Drupal Site Building: Content Types

Video courtesy of OSTraining.

Now that we have our Drupal 8 set up, we're going to plan our site and create the content types. We already have 'Article" and "Basic Page" content types. Our first new content type will be "Review" and we'll also add several fields.

What's Covered in this Video

Creating a Site Plan

Before starting any website project, whether you are using Drupal or not, it is useful to come up with a site plan that goes over the types of content you plan on having, and how you want to structure it.

In this video, we will create a basic site plan, which we will refer to throughout this 10 video site building course.

Content Types

One of the powerful features of Drupal is being able to define custom content types. By default, Drupal comes with "article" and "basic page" content types, but you can create any number of unique content types and tailor them to store any information you want.

This is useful if you want to capture specific information, or control what information users can enter on your website, or simply want to control how the information is formatted and displayed.

In this video, we will create a new content type called "Review" and add custom fields to it.

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