What is WHM & Debugging DNS (cPanel TV)

Lee Latham, cPanel Technical Trainer, contrasts the WHM interface against the cPanel interface and explains how to debug most DNS issues on cPanel/WHM servers.

What Every cPanel System Administrator Should Know

Some of the things covered in part 1 of the video include:

  1. The Difference between the WHM and cPanel interfaces
    • WHM is the sever wide and user management interface, which is also used by resellers (although resellers have limited abilities).
      • Create user/reseller accounts
      • Rebuild and configure system services
      • Set server security preferences
      • Manage IP addresses
      • Manage stats
      • Manage server backup configuration
      • Terminate (delete) accounts
      • Any server-wide issues
      • Server administrator's interface
    • cPanel is the inteface used by the customers or end-users, and allows users to manage their websites.
  2. How to Debug DNS Issues
    • This video covers:
      • How does DNS Work (in a nutshell)?
      • How to Diagnose DNS Issues
    • There is no single answer to all problems.
    • Understanding how the system works is the key.
    • Your customers must enter your nameserver names and IP addresses with their registrar.
    • You do not want to change your nameservers much, because it inconveniences customers.
    • Check glue records first, since if they are incorrect, nothing else will work.

Watch the whole video for more details. For additional information not covered in this video, follow the links on this page or in the related articles section below.

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