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How to turn Twitter conversations into business sales

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Over the past four months, our educational video series has provided tips to help your business unlock more value from Twitter — from writing Tweets that drive relevant interactions, to growing your follower base and then engaging them to become long-term customers. In the final video of our series, we take these concepts a step further and illustrate how your conversations on Twitter can turn into sales. When you start tweeting, first focus on content that generates interactions with your followers in the form of Retweets and replies. Once you’ve established some rapport, mix in your direct offers. To help maintain a balanced content strategy, we suggest an 80/20 approach — 80% of your content should aim to generate engagement and 20% should drive direct response actions such as website traffic and purchases. Our latest video covers two tips to help write effective Tweets for this 20% of your content strategy: Simplify your TweetsStart with a compelling offer, and then draw attention to your desired action with a time sensitive call-to-action that links to your website. Create demand with a Flock to Unlock promotionIncentivize followers to spread your offer through Tweets and Retweets before it’s unlocked for everyone to redeem. Watch the video to learn more: As you incorporate direct offers into your content strategy, try experimenting with different promotions to see which ones resonate most with your followers. At the end of your promotions, ask followers for their feedback and encourage them to tweet you about offers they’d like to see in the future. Sign in to Twitter now and ask your followers what sale or promotion they’d like to see soon.

Rackspace Weekly Digest: July 25

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This week, with launched the general availability of OnMetal; OpenStack turned four; and Rackspace was named EMC’s 2014 Service Provider of the Year for Innovation. Check out all that, plus some more goodness, in this week’s digest. OnMetal Shows Phenomenal Performance In Early Benchmarks Since we launched the limited availability of OnMetal Cloud Servers – single-tenant bare-metal servers provisioned quickly via the cloud – last month, our customers have been intrigued by our promise of “elasticity of the cloud, plus economy of colocation” – particularly the economy side of it. This week, OnMetal moved into general availability and we unveiled its pricing. We also showed you how OnMetal performed in a series of benchmark tests. Rackspace::Solve San Francisco Is Monday Rackspace is hosting a series of one-day summits where our customers and technology partners will share their expertise in solving business challenges. The first Rackspace::Solve event is slated for Monday, July 28 at the St. Regis in San Francisco. Rackspace::Solve events in New York and Chicago will soon follow. Check out a sneak peek of what Rackspace customer Alex and Ani and Rackspace partner CoreOS will highlight Monday at Rackspace::Solve San Francisco. That Time When OpenStack Turned Four OpenStack is four. This is huge. In just four years, the community and the project have come a long way. And OpenStack’s fifth year is an important one. Rackspace Is EMC’s 2014 Service Provider Of The Year For Innovation Rackspace has been named EMC’s 2014 Service Provider of the Year for Innovation, an achievement that recognizes Rackspace for demonstrating a commitment to developing innovative solutions that allow our customers to maximize the value of their digital data. Cloud Databases A Big Hit With Knowledge Base Provider HelpIQ Knowledge base provider HelpIQ is growing quickly and is using Rackspace Cloud Databases and Performance Cloud Servers to help it scale.

Open-Source Project Streisand Aims to Make Web Servers Immune to Censorship

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A new open-source project called Streisand is designed to make it easy to setup a new server running a wide variety of anti-censorship technologies that can completely mask and encrypt all Internet traffic, and essentially circumvent most forms of online censorship. The post Open-Source Project Streisand Aims to Make Web Servers Immune to Censorship appeared first on Web Hosting Talk.

