How to Use BoxTrapper in cPanel

Is your incoming email from a real person or a spammer?

You can use BoxTrapper to verify that email that you are receiving is from a real live person. This is useful for email accounts where you do not subscribe to many newsletters, and expect email to only come from friends and family and other trusted senders.

Unverified senders only have to verify once, and whitelisted senders never have to verify.

This can be used in combination with SpamAssassin to only attempt to verify emails with a high spam score, letting whitelisted senders or emails with a low spam score through without challenging the sender on whether they are a real person or not.

Emails from mailing lists, account verification emails, online purchases receipts, login details for websites, or any other automated email with a "no reply" email address will be blocked unless whitelisted by you, or they have a low enough spam score to bypass BoxTrapper.

Video Tutorial

How to work with Boxtrapper to control unwanted email in cPanel.

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