How to Promote Yourself without Spamming

There are plenty of ways to promote your website or business without spamming the forums or blog comments, and here's how.

Do it right, and you get a lot of free promotion and respect. Do it wrong, and your posts get deleted, and people won't want to do business with you.

What to Do

  • Update your profile:
    • Include links to your website.
    • Include links to your social media accounts.
    • Update the "about me" section.
    • Add a forum signature that follows the forum rules.
  • Post links and ads in only designated areas, if available. (See below for how to do that.)
  • Post quality posts on the forum. If you provide quality posts, people are more likely to check out what you offer.
  • Follow the forum rules.

If you follow the rules, and promote yourself correctly, you will get better results and you won't get banned for spamming.

What Not to Do

  • Do not post links or ads in forum areas that do not allow it.
  • Do not post for the sake of posting just so your link or signature appears.
  • Do not posts irrelevant and off topic replies.
  • Do not send private messages or emails promoting your website or offer.
  • Do not create a forum signature that overshadows the content in the posts.
  • Do not post the same link or offer over and over and over again. Once is enough.

All of these things can get your post deleted and your account banned. Any promotional value gets deleted very quickly, and you lose the respect of the community by spamming.

Don't Look Spammy

How your post looks is just as important as where it is posted.

Posts that look spammy often contain:

  • Text that looks auto-generated or copy and pasted from somewhere else.
  • Is formatted horribly, which makes it look like it was auto-generated or copy and pasted.
  • Contains a lot of typos and errors in it.
  • Contains content that is not relevant to the topic or link provided.

Don't post anything like this. Even if you post it in the right place, if it looks like spam, it will get deleted.

Don't Play Games

Yeah, we know the trick where you post under one username and ask a question, and then post under a different username and answer with a link to your website. It's still spam if you don't post it in the right place.

If you want to promote your links and offers, you have two choices:

  1. Just post an offer in the Promotions & Recommendations section of the forum.
  2. Or if you insist on doing the two post process of asking then answering, then do that in Requesting Recommendations.

Posting offers and links to your website anywhere else will result in the post being deleted or moved, and you possibly being banned.

Ways to Promote on Complete Hosting Guide

In addition to the ways you can promote yourself on the forums and your profile, the Complete Hosting Guide also has some additional ways.

These are designated areas where you can promote your website and business. As long as you post in the correct place, and the post does not look spammy, then it will stay.

Duplicate posts will be combined or deleted. 

We Want to Help You Promote Your Business

We really want to help you promote your website and business. But you have to do it the right way. This is a quality website and we want quality comments and posts.

So help us help you. Follow these guidelines and the forum rules, and you will be rewarded with free promotion that does not get deleted.

Thank you for understanding.

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