Wrap-up of this week’s top articles from the 1&1 Blog

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To catch you up on this week’s most popular 1&1 blog posts, we discussed the processes ICANN has in place should a domain registry go bankrupt, security features of Plesk 12, Facebook advertising, hot topics in Web design, and SysAdmin Day. The Backup Plan Your Domain Can’t Live Without ( – Ever wonder what will happen to your domain if the registry goes bankrupt? ICANN has a backup plan! Better WordPress Security for Everyone ( – The incredible popularity of WordPress makes the CMS a popular target for hackers and malicious activity. John Zanni from Parallels discusses the security measures Plesk 12 offers to keep users safe. Americans Spend Around 40 Minutes Each Day on Facebook ( – Facebook’s Q2 results helps to build a strong case study for social media advertising. But what do you need to know? The Hottest Topics in the World of Web Design ( – Watch a video of Oliver Lindberg, editor of net magazine, discussing the most popular trends and topics surrounding the Web design industry. It’s a Celebration – Happy SysAdmin Day! ( – It’s System Administrator Appreciation Day and today we thank all of our 1&1 SysAdmins for the hard work they do in order to keep our computers, servers, and networks running. What topics do you want to hear about this week? Post your suggestions here and we’ll be sure to include them in an upcoming article!

Why anchor tenants are like the Batman of New Domains Blog -

.LONDON announced its anchor tenants in mid April, and the list is a run-down of amazing London-based organizations and businesses, including the London Symphony Orchestra, upscale retail giant Fortnum and Mason and Meantime Brewing Co. One of the reasons many domain market analysts believe .LONDON is going to be a very successful New Domain (other than the rallying support of the London community and government) is the placement of anchor tenants like these. Anchor tenants are so important in New Domain development that ICANN has developed several incentives to encourage new TLD tenants to look for founding registries of their own, including a Qualified Launch Program, also announced in mid April, that allows registries to reserve 100 new TLD domains for chosen parties, to help promote New Domain awareness. What are anchor tenants and why are they so paramount to success? Let’s use an extended Justice League metaphor to explore these questions. Mostly because Wonder Woman is awesome, but also why not? Anchor tenants The most common example of an anchor tenant, and the original example of the theory put into action, is a common indoor mall, where four large-scale department stores anchor the corners. The stores’ positioning forces foot traffic past smaller, more boutique shops. These anchor tenants bring customers into the mall; the smaller stores create the personality of a mall and help it stand out. All tenants are needed, but to attract the smaller stores, the anchor tenants are necessary to show the success potential of the space. At least that was true in the 90s. This example is dated, because department stores are in decline and people are shopping online more. That’s why it’s better to say that anchor tenants are like Batman and Superman, in the Justice League. It’s also more fun. DC Comics use Batman’s and Superman’s fame to draw attention to the rest of the Justice League and allow the smaller superheroes to carve out a niche of their own. Batman and Superman do everything, much like a department store, but sometimes you need someone who can fight under water (or who just sells swimsuits), and that’s Aquaman. How’s this metaphor holding up, you ask? It’s stretched very thin, thank you for asking, but onward ho! The point is you need both. Batman and Superman don’t make up a Justice League on their own, but they’re needed to attract new superheroes and media attention. In business, anchor tenants are defined as big name companies, organizations or individuals who boast the following qualities: Industry weight Market dominance Staying power Just like Batman and Superman. Why are anchor tenants important? New Domains are launching in an environment unlike any previously seen in the domain market. With so many New Domains launching at once, one of the best ways for a registry to gain exposure and stand out is to announce an alliance with big-name market anchors. Many of the New Domain registries are smaller registries, operating one or a handful of New Domains, making this type of exposure incredibly important in competing against big-name, long-standing domain registries. Some examples include: .NYC securing city organizations to strengthen the New Domain as being a New York-centered TLD meant for New Yorkers, by New Yorkers. .NYC’s anchor tenants are less broadly selected than .LONDON, but the selection mirrors the purpose of .NYC, which is to provide a credible New York digital space devoted to the city. Artemis, the company behind .SECURE, lined up 30 anchor tenants to pledge to use the New Domain last year. Some of the tenants are banks — the selection of anchor tenants for .SECURE not only guarantees some exposure, but also help back the concept of the niche market. When domain registries announce anchor tenants, they’re hoping that a) More big name tenants will be interested in buying domains and b) smaller-scale registrants will want to register, too. One of the most important aspects of taking a New Domain leap is to know that the domain has marketability and staying power. If the big name tenants are Batman and Superman (London Symphony Orchestra), which attract mid-level tenants like Wonder Woman and Green Lantern (local London coffee shop), then awesome, highly-specialized tenants, like Black Canary and Red Tornado will feel more comfortable registering (citizens of London). Anchor tenants develop domain communities akin to the Justice League. That’s badass. For more information about New Domains, or to register one of your own, check out our New Domain guide.  

