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You must have been to a web page where you see highlighted words, when you click these words they take you to another web page. This web page that you are redirected to is called the landing page.  A landing page can be put to many uses depending on the intention of the web designer. Advertising copywriting uses the landing page to promote their products.  

In case the landing page is through an affiliate of a company, then it becomes necessary to keep a record of the number of visitors. By keeping a track of the number of visitors it becomes possible to measure the effectiveness of the link. The more the visitors the higher is the chance that the product will be sold. 

SEO copywriter uses the landing pages quite frequently. During a search, a person puts in the key words and the search engine brings up the resultant links, when the person clicks on the link, the land to the landing page. 

Many web sites offer something which is known as the affiliate program. An affiliate program is designed such that it can promote websites for other people. In this set up, the web page creator or the company pays a decided amount of money if a product is sold. There may be other deals also, a company may decide to pay a certain percentage of the over all sales instead of paying a sum based on the individual sales. The aim of all the web sites is to draw as many visitors as they can.

There are also programs on the internet that actually measures the popularity of the site. One such program is the Google page rank; it lets the web sites know their popularity level by granting a percentage.  

There are basically two types of web landing pages, the first one is the reference landing page and the second one is the transactional landing page. The reference page gives the information where as the transactional landing page directs the visitor to the area in which the product or the service can be purchased.  

Whenever we click on link, while surfing the internet, we are directed towards a landing page. It is highly beneficial as it provides us with the information that we are seeking. When you are searching for a product, there will be numerous links that will pop up, but you should read the listings and click on the one that is best suited you. 

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