How to Create Custom Error Pages via cPanel

You can modify the error pages your visitors see, such as the most common one, the 404 Not Found error, when a page cannot be found at the URL entered.  Setting up customer error pages requires that you know at least a little HTML.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Directions

Here is how you can create customer error pages in your web control panel:

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Look for the Advanced section, and click on the Error Pages icon.
  3. Select the domain you wish to modify (if not already selected).
  4. Click on the error page you wish to edit (such as the 404 Not Found error).
  5. Type of paste your HTML into the text box.  You can optionally include certain information like referring URL, server name and visitor’s browser.
  6. Click on the Save button.

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