It’s a Celebration – Happy SysAdmin Day 2014

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System Administrators work to ensure that everything is running properly. From the ongoing functionality of computers and servers to installing, configuring, and securing new networks, SysAdmins are always paying attention to the details. They normally work quietly behind the scenes and only attract attention when something goes wrong. This is why System Administrator Appreciation Day was created: To highlight and appreciate all of their efforts! SysAdmin Day takes place the last Friday in July, since July 28, 2000 – Hooray, that means it’s today! This unofficial celebratory day was launched by Ted Kekatos. It was inspired by an HP advertisement in which the employees thanked a system administrator with flowers and fruit baskets because he had installed a printer. 1&1 has various system administrators that work in many departments and in a central SOD control room. In a three-shift operation, providing support 24/7, they ensure that the IT infrastructure, workstations, networks, data center operations, and much more are maintained at all times. Today, 1&1’s system administrators were surprised with candy and some ice cream, to confirm that they are the cool ones. On this special day, and every day, we as 1&1 say: Dear SysAdmins, Many thanks for your great work. Without you it would not be possible to read this text and we truly appreciate all that you do. Happy SysAdmin Day 2014!

How to Create Viral and Engaging Facebook Posts with Canva

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At Post Planner, we’re always trying to make our tool more powerful. So we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Canva! Canva is a design tool that helps anyone create awesome graphics. You probably heard about Guy Kawasaki recently joining their team. But Canva can also be used to create the awesome Facebook images — and it’s way easier than Photoshop or other pricey tools! Basically Canva makes non-artists (like me) look like they graduated with graphic design degrees. And now you can use the tool right inside the Post Planner app to create stunning Facebook images on the fly.  You can then schedule the images to post on your Facebook page without ever leaving Post Planner. Wow! That’s huge. This new partnership could take your Facebook marketing to the next level! >> Click to Tweet << How to Create Viral and Engaging Facebook Posts with Canva Using Canva’s awesome design tool inside the Post Planner app is a cinch. It’s as easy as clicking a button. Yep, Post Planner now has a Canva button! So when you’re in Post Planner, just click “Photo” and you’ll see a green “Design” button. Click that button & design away. It’s that simple! Now I want to show you 2 methods for designing high-performing Facebook posts with Canva & Post Planner. Method #1: How to Create a VIRAL Photo with the Canva button Step 1: Browse Viral Photos Start by browsing through the scientifically-proven viral images in the “Awesome Quotes” folder in Post Planner’s Viral Photos finder. Just click “Viral Photos” and then the “Awesome Quotes” folder. You’ll then see the most viral photos posted by the 30+ Facebook pages in this folder. Step 2. Find a viral photo I recommend always choosing a 4-star or 5-star photo. But I’m going break the rules here & choose a 2-star one for this example — because I love the quote. Step 3: Copy the text Just write the text down in your browser URL box — or in notepad. Step 4: Open Canva Here’s where you click “Photo” then the Canva button to launch Canva’s designer. If you’re not already logged in to Canva, you’ll need to sign in. Once you sign in, you will see this:  Step 5: Choose a template & add text Here’s where you start designing. Just copy & paste the text from the viral photo onto a Canva layout. Here’s a shot of my design in progress:  Step 6: Click “Publish” When you graphic is ready, click publish & it will be added to your Post Planner app in the publisher. You can then opt to publish immediately or schedule the post for the future.  Tip: When doing the above method, it helps to open 2 Post Planner tabs in your browser — one for finding viral content & one for designing. Method #1: How to Create an ENGAGING Photo with the Canva button Step 1: Browse Status Ideas Start by browsing through the 15,000+ status ideas in the Post Planner Status Ideas Engine. You can search for: Inspiring quotes Fill-in-the-blanks Questions and lots more! I’m going to look in “Deep Thoughts” to find a cool quote. Step 2: Choose a Status Idea Once you find a status idea you like, just click it into the Post Planner publisher. Then highlight & copy the text. Step 3: Design in Canva Here the process becomes the same as the one above for creating a viral photo. Click “Photo” & the Canva button to launch the Canva pop-up.  Then choose a template that suits the status update. Then paste the text into Canva. Here’s my design:  Step 4: Post or schedule the image Click “Publish” in Canva when you’re finished designing your image. You’ll then see your image in Post Planner’s publisher — ready for posting or scheduling. Voila! Here’s my final product: This image took all of 5 minutes to create — and it’s a photo that will stand out in the news feed.  Here’s another post I designed using the Canva button: >> Click to Tweet Post by Aaron Lee Wei-Ren. Summary Post Planner & Canva have teamed up to provide the most user-friendly content creation & scheduling experience on the web. It’s insanely easy! So click here to go to Post Planner.  Then follow the instructions above to create & publish some awesome viral & engaging Facebook posts! And don’t forget to share the results in the comments below. The post How to Create Viral and Engaging Facebook Posts with Canva appeared first on Post Planner.

