How You Present Your Data Matters

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As we update the Complete Hosting Guide, we try to let people know what has been updated.  The website already has two ways to see new and updated content, the New Articles & Blog Posts list, and the Recently Updated Content page, respectively.  

While these did a great job at automatically updating with what's new and what's changed, they did a poor job at showing the scope of changes on the site within a specific time frame, and did not record specifically what was changed.

To rectify this, we decided to create a newsletter that gave highlights of what has changed.

What is interesting is that looking at the newsletter's list of things we did vs. looking at the automatically generated recently updated content list gave completely different experiences.

The recently updated content page let us know that we have recently updated the website, but there was no real feel on how much we have done in the last couple of weeks since the list was paginated.

In contrast, the first newsletter we created, which outlines what we had done in the last two weeks, looked amazing and really made us realize just how much work had actually been done.

The biggest issue with a project of this scope is that what you have accomplished can feel so small compared to your vision for the website.  By creating a newsletter that outlines our progress for the week (or in this case, two weeks), it becomes more obvious that we are making a dent.

So when working on large projects like the Complete Hosting Guide, or just whenever you have to present some data, understand that how you present the data makes as much difference as the data itself.

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