This Month's Focus: Forums and Content Marketing

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We are going to take a short break on creating new content, and spend the next month or so concentrating on two things: the forums and a new content marketing platform that will be partially integrated into the Complete Hosting Guide.

This new platform will suggest related content as well as allow content creators to promote their own content. We will be using this website to test out the new content marketing platform before we even open it up to the public. Expect almost daily changes to the recommended content engine as we work on it.

Even though we won't be creating much new content in the next month or so, we didn't want to leave you hanging, so we will increase our activity in the forums. So you'll see more posts and more replies to post. Come join us!

In about a month or so, we will go back to creating new articles again. In fact, there will be a spike of new content when we launch the new content marketing platform, as all of the help docs will live here, on Complete Hosting Guide.

We think you will enjoy some of the things we have planned. I know we are excited.

Come visit us on the forums. We'd love to see you.

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Making Progress

We are making progress. We have redesigned the forums and added new sections. Participation is up. And we've added links to related recommended content throughout the website. Things are looking good. :)

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