One Theme, Five Ways: Customizing Adelle News -

Adelle is a popular free theme — our 47th most popular, to be exact. You’ve probably seen its familiar pink dots, bold menu bar, and pops of magenta as you catch up with your favorite blogs. Don’t be fooled by Adelle‘s distinctive look, though: there’s a lot more to this theme than polka dots, as these five bloggers ably demonstrate. MomJeanz Blogger Elaine chose Adelle for the cleverly-named MomJeanz, then gave it a complete makeover using only free options available to any blogger: She uploaded a custom header image and swapped out Adelle‘s dots for her own textured background. Everything else stays the same — layout, fonts, colors — but the theme becomes uniquely hers. (If a custom header image seems beyond your technical or design chops, we’ve got a tutorial that will help you create one in less than fifteen minutes, no special software required. We’ve also got leads on great sites for background-friendly textures and patterns.) Alligator Toe Fashion blogger Kristi uses those same free options to tailor Alligator Toe, but ends up with a different feel; it’s simple yet colorful, crisp yet handmade: She also opts for a custom header, but keeps thing clean with a design that’s text only, then trades in Adelle‘s bubbly pink circles for her own minimalist take on the polka dot. The effect is decidedly modern, and decidedly her. Girl Lost in the City Like Adelle‘s nifty features and integrated social sharing icons, but want something even more minimalist? Journalist Emma Gannon blogs at Girl Lost in the City, where she adds the Custom Design upgrade to Adelle — then uses it to strip the theme down: Emma’s take on Adelle loses more than the pink dots; thanks to some custom CSS, even the black menu bar and circles used to highlight the post date get the axe. What’s left is a clean, easy-to-navigate site with a sidebar jam-packed with useful information like links to her popular posts and other profiles and publications where readers can find her. (Not comfortable with CSS? We’ve got you covered there, too.) Bangers & Mash Custom Design isn’t just for stripping Adelle down. English mom and blogger Vanesther uses it to change up the colors and fonts on Bangers & Mash to give her cooking blog a homey feel: The pink dots are back, but they soften against a warm taupe background, while Adelle‘s default hot pink accents are replaced with a sophisticated teal. The menu bar and social sharing icons take on a deeper version of her background color. A custom header pulls the whole look together. The Utter Blog If you’re feeling ready to take your Custom Design skills to the next level, The Utter Blog is an excellent example of how much is possible — you’ve got to look hard to see Adelle‘s bones in this personality-filled wedding planning site: Custom Colors, Fonts, and CSS come together for a bespoke site. The social sharing icons and sidebar are there, as is the black circle highlighting the post date, but everything else is tailored. The dots fade away, the menu bar is replaced with a series of buttons designed to mesh with the wood-paneled background, and a secondary menu pops up along the top edge of the site. The site bursts with charm — perfect for a wedding blog. You can learn more about and activate Adelle in the Theme Showcase. Once you do, explore all your customizing options in the Customizer. Filed under: Customization, Themes

