New Design: Using Color to Focus

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We decided to mix things up a bit and redesign some elements of the website.  Instead of a plain white background everywhere, we decided that we would use different color backgrounds for different elements of the page.  

For example, to draw your eye to the content, we made the background of the content white, while putting the navigation elements and ads on a light blue background.  That way the extra information and links is still on the page, but the use of color helps you focus on the content as the primary region of the page.  We also introduced the use of tabs in places, so that useful information is available, but only visible when you click on the appropriate tab.  This way there is less clutter without the loss of additional information and links.

We hope you will denjoy the new design.  We will continue tweaking the design over the next few months, so expect more changes.  Enjoy!

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Article Applies to Old Theme

I just wanted to add a note that this article applies to the old blue theme of the website, which is now only available to logged in users.

We redesigned the website last recently, and applied the new theme as the default.

If you would like to switch to the old theme, log into your account, and use the "theme" drop down box in the sidebar.

Scott M. Stolz
Complete Hosting Guide, Editor-in-Chief
WisTex, Director & CEO