cPanel Getting Started Wizard

cPanel has a Getting Started Wizard who steps you through the cPanel features. It is quite comprehensive and walks you through almost everything, including advanced features you may or may not be interested in using or need. When you first log into cPanel, a pop up dialog will appear asking you if you want to go through the Getting Started Wizard.

cPanel Getting Started Wizard

You can also access this in the Preferences section of cPanel if you are using the x3 theme, or a theme based on x3.

Preferences in the x3 Theme of cPanel

Not all themes show the Getting Started Wizard.

Most users do not need to go through everything that is in the Getting Started Wizard, and sometimes may instruct users to perform tasks that are not necessary in their particular situation. In most cases, users should be able to dive right into cPanel and configure what they need without using the Getting Started Wizard.

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