How to Add MS SQL to Plesk

If you have a freshly installed version of Plesk on your Windows dedicated server or VPS, you may find that not all of the desired components are pre-installed for you. For example, you may find MySQL pre-installed, but not Microsoft SQL (MSSQL).

Thank's to Odin's built-in install and update service within Plesk, you can add MS SQL easily, with the touch of a button.

Note that you need the proper license for MS SQL for it to appear in Plesk. For example, MS SQL is included with their Power Pack.

Installing MS SQL in Plesk

  1. In the Plesk Server Administration interface, go to Tools & Settings.
  2. Click on Updates & Upgrades.
    • This should open a new windows entitled Install and Update Odin Products.
  3. Click on Add/Remove Components.
  4. Select Install (the green check mark) for the version of MS SQL you want to use.
  5. Select Install for myLittleAdmin (if you want a web interface to MS SQL).
  6. Click on the Continue button.
  7. Wait until the Plesk Installer finishes installing MS SQL.
    • It will say" All operations with products and components have been successfully completed." when completed.
  8. Click OK.

Microsoft SQL is now installed, and ready to use.

You can now add a database under Tools & Settings > Database Servers.

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