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How to Visually Brand Your Facebook Posts and LIGHT UP the News Feed

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Dialing in the branding on your Facebook posts can pay off big time. And there’s way more to your brand than just a logo! The right visual branding helps your content stand out & look more familiar to your audience. How do you develop strong visual branding for your Facebook posts? Start with these 5 things: Establish your brand’s personality & voice Define your color palette Choose fonts for your company Create brand templates Create your brand’s photo filter effects Let’s break each of these down. How to Visually Brand Your Facebook Posts and LIGHT UP the News Feed 1. Establish Your Brand’s Personality Your brand consists of everything that people associate with your company — including the the way you make them feel. Your company’s social media branding must convey your: philosophy culture personality what you do best And defining a voice for your brand won’t take long. Think of your brand as a good friend with a distinct personality. So what’s your brand’s personality? How would you describe your brand to a friend? Would it be one of these 4 personality types? 2. Define Your Color Palette Once you’ve determined your brand’s personality, you’ll need to decide on your color palette. These are the colors you use on all your brand assets: your website blog social media posts stationery At Canva, we chose a set of warm pastel colors to represent our brand. What colors suit your company? For guidance, let’s take another look at our friends: 3. Choose Your Fonts Like your color palette, your font should reflect your brand personality. If you’re wondering which font to use on your page, here are some great designs that match our 4 brand personalities: 4. Use Brand Filters We’ve all heard about brand color palettes & fonts, but did you know there’s another way to improve your brand recognition? Yes, photo filters! Establishing a consistent “look” for all your brand images is a great way to make your business page stand out on Facebook. Canva just released a simple photo filter tool that lets you create your own brand filter. Check out these cool options: 5. Create Kick-Ass Brand Templates You will build a stronger theme for your page & boost your brand recognition by creating templates for: quotes announcements sale products promotions competitions any other campaigns By including a small logo or watermark, people will know how to find you even if the post is taken out of context & posted elsewhere on the web. Conclusion By applying the principles of visual branding to your Facebook posts, you will convey your brand’s personality more precisely & consistently. The key to social media is building relationships, right? Making your posts more visually striking & familiar to your followers will make your posts shine as bright signals in the din of news feed noise. Have you tried any of these branding techniques on your social media pages? Share your tips or examples below. The post How to Visually Brand Your Facebook Posts and LIGHT UP the News Feed appeared first on Post Planner.

Infographic: The Digital Renaissance

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The post Infographic: The Digital Renaissance appeared first on HostGator Web Hosting Blog | Gator Crossing.Are we in the midst of a new type of renaissance, a digital renaissance?  Given not only the sheer availability of information, but also the ability to immediately share new thoughts with a wide audience, things do seem ripe for the evolution of ideas in ways never before possible.  The following infographic addresses this, comparing the present day to the renaissance of the 14th century:     The Digital Renaissance via HostGator web hosting

