Fraud Prevention for Web Hosts is Essential

Because of the high number of fraudulent orders in the hosting industry, it is essential that you have a fraud prevention strategy in place, and know the red flags that may indicate a fraudulent order.

Depending on checks by the payment processing company is not enough.

Ideally you have an automated system such as MaxMind flag orders for you to review, and then you manually review them to ensure they are real. If necessary, verify the order by phone or by having them send in documents confirming they are who they say they are and are authorized to use the payment method used.

It is also advisable to monitor new accounts for suspicious activity, such as a high amount of sent email immediately after opening the account, phishing websites, etc.

If you don't have a fraud prevention strategy, and you let fraudulent orders through, fraudsters will share that with other fraudsters, which will generate a huge spike in fraudulent orders.

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