filtering option on Advanced Search.

Hopefully these reviews will help you find the plugins you need.  I know that it will help me remember where to find the good ones.

Enjoy! :)

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