How to Find Viral Photos from Forbes’ Top 50 Social Media Influencers

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I’ve written before about the Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers — and how to get on that list. People on the list post awesome content & get tons of engagement from followers. But what if I want to see the most viral photos these influencers have shared on their Facebook pages? Is there an easy way to do this? Turns out there is… NOW. >>> Tweet This! <<< Yep, I’d use Post Planner’s new photo finder. The tool makes it easy to find viral photos on any Facebook page. To try it, go to your Post Planner app & click the Photos box on the right: How to Find the Most Viral Photos from Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers Once you get to your app and click on “Photos”, you’ll see 5 default folders: Awesome Quotes Engaging Photos Funny Photos Crazy Photos Beautiful Photos We added these just to get you started with some highly shareable photos from some great pages. But I also created my own custom folder named “Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers”. And the cool thing is you can add MY folder to YOUR Post Planner app. To do so, just click “Find more Photo Feeds”: “Feeds” & “Fan Pages” are selected by default. Change the setting to “Folders” to find my social media influencers folder: Once you do that, your folders list should look something like this: Red means I’ve already added the item to my personal library of feeds. For you, the “Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers” folder will likely appear in black. The “48″ you see in the above screenshot is the number of people who have added this folder to their Post Planner app — as a source of content for their Facebook page. Click “Add” and the folder will be accessible from the Photos box on your app — as shown below: To see all the photos these influencers share on their Facebook pages, click the folder name & watch photos load on the left. I can’t provide a screenshot of all these photos, but you should see something like this: You’ll have the option to choose “Most Recent”, “Most Popular” or “Most Viral”. What does “Most Viral” mean? Here are the definitions: Most Recent — these are the most recent photos Most Popular — these are the photos with the most Likes, comments & shares Most Viral – these photos are ranked based on the number of shares in relation to the number of fans The “Most Popular” and “Most Viral” photos are most important because viewing those lets you see images that got lots of Likes & shares. These photos may bring a similar response from your fans if you post them on your Facebook page. This image from Sandi Krakowski is the most viral photo posted by any social influencer on the list. I found it by clicking the bubble marked “Most Viral”: >>> Click to Tweet <<< To use Post Planner to share this photo on your Facebook page or profile, just click the green “Share This Photo” button. The photo is added to your publisher: I now have 2 options for sharing the image: Share as Sandi Krakowski’s photo (which displays on Facebook as a shared link from the original source) Post as a Timeline Photo (which uploads the image directly to my Timeline) It’s up to you. And both options have merit. Posting it as a Timeline photo will automatically generate a short link leading back to the source of the photo — so credit IS given where credit is due: Next, enter the text you would like published with the photo. Then schedule a time to post the image. Or just post it now. View Individual Pages in the Folder You can also view individual pages in the folder, to see each person’s most viral image. For example, the most viral photo on Boom Social with Kim Garst was this image from about 3 months ago: This was a holiday-themed post, so it doesn’t make sense to share it at the end of March. But scroll down & you’ll find that Kim’s second-most viral photo could be shared on any page — at pretty much any time: >>> Click to Tweet <<< Power of Sharing Viral Photos You’re realizing now that sharing viral photos from others can be a powerful way to boost fan engagement on your Facebook page — and also network with some of the most influential people in your industry. >>> Tweet this Fact! <<< These photos already got big results, and chances are your fans will respond in similar ways. Bonus tip! Here’s one last piece of advice for using Post Planner’s new photo finder: Click the photo in Post Planner & you’ll be taken to a new tab to view the original Facebook post — which makes it easy to read the comments Woohoo! There are so many ways to use the photo finder. How do you see your page taking advantage of this valuable new tool? The post How to Find Viral Photos from Forbes’ Top 50 Social Media Influencers appeared first on Post Planner.

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The third (and maybe last) beta of WordPress 3.9 is now available for download. Beta 3 includes more than 200 changes, including: New features like live widget previews and the new theme installer are now more ready for prime time, so check ‘em out. UI refinements when editing images and when working with media in the editor. We’ve also brought back some of the advanced display settings for images. If you want to test out audio and video playlists, the links will appear in the media manager once you’ve uploaded an audio or video file. For theme developers, we’ve added HTML5 caption support (#26642) to match the new gallery support (#26697). The formatting function that turns straight quotes into smart quotes (among other things) underwent some changes to drastically speed it up, so let us know if you see anything weird. We need your help. We’re still aiming for an April release, which means the next week will be critical for identifying and squashing bugs. If you’re just joining us, please see the Beta 1 announcement post for what to look out for. If you think you’ve found a bug, you can post to the Alpha/Beta area in the support forums, where friendly moderators are standing by. Plugin developers, if you haven’t tested WordPress 3.9 yet, now is the time — and be sure to update the “tested up to” version for your plugins so they’re listed as compatible with 3.9. This software is still in development, so we don’t recommend you run it on a production site. Consider setting up a test site just to play with the new version. To test WordPress 3.9, try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (you’ll want “bleeding edge nightlies”). Or you can download the beta here (zip). WordPress 3.9 Let’s make the date official It’s April 16

