How to Create an Addon Domain in cPanel

Addon DomainsHow Do I Add a Domain to My Hosting Account?

Depending on the web host and plan, you may be allowed you to add additional domain names to your hosting plan.  These additional domains are called “Addon Domains” when added to an existing hosting account.

You can use these addon domain names to create additional websites, or point them to existing websites.

This tutorial will show you how to create addon domains, and explain how they work.

Video Tutorial


Before you can add an addon domain to your account, the following must be completed first:

  1. The domain name is registered and active.
  2. The name servers are pointed to your web host.

How to Create an Addon Domain

You can add an additional domain name and website to your hosting account by doing the following:

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Look for the Domains section, and click on the Addon Domains icon.
  3. Fill in the New Domain Name field with your domain name.
    • Only include the domain name; do not include www.  For example, if your domain is, then enter instead of
  4. The Subdomain and Document Root fields will be filled out for you automatically.  Unless you have a specific reason to change these, you should leave them as their defaults.
    • Take note of the Document Root folder, as this is where you will be uploading your website.
  5. If you need an FTP login specifically for this addon domain, then
    1. Check the box "Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain."
      • Earlier versions of cPanel automatically create an FTP account and do not give you an option.
    2. Enter FTP Username for this addon domain.
      • In earlier versions of cPanel, this is the same as the subdomain.
    3. Enter a Password for this addon domain.
      • We recommend that you use the Password Generator for the best security.
  6. Click on the Addon Domain button.
  7. After a few moments while it configures your account and sets up the DNS, your domain will be added to your account.

You may now upload your website to the folder specified in the Document Root, or use your web hosts' script installation wizard to install popular scripts such as WordPress, Drupal and others.

How Addon Domains Work

Adding an addon domain simply configures your domain name to work with your hosting account.  It does not register it.  If you have not registered your domain name, you will need to register it first.

Each addon domain can have its own website and email accounts, and will be managed inside your existing hosting control panel.  From a website visitor’s perspective, each addon domain is completely independent from each other, and there is no obvious relationship between them unless you disclose it.

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