Websites where you can Create a Facebook Cover Image

Facebook allows you to create pages for your business, website, organization or other reasons.  These Facebook pages can be customized in a variety of ways, including creating what is called a "cover image" which is an 851 x 315 pixel image that sites at the top of your Facebook page.  Adding a cover image significantly increases the appeal of your Facebook page, so it is recommended that you add one.

There are several websites that assist you in creating a cover image for your Facebook Page.  Some of them provide images, while others allow you to modify or customize an image you already have (such as adding text).

Some of the Facebook Cover Image Generators that we have found include:

feedmestatus Facebook Cover Creator

This website allows you to pick a premade cover, and edit it.


This website provides a variety of premade covers that you allowed to use on your Facebook page.


Over 146,000 covers to choose from.  Each cover includes their domain name in the lower right corner.


They have a small collection of Facebook covers to choose from, but they do have a variety of other sizes suitable for ads.  Free with a watermark, with paid upgrades available.

Timeline Cover Banner

Allows you to select a background from their library, and customize it.


If you know about additional ones we missed, please leave a comment below.  Thanks.

Also, tell us which ones you like best in the comments below.  If some appear more popular that others, we may adjust the order of the list.

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