How to Park a Domain in cPanel (Domain Alias)

Domain AliasesA domain alias (also known as a parked domain), is an additional domain name that points to your primary website.

For example, you could create a domain alias for and have it point to your website located at Both will show the same exact content, and updating content at will also update

Note: You can only create a domain alias that points to your primary website.

How to Create a Domain Alias

Video Tutorial


Before you can add a parked domain to your account, the following must be completed first:

  1. The domain name is registered and active.
  2. The name servers are pointed to your web host.

How to Park a Domain / Create a Domain Alias

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Look for the Domains section, and click on the Alias or Parked Domains icon.
    • Different themes may label the icon differently.
  3. Enter the Domain name you want to park (for example,
  4. Click on the Add Domain button.
  5. Click on the Go Back link to return to the previous page.

The parked domain is created.  You can delete or manage redirection if you want to further modify the parked domain.

Some themes and documentation refer to this as "domain aliases" and some as "parked domains." They are the same thing.

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