cPanel is Saying Goodbye to x3

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In a recent blog post on the cPanel blog, cPanel gives a look ahead towards the future of cPanel, and one of the things they talk about is the future of the x3 theme. Namely, that they are phasing it out.

Their Paper Lantern theme was a hit, and all future themes will be based on a similar framework. Even the new "Retro" theme they are creating, which looks like x3, will behave like Paper Lantern.

And, to add a new kink, the new interface based on Paper Lantern will not be called Paper Lantern in new versions of cPanel. It will just be the default interface.

This creates a unique challenge in creating documentation, because we are in a transition period where some web hosts will still have the old x3 themes, while other hosts will have upgraded to the more modern interface.

To help ease the pain, we have been busy updating our documentation to reflect the new interface, while mentioning that those still using x3 might see something slightly different.

So far we have updated the following sections, but we are working on updating all of the pages shortly.

We hope you enjoy the updated articles, and you can always see what is new on our Recently Updated Content page.

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cPanel Gives x3 a Bit More Time

cPanel just announced that it was delaying its deprecation schedule for the x3 theme for about 4 months, until version 60 of cPanel is released.

It is still going away. They just want to address some user's concern over Paper Lantern and themes based on that before they stop supporting x3. They want to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible with the switch.

They now are planning to stop shipping x3 with new installations starting with v60 rather than v58 as planned.

Details from their blog:

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