How to Add Private and Instant Messaging to Drupal

One way to keep people on your website longer and to foster a community is by adding private messaging and instant messaging onto your website. This is very useful if you are running a forum or user generated content on your website.

Luckily there are some Drupal modules setup for that, and the nice thing is that if configured together, you can have both private messaging and instant messaging integrated together.

The cool thing about that is people can get messages whether they are online or offline, and any instant messages sent via the site are archived in their inbox as private messages for reference later.

The Drupal modules that you would need are:

  1. Privatemsg - provides the basic private messaging functionaity.
  2. Private Message with Node.js - This allow private messages to pop up instantly when browsing your website.
  3. Node.js Integration - Requirement for the instant messaging functionaity.

The privatemsg module is easy to setup, and is all you need if you just want private messaging.

The Node.js is pretty complicated to setup, but will give you the instant messaging capability.

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