EU Right to Be Forgotten Ruling Moves Ahead with How Google and Others Will Comply

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Thursday European data protection authorities met with executives from Google, Yahoo YHOO.O and Microsoft (Bing) to discuss the implementation of the landmark right to be forgotten ruling. Guidelines on how search engines must comply will be released early October. The post EU Right to Be Forgotten Ruling Moves Ahead with How Google and Others Will Comply appeared first on Web Hosting Talk.

A brand new theme just for food lovers!

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Are you into food? Like really into food? Then our newest theme is for you. It's called Gourmet and it has two style variations - Spicy and Sweet. Gourmet Theme - Spicy Variation The theme is available for all account levels and it's built on our very cool Repsonsive framework, so it'll look great on any device. Give it a try by going to Blogs > Design > Choose a Theme and look for Gourmet in the listing. Gourmet Theme - Sweet Variation Do you want your social media icons to show in the navigation bar, the way they're shown in the theme examples above? Just add your social accounts in Account > Other Accounts and then enable those for display in Blogs > Design > Content: Navigation Bar. We're going to be adding more variations to the Gourmet theme soon, so we're wondering - what types of foods would you like to see featured? Let us know in the comments!

Rackspace::Solve: How Alex And Ani Solves For Hyperscale Growth In Digital, Ecommerce

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By Ryan Bonifacino, Vice President of Digital Strategy, Alex and Ani At Alex and Ani, we know about rapid growth. Our expandable wire bangle bracelets have helped make us the fastest growing retailer in the world. Since the launch of our ecommerce site, we’ve grown 11,000 percent and our revenue has skyrocketed from $80 million in 2012 to $230 million last year. For us, speed and the ability to scale are imperative. With Rackspace Digital and Magento Enterprise Edition, we’ve been able to stand up to increasing demands. We have to be ready for whatever comes our way, whether that’s a massive traffic spike for Cyber Monday or a huge response to our Super Bowl ad. Want to hear more about how Alex and Ani solves for hyperscale growth in digital and ecommerce? Ryan Bonifacino, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Alex and Ani, will present at Rackspace::Solve San Francisco, a one-day summit where you’ll hear directly from companies like Alex and Ani about how they’re solving tough challenges in their businesses. Rackspace::Solve San Francisco is Monday, July 28 at the St. Regis Hotel. Rackspace::Solve San Francisco is currently sold out, but stay tuned for details of upcoming Rackspace::Solve events in New York City and Chicago.

