How to Add MX Entries in cPanel

This feature allows you to route a domain's incoming mail to a specified server. This is useful if your email server is different than your web server, or if you are using multiple email servers as backups.

An MX Record is a type of DNS record that controls the routing of email. Making changes to DNS records typically take 24 to 48 hours, although you may start seeing some of your mail being routed to the new destination earlier.

Routing Your Email with MX Records

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The domain must be pointed to your web server, so that changes made to the DNS in cPanel will take effect.

If you are using different name servers, then you must make your changes there, or else use your web hosts's name servers.

Changing Whether Mail is Handled Locally or Remotely

If you are using your web server to handle your email, then mail is handled locally. If you are using a separate mail server, then your mail is handled remotely.

It is important to set this correctly, otherwise mail sent from your server (via scripts, for example) won't be routed correctly.

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Click the MX Entry icon in the Email (or Mail) section.
  3. Under Email Routing, select one of the following:
    1. Automatically Detect Configuration (recommended)
    2. Local Mail Exchanger if mail is handled by the web server.
    3. Backup Mail Exchanger if the mail sever serves as a backup to a remote web server.
    4. Remote Mail Exchanger if you are using a different mail server.
  4. Click on the Change button.

Adding a New MX Record

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Click the MX Entry icon in the Email (or Mail) section.
  3. Under Add New Record, fill in the following fields:
    1. Enter the Priority number.
      • Servers with a lower number get tried first.
    2. Enter a Destination.
      • This should be a domain name or subdomain name.
  4. Click on the Add New Record button.

Editing or Removing an MX Record

  1. Find the MX Record you want to change on this list of MX Records.
    • This list is found on the MX Entries page, which can be accessed by:
      1. Log into cPanel.
      2. Click the MX Entry icon in the Email (or Mail) section.
  2. Click on Edit or Remove.
  3. If editing, change the priority number.

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