Introduction to cPanel and WHM

What is cPanel? What is WHM? This video and article provide an overview of both.



cPanel and WHM are two sides of the cPanel hosting control panel system.  cPanel is the side that website owners use to manage their websites, while WHM is the side where the web hosts manages the server and customers.

The Difference between the WHM & cPanel Interfaces

Web Host Manager (WHM)

WHM is the sever wide and user management interface, which is also used by resellers (although resellers have limited abilities).

  • Create user/reseller accounts
  • Rebuild and configure system services
  • Set server security preferences
  • Manage IP addresses
  • Manage stats
  • Manage server backup configuration
  • Terminate (delete) accounts
  • Any server-wide issues
  • Server administrator's interface


cPanel is the inteface used by the customers or end-users, and allows users to manage their websites.

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