Copywriting: Importance of Headlines

You do not get a second chance to make a first impression; same is the case with your sales headline. If you are unable to attract your potential customers in one go, chances are high that they will never ever go on to read the second sentence. Instead the customers who could be yours will move on to may be your own competitor. So it is important that you never overlook the importance of headline. Once you yourself have made a good headline, you can see for yourself how much it is worth. You will be amazed at the incremental sales that this will be able to get. 

Consumers have very short attention span, if you have not been able to grab their attention within the first 3 seconds, they will be gone and possibly gone forever. The headline must be such that it attracts the consumers and makes him want to learn more. If your web site starts with a boring opening line such as “thank you for taking out the time to visit our website”… then it is almost equivalent to bidding goodbyes to your potential customers. No one wants to read that. 

A good headline is one that captures the attention of your readers, engrosses and interests them and then eventually leads to a sale. There are few magic or fire words, which if used are sure to attract the attention of the readers, some of these words are that directly address the reader such as “how to” “do you” and also “discover”. Just like these magic words there are other tragic words that absolutely kill your head lines, never and I repeat never use words like “learn about” and “buy” in your headline. 

Studies show that almost 80% online sales are made on the basis of the headlines. So you can well figure out that with an unattractive headline, you put at stake 80% of your chances to sell your product. It is not that headlines will take you days to write. If you keep the few key words in mind, you can make your own headlines that will spin money for you in minutes.  

The sooner you realize the importance of headlines, the better it is for you and your company, a headline has the potential to increase you sales by a whooping figure of 80% stating this fact, it is an obvious truth that the significance of headlines can never be overemphasized. 

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