Should I pay for private domain registration?

We recommend staying transparent and sticking by the motto that you have nothing to hide if you're doing the right thing and/or doing good in general. But if for any reason you want to protect your privacy, private domain registration is always an option.

Domain Privacy for Businesses

For businesses, it is suggested that you leave your contact information public, as it instills trusts in your business.

Customers may think you are hiding something if you won’t reveal who you are, which could cost you sales.

Domain Privacy for Individuals

For individuals, if you are concerned about having your home address listed publicly, be aware that you do not have to put down your home address. You can put down any address that you can be contacted at by mail, including a post office box or private mailbox (PMB). A voicemail that you check regularly would also be an acceptable substitute for your home or mobile phone. As long as you can be reached via the contact information you give, it is acceptable.

Available from your Registrar

If you do not want you name and contact information listed publicly, you can opt for domain privacy, which is available from many registrars.

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