Drupal Site Building: Creating Content

Video courtesy of OSTraining.

Once you have Drupal 8 content types set up, you're next step will be to add content. In this video, we'll start with a simple Article and then a more complex Review.

In this Video We'll Cover

Creating Content

We create new content on the website using the default content types of "article" and "basic page" and the custom content type of "Review" (which we created in the previous video).

Creating Menus

Shows how to create menu items either through the Menu interface in the Structure section of the Drupal Dashboard, or by adding it when creating or editing content.

Editing Content Types

You can edit content types at any time and add or remove fields.

This video demonstrates adding an image field, where content creators can add an image to a post. It also shows how you can have Drupal resize the uploaded images upon display.

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