How to Change the Disk Quota for an Email Account in cPanel

Email Accounts IconIt is recommended that you set a quota (or size limit) for email accounts.  This encourages users to manage their email wisely, and also prevents a spam filled email address from taking up all your space.

You can change the size limit (or quota) of an email account in cPanel.  Some web hosts allow you to set the email quota to unlimited, if you desire.

Steps to Set or Change an Email Account's Quota

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Click on the Accounts link in the Email section.
    • In some themes, the link may be called Email Accounts and be located in the Mail section instead.
  3. Find the email address you wish to modify in the list of email accounts.  
    • Scroll down to see the list of email accounts, if necesary.
    • Use the search feature if you have many email accounts.
  4. Click on the Change Quota link next to the email address you wish to modify.
  5. Change the quota to the desired level.
  6. Click on the Change Quota button.
Warning: Setting the quota lower than the current amount of space being used may cause incoming mail to bounce and be discarded or returned to sender.

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