3 Tips for Selling on Facebook

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At some point, the Facebook question for online sellers changed from “Should I have a Facebook strategy?” to “What is my Facebook strategy?”  Facebook boasts over a billion monthly active users*, and all businesses, big and small, should figure out how to take advantage of this opportunity.  Information abounds on creating a Facebook presence and engaging this audience.  But specifically for online retailers, it comes down to doing three things really well. Tip 1: Create a professional presence on Facebook.  By now, you probably have a Facebook page for your small business (98% of online retailers do*) or are about to create one. Do you have a great timeline cover photo that is eye-catching and communicates your brand to potential customers?  In addition to the photo, creating an online storefront on Facebook makes a lot of sense for some sellers.  If you opt to go with setting up a Facebook storefront, make sure it’s consistent with your primary online store, including having the latest pricing and product information.  A storefront is often an outstanding way to drive qualified traffic to your site. Tip 2:  Build an audience and drive traffic.  Get the word out about your Facebook page and give people a real reason to like your page.  Will you offer them discounts?  Product insights?  An inside look at your business?  Think of Facebook likes the same way you think of collecting email addresses.  The Facebook Live Store coupon feature illustrates this point.  Using this app, you can display a special coupon on your site and only reveal the specific coupon code when someone likes your Facebook page.  Voila, you just acquired a fan and can now market to this person much more easily on Facebook. Tip 3:  Create engagement. It may sound simple, but the the surest way to build Facebook engagement is to give people something they want.  Often, what they want is great content.  This doesn’t mean that you need to be funny or produce a cat video.  Be yourself, be authentic, and most importantly, be an authority.  We tell merchants all the time that nobody knows their products better than they do.  Give customers your expert opinion (and use visuals), and you may be surprised how compelling that is.  Other suggestions include creating contests, offering special promotions, running ads, or even integrating live chat. So if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to get moving on bolstering your Facebook presence, building a following, and wowing your fans with valuable content.  If you’re interested in learning more about Yahoo’s Facebook Live Store app, which helps with all three tips, visit the app page to learn more. * Sources:  Techcrunch and emarketer

How to Bring Our Client Meetups to the Next Level?

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After the success of our first Open Bar initiative in Orlando last year,  last week Tina, Daniel and I hosted the second SiteGround Open Bar in London. We were incredibly happy to see all the people that showed up to chat and have a drink with us. The fact that so many of you said that our support is second to none definitely made our evening and we got back home happy and more motivated to work even harder to keep that same level of highest quality of service. Besides the motivational boost, this event also made us think how to improve the client meetups. Not Just Hosting An interesting take from that evening for me was the conversations’ topics. The majority of the chats were related to building and growing a website. I am really glad that we were able to offer help in so many different areas that are not necessarily hosting related. We shared our knowledge on SEO, application optimizations, business development, and more. Keep it relaxed, or get more formal? At some point of the evening, one of our customers asked me if we’re going to make a presentation or some kind of a speech about our services. Although it seemed natural to do so, such a thought had never crossed my mind. Our meetups have been informal, friendly, and relaxed. Our aim has always been to hear what our customers had to say and what they cared about. It is not about making a sales pitch and buying your time with a free drink, it is about getting to know each other. However, because of this question it occurred to me that some people may need a more formal opening to start feeling comfortable. The Next Level – You Can Help So it is your say now! Is there something more we can do at these meetups, besides buying the beer and being available for a chat. It is only natural that I should ask our customers for input, as those meetups are for you. What should we do to make the SiteGround meetups more meaningful and convenient to you? Comment under this post to share your thoughts on the format and even the topics of the meetups, most convenient time to announce it, locations, and anything else that you find relevant. And just so you know, we are planning the next meetup for May in Miami so I’m looking forward to see some of you there. Stay tuned for updates on date and location!

cPanel is Headed to

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Next week, cPanel team members from Development, Marketing, Documentation, and Technical Support, along with account managers and executives, will descend upon Rust, Germany to exhibit at This is WorldHostingDays’ main event, as well as the largest hosting event in the world, boasting more than 4,800 attendees in 2013. As we prepare for our second year at, we’re excited to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones along the way. We’ll be exhibiting at Booth F14. If you have any trouble finding it, then just follow the sound of wooden blocks crashing against each other. Those of you who visited our booth last year will know what I mean! cPanel’s giant Jenga game brought huge crowds and a lot of excitement to the booth at 2013. Even if you don’t end up as Jenga champion, we still want you to stop by and hang out with us! Don’t live in Europe? Can’t make it to this event? You can still be a part of the action. Just follow the hashtag #cPanelWHD on Instagram and Twitter. is the first of many international events that we will be exhibiting at this year. In the next few weeks, we will announce even more cities and countries where you can expect to find cPanel during 2014.