So You Think You’re a LinkedIn Profile Expert

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You added a profile photo to your LinkedIn Profile on day one — and your experience from the past ten years is fully represented on your LinkedIn Profile. Your time with the local Boys and Girls Club is covered under Volunteer Experience & Causes and you’re feeling like a LinkedIn pro. When I joined LinkedIn more than a year ago, I fancied myself a LinkedIn expert.  I’d checked all the boxes, shared content with my network and made sure my profile was always a true representation of where I was in my professional journey. What I’ve since learned is that as we as professionals grow and evolve, so do the ways we need to think about and express our achievements and aspirations so that we can be found and recognized for the things that matter most to us. Over the past year, our team has been working hard to expand the profile experience – exploring and introducing new tools to help you manage and build your professional identity to help ensure the right people and opportunities are finding you. The result? The LinkedIn Profile has become a treasure chest of options and controls – just waiting for you to explore them. As someone who is now responsible for leading the teams responsible for dreaming up and designing key elements of LinkedIn Profile experience, I’ve developed a few favorite insider tips to help members like yourself take your profile and professional brand on LinkedIn to the next level: Be a thought leader   LinkedIn is opening up its publishing platform to all members so that you can publish long-form posts about professional topics that matter to you. This is your chance to position yourself as a thought leader – let people in on how you think and what you think about. Not only will you drive more professionals to your profile, but these posts become part of your professional story when they visit your profile. If this tool isn’t available to you yet, no worries, just request it here. Show off your best assets Endorsements have been one of the fastest growing and most widely adopted features across LinkedIn. Earlier this year we introduced new levels of controls to help you engage and manage skills and endorsements in a way that works for you. Select “edit” next to skills and endorsements and you’ll see you now have the ability to re-order your skills, moving those that matter most to you to the top of the pile. New levels of controls also make it possible for you to decide how involved you want to be in the LinkedIn endorsements ecosystem – from all in, to all out — or somewhere in between. Raise a hand to do-goodery Making sure you’ve added recent volunteer experience is the first step, but did you know that you can also send a signal to nonprofit organizations to let them know you’re interested in volunteering or joining a nonprofit board? From the edit experience under the volunteer and causes section – simply select one or both of the boxes offered to join a nonprofit board or participate in skills based volunteering. Checking these boxes makes it possible for those looking for people like you, to find you faster than ever. Broadcast loud and proud or keep it on the down low Maybe you’re adding an example of a recently successful launch, or new volunteer experience. Perhaps you’ve recently become accredited or received a certification in an online course – or maybe you’re just giving your profile a scrub as you consider new employment opportunities. Now you can determine, each time you edit your profile, whether it’s something you want to share with your network or not.  Trying to keep a lower profile? No problem. As you’re editing, simply look for the white box that says “Notify your network?” and select either “Yes, publish changes” or “No, do not publish changes” before saving changes you’ve made. No more trying to remember what your original settings are, you can now make the choice in the moment to broadcast loudly, or keep things on the down low. Put your best professional foot forward Every now and then we all have the desire to mix things up a little – but we can struggle to know where to begin. Wondering what you can do to kick your LinkedIn Profile up a notch? From your profile select the box marked “Complete your profile” to the right of your profile photo. This guided editing experience will help you make sure you’ve covered all your bases while offering some inspiration on where to start and what to say as you go. Know what your connections are up to If you asked just about anyone that works at LinkedIn what their favorite best kept secret is — my guess is a majority would point to the ability to see the recent activity of your connections, directly on their profile.  This tool comes in handy before jumping into a meeting, onto a call or heading out to catch up with an old acquaintance. One click and you can see what they’ve recently shared, written or engaged with across LinkedIn. To access this, simply look for the small triangle drop-down icon next to “endorse” and select “View Recent Activity”. These are just a few of my favorite tips. Give them a shot and take your LinkedIn expertise to all new levels. Have favorite tips of your own? A profile you’re particularly proud of or a LinkedIn story to share? Let us know.

The Hottest Topics in the World of Web Design

1&1 Online Success Center -

The most discussed topics in the world of Web design are content strategy, user experience, responsive design, and accessibility. To talk in person about these hot topics, people from various areas of Web expertise come together at the Generate Conference. These conversations often surround the current and emerging online trends. After much success in London, the inaugural Generate Conference in the US was held in New York City on June 21. We had the opportunity to attend the event and speak to Oliver Lindberg, editor of Net Magazine, about where Web design is headed on a global scale. Key takeaways: This year’s hottest topic is responsive Web design. Content strategy, with a concentration on the explosion of devices that are being used to access websites, was addressed in almost every presentation at Generate NY. The Internet of Things is a big deal. Everyone is talking about how Internet connectivity to traditionally offline devices (especially those that do not have a screen, like a refrigerator) will change the world. Emerging trends are essentially the same in all countries – Web design is quite a global industry. Attendees of Generate conferences go home inspired and have learned a few things they can apply to their own endeavours. The next Generate Conference is in London on September 26.

