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A great dilemma that many business owners face is while hiring copy writers. Everybody would like to hire the best in the business, but more often than not, it is beyond the budget.   

If you are looking for the right kind of writer for your business, you need to consider many factors before you actually hire him or her. You need to look around for a while until you actually manage to find a good writer who is tailor made for you. Go through the points given below for they will help you identify the good writer that you have been looking for:

  1. Go through the writer’s site and judge the quality of the work there.
  2. Visits the sites of the writer’s clients and take a look at the quality of work there as well. 
  3. See if the writer is intelligent enough to comprehend the notes that you give him.
  4. Is the writer asking you questions to clarify things?
  5. When you ask the writer to incorporate changes into the article, does he do it grudgingly or willingly?
  6. Make a note of the writer’s communication skills. 
  7. How does the writer incorporate the keywords in the articles is also worth noticing.
  8. Does the writer always agree with you or does he discuss things in a gentle manner?
  9. Try to see if the writer is committed enough to make some changes so that the article gets better.
  10. Another important thing is the amount of time that he takes to deliver the work.
  11. Find out if the copywriting rates he is asking for is feasible or not.  
  12. In case you are hiring someone new for your company, ask yourself if you have the patience to work with him and explain everything.    

After you have short listed and then finally selected your copywriter after interviewing him on the basis of the important questions given above, you need to ensure that your writer has the necessary background information about your project. Give him the feedback about: 

  • Earlier marketing material that has already been published.
  • Memos published by the company
  • Certain notes from earlier business meetings 
  • Specific technical letters accompanied by the details of the products
  • Your marketing strategy 

Remember that the most important thing is your relationship with your copywriter. If you share a good relationship with him or her, chances are that the quality of the work will be very good. In case the relationship is too formal and strict, then no scope for interaction remains between you and your writer. This may be somewhat damaging and lead to problems. Ensure that you share a good camaraderie with your writer.         

Then comes the final question – that of the charges of the copywriter. At present, new writers charge around $12.50 per hour while the experienced ones might ask for as much as $300 per hour. You need to select your copywriter according to the budget of the company.  

If you have a low budget, you need to search a bit and you will definitely find a new copywriter who has great potential. Even if your new writer does not have a bundle of experience behind him, he might have the talent that you will be able to hone. Who knows, you might be the mentor of a great copywriter who will be hot property in future.  

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