Xin chào! Pinterest now speaks Vietnamese

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The last stop (for now!) on our language world tour is Vietnam. Pinterest is now fully translated into Vietnamese. We’ve collected some our favorite boards and Pins from this Southeast Asian country to celebrate and welcome our new Vietnamese Pinners. Traveling to Vietnam Touch down in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, to start exploring the country. Marvel at the Pongour Waterfall, walk through rice fields in the Sapa Region and stay for a night at the strangely beautiful Hang Nga Tree House in Dalat. If a relaxing vacation is what you’re looking for, Vietnam is home to some of the world’s most pristine beaches. Doc Let, Mui Ne, Nha Trang and Con Dao are just some of the picture-perfect beaches you can visit to soak up the sun. Vietnamese eats While Pho is a staple dish in Vietnam, there are lots of other dishes that you might want to try. You can try recipes for bo kho, a beef stew, or banh xeo, sizzling savory crepes. If you want to stick to Pho, use Pinterest’s recipe search to find the best pho for you. Pair it with fresh Vietnamese rolls for a delicious meal any time of the day. If you’re a coffee fiend, you’ll also love Vietnam, home of Vietnamese coffee and a place where you can find French drip coffee almost anywhere. Thanks for following us over the last two weeks as we traveled through Southeast East Asia and Europe to announce our new languages. We hope to translate even more languages as we expand Pinterest in the future. Happy (international) Pinning! —Annie Ta, Communications, Currently pinning to đồ ăn (Recipes: Asian foods)

Hai! Welcome to Pinterest, Malaysia!

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Pinterest is now fully translated into Malay, the language spoken in Malaysia. We’re excited to welcome our new Southeast Asian Pinners and to celebrate, we’re going to share a few of our favorite Malaysian Pins and boards. Visiting Malaysia Malaysia is located partly on Asian mainland and partly on the northern tip of the island of Borneo. The mainland side shares a border with Thailand and the island part shares borders with Brunei and Indonesia. To start your Malaysia tour across land and sea visit the capital, Kuala Lumpur, home of the Batu Caves, Petronas Towers and more. The Langkawi Sky Bridge is also a must see. It’s a pedestrian bridge located at the peak of the Gunung Mat Chinchang mountain that dangles 2,300 feet above sea level! Couple your trip with a visit to Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand — all of which are just a short boat ride, flight or drive away! Create a place board to plan your trip or make a bucket list for your travels to Malaysia like these Pinners. Eating Malaysian food Malaysian food is delicious and spicy, with influences from lots of cultures around the world. Why not try making something of your own this week? You could try congee, a rice porridge, or spicy laksa soup, or even sweet kuih ketayap crepes with coconut filling! Follow Cook Malaysian Food’s board Malaysian food on Pinterest. Exploring Malaysia’s diversity Malaysia is a biodiversity hotspot. In the mountains of Borneo, you can go ape over the Orangutan Sanctuary or get close to pygmy elephants, the smallest elephants in the world. Malaysia is also home to tapirs and orchid praying mantis. Thank you for following us through Malaysia today—we’ve got one last stop on our world tour! —Silvia Oviedo-López, Localization Manager, Currently pinning to Homes

The Importance of Conveying Professionalism through Your Website

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The post The Importance of Conveying Professionalism through Your Website appeared first on HostGator Web Hosting Blog | Gator Crossing.  Many people have seen demotivational posters before. They are treated as slightly humorous distractions from an otherwise busy day, serving to provide a reminder of what to avoid or what not to do.   In spite of the fact that these demotivational posters have a dual purpose, many people only see the amusing side of things and move on without ever truly paying attention to the other side of the coin. Take for example the Professionalism demotivational poster above; the image is not a new one, and many people have seen either this image or other similar images before. We look at them, shake our heads, and wonder to ourselves how someone could be so lazy, and then move on with our days. What we fail to realize is that in some aspect of our jobs, no matter what they are, we have painted around the fallen branch instead of moving it.   Are You Wearing Shoes, Does It Matter? In some instances the lack of professionalism that is displayed doesn’t really affect the workplace. No one can really see the fact that you have taken off your shoes under your desk, after all. The trick is just remembering to slip them back on before you get up, and BAM! Professionalism has been restored. The issue arises when everyone is able to see the lack of professionalism that you present; think of it as greeting clients wearing mismatched socks and no shoes, or having them step over a fallen branch in order to get to your office, where the real professionalism is. I’m not going to suggest that you work to convey perfect adherence to the standards of professional conduct; let’s face it, we are all human and we all make mistakes sometimes. What I do suggest, however, is working to ensure that the face that your customers see is always professional, and the first step in that process is your website.   Be Sure Don’t Accidently The Wrong Grammars Typos and formatting do matter. If your text overlaps, if you have misspellings, poor grammar, improperly used words (they’re instead of their, or where instead of wear), poor navigation, and even improper features all serve to convey the idea that your site is unprofessional. While there may be simple reasons for these things to occur, like an update that was not compatible with your theme (if you use WordPress), or an old version of Magento that was upgraded, for example, there is no excuse for not double checking yourself. Your site is the first experience that your customers have with your company. It is how you are reaching out to introduce yourself to your target market through the internet. While there are instances where a consumer may overlook one issue, such as one improperly spelled word out of the entire site, you want to make sure that your customers do not see your company as one that is prone to mistakes.   Think Like A Customer As a consumer myself, I know that I personally will not spend money with a company if their site isn’t professional. How do I know that they will address any issues with my order in the appropriate manner if they cannot even manage to ensure that their site is error free? This is the mindset that you will need to have when reviewing your site in order to ensure that it maintains the appropriate level of professionalism all the way through. This does not mean your site cannot be fun! There are a host of highly professional websites that are fun. (We like to think Hostgator’s site is not just professional, it is fun too!) It simply means that your site needs to convey the tone that you want it to, contain the appropriate information, and work to present the appropriate image to your customers. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, it simply matters that it conveys the right message, a message that cannot be present if your site is less than professional.   If you are unsure as to whether or not your site looks professional enough, ask a friend, or find an online editing service that can review the site for you to double check and give you pointers. Take the extra time to double check anything you post, and in doing so, you will make sure that your customers aren’t being asked to step over any branches, giving them the confidence in you that they need in order to purchase your products or services.   Image Source: Professionalism Demotivational Poster. (2014). [image online] Available at: [Accessed: 20 Mar 2014]. web hosting