IBM Wins Government Cloud Contract with State of California

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IBM has won a significant contract with the state of California to supply 400 state and local agencies with cloud services. Under the deal, IBM will power the infrastructure behind CalCloud, a new government cloud platform that is available to municipal, state and local agencies on a subscription basis. So far, more than 20 state departments have requested IT services through the platform. The post IBM Wins Government Cloud Contract with State of California appeared first on Web Hosting Talk.

Australian Ecommerce Host Anchor Readies New OpenStack Managed Cloud

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Australian ecommerce hosting provider Anchor is launching a new managed cloud service for select partners and customers in August. The cloud platform is based on OpenStack, and will be generally available by the end of September. The post Australian Ecommerce Host Anchor Readies New OpenStack Managed Cloud appeared first on Web Hosting Talk.

Facebook Organic Growth: How to Defy the Odds and Grow a Huge Facebook Community

Social Media Examiner -

Do you want to grow a massive Facebook following? Are you wondering how an organic Facebook strategy can be successful? To learn how to grow a huge organic following on Facebook using techniques you have likely never heard of, I interview Holly Homer for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast. More About This [...]This post Facebook Organic Growth: How to Defy the Odds and Grow a Huge Facebook Community first appeared on Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner - Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle

New gTLDs Report Card – July 2014

Reseller Club Blog -

The Total Registrations of the new gTLDs have reached the huge figure of over 1.7 Million (as of 25th July 2014). .CLUB has continued to grow at a furious pace and .GURU and .TODAY follow in its wake. The addition of generics such as .XYZ and .WEBSITE will be expected to shake things up very soon, but in terms of registrations through our platform the impact is still nascent. The percentage split of the registrations faciliated by ResellerClub can be seen in this infographic below: Which new gTLDs are you waiting for?   New gTLDs Comparison – July 2014 | Create Infographics Please leave your thoughts or comments below!

Elastic Load Balancing Connection Timeout Management

Amazon Web Services Blog -

When your web browser or your mobile device makes a TCP connection to an Elastic Load Balancer, the connection is used for the request and the response, and then remains open for a short amount of time for possible reuse. This time period is known as the idle timeout for the Load Balancer and is set to 60 seconds. Behind the scenes, Elastic Load Balancing also manages TCP connections to Amazon EC2 instances; these connections also have a 60 second idle timeout. In most cases, a 60 second timeout is long enough to allow for the potential reuse that I mentioned earlier. However, in some circumstances, different idle timeout values are more appropriate. Some applications can benefit from a longer timeout because they create a connection and leave it open for polling or extended sessions. Other applications tend to have short, non- recurring requests to AWS and the open connection will hardly ever end up being reused. In order to better support a wide variety of use cases, you can now set the idle timeout for each of your Elastic Load Balancers to any desired value between 1 and 3600 seconds (the default will remain at 60). You can set this value from the command line or through the AWS Management Console. Here's how to set it from the command line: $ elb-modify-lb-attributes myTestELB --connection-settings "idletimeout=120" --headers And here is how to set it from the AWS Management Console: This new feature is available now and you can start using it today! Read the documentation to learn more. -- Jeff;

Tapping Into Mobile Commerce 2014 [Infographic]

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What a difference a year makes! We published the first mobile ecommerce infographic last year. Since then, all the stats suggest that mobile has continued its meteoric rise as an ecommerce powerhouse. Highlights include: The market potential for wearable devices such as smart watches and other wearable sensors enter the mobile ecommerce the conversation. How many billions, yes, billions, more new mobile consumers will be in the market by 2017. Stats on how much time consumers spend on mobile devices and where they spend the most money. The ramifications of just a three-second delay in response time on mobile. Other industries that are benefiting from mobile taps. View the entire infographic below. If you want to tweak your existing mobile strategy, you can find resources and advice on where to start or how to improve your organization’s mobile experience by contacting a specialist at Rackspace Digital.


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