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Preferences in Paper Lantern ThemeInside cPanel you can access your Preferences, where you can change your password, change the cPanel theme, change the language, and more.

In the x3 theme (and themes based on the x3 theme), these Preferences are located in there own section called Preferences.

In the Paper Lantern theme and newer themes, many of these functions have been moved to the top menu.

Your web hosting provider has the ability to turn on and off these abilities, so it is possible that you do not have access to all of these features.

Preferences in x3 theme

Common Options

Here are options common to most web hosts.  The exact functionality may be different from web host to web host, due to the fact that web hosts are able to modify cPanel as they desire.

Change Password

  • This will allow you to change your own password for the web hosting control panel.  Depending on the web hosts, this may or may not also change the password for your hosting billing system (typically not).

Update Contact Information

  • This allows you to change the email addresses where you receive cPanel notifications.
  • Please note that this does not change the email address your web hosts uses for billing or other purposes.  It only changes where cPanel notification go.

Change Style

  • Some web hosts allow you to select from several themes, allowing you to change the appearance of your control panel.
  • When the web host has created their own custom theme, different themes may show different functionality, typically with the custom theme showing the most functionality.

Change Language

  • cPanel supports multiple languages, and this is where you can change the language of your hosting control panel.
  • Available languages may vary by web host.
  • Changing the language here typically only affects the web hosting control panel, and not other parts of your web host's website, like the billing system.

Getting Started Wizard

  • The Getting Started Wizard walks you through the steps of setting up your first website.  It is good for those new to web hosting, or who are setting up a website for the first time.  More experienced users will probably want to skip directly to the functionality they wish to setup.

Video Tutorials

  • cPanel has included a variety of video tutorials on how to use the hosting control panel.  Some web hosts replace this with their own videos instead, or disable this feature completely.


  • If you do certain things a lot, you can create some shortcuts, which appear near the top of your control panel (depending on the style or theme used).

RVSkin Theme Changer

  • If your web host has a license for RVSkins, additional themes are available for your control panel and can be configured here.

Follow the links below for more information about each icon and what it does.

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Article Updates

We updated the article to include screen shots for the Paper Lantern and x3 themes, and mentioned that each theme displays many of these preferences in a different location.

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