Introduction to Drupal Site Building

Video courtesy of OSTraining.

In this video, Robert shows you how to start setting up a new Drupal site. You'll fill in your site information, check your status report and fix any warnings before we start our site.

Before We Get Started

This 10 video course assumes you already have Drupal installed and jumps right into building your website. If you are not familiar with some of Drupal's basic concepts, you may want to consider viewing the Drupal 8 Beginner Course first.

What's Covered in this Video

The best way to get started with Drupal or any content management system is to go ahead and jump in and start building things.

Changing Your Site Name

This video shows you how to change the name of your website, which is shown in a variety of places, on the Site Information page in Drupal's Configuration section.

Checking the Drupal Status Report for Issues

We'll start off by checking the Drupal Status Report in the Reports section to check for installation and security issues.

Some of the things we check include:

  • Making sure the permissions on the configuration files are read only.
  • Making sure Drupal core files are up-to-date.
  • Updating the Trusted Host Settings to make Drupal more secure.

Now that we have checked for and resolved any issues with our Drupal installation, we can proceed with building the website.

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