Kumusta! Pinterest now available in Tagalog

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We’re excited to announce that we’re now fully translated into Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. To welcome our new Filipino Pinners, we’re put together a collection of some of our favorite boards and Pins. Visiting the Philippines The Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands, so you can bet there’s lots to see and do. There’s the capital Manila, the Taal Volcano in TagayTay, the steepest rice terraces in the world in Luzon and Donsol, known for its whale sharks. Whatever you’re into, you can use place boards to plan every part of your trip, like where you’re staying. Philippine cuisine Philippine food often combines sweet, sour and salty flavors all at once for a taste explosion. Try kare-kare, a mixed vegetable and meat stew, or lumpia, the Filipino version of egg rolls. My favorite food from back home is adobo, a cooking style used to prep meats and vegetables. I like it best in adobong hito, which is catfish. See what other Filipino dishes you can try for dinner this week. Follow Chelo Biaño’s board Filipino Recipes on Pinterest. Martial arts I teach Eskrima, the traditional martial arts of the Philippines. It’s the official martial art and sport of the country, and every time I practice, I feel more connected to my culture. Eskrima emphasizes fighting with weapons like sticks, knives and other blades. It’s also got different hand-to-hand techniques. There’s lots of movement involved so it can be difficult to perfect. Follow Everett Katigbak’s board the bladed hand on Pinterest. Maraming salamat (Thanks!) —Everett Katigbak, Brand Manager, Currently pinning to pilipino-ako

5 Steps To Improving Search Rankings

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I’ve shared this previously, but recently did a deeper dive on the subject with Eric Enge. This week’s blog post will be pretty short, then as the full interview can be seen of his Stone Temple blog. Basically, we covered the thinking behind my graph showing the order of priority I put on doing work today. Content Social User Experience Link Building SEO It might seem like old news, but I still think it’s worth a read. Eric asks some great questions and we get into a bunch of detail on each point. Duane ForresterSr. Product ManagerBing

สวัสดี! Pinterest now speaks Thai

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The next stop on our Pinterest world tour is the land of smiles, Thailand. Now that Pinterest is available in Thai, we’ve decided share a few boards and Pins to celebrate. We hope you enjoy our collection and look forward to connecting with all of our Thai-speaking Pinners. Traveling to Thailand From the bustling city of Bangkok to the resorts of Phuket and the mountains in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s got lots to explore. You could spend a weekend relaxing at resorts such as Anantara or Sri Panawa in Phuket. Or, you could spot a few elephants, or chang, while you’re there. Head over to Chiang Mai and spend time with the peaceful creatures at Thailand’s many elephant centers such as Elephant Nature Park. Spicy Thai eats There are all sorts of Thai recipes on Pinterest, so you can recreate favorites right in your own kitchen. What about a Thai dessert, like Khao Tom Mad (sweet sticky rice and banana)? If you’re looking for something more filling and noodle-based, our mouths are watering over this gluten-free, vegetarian pad thai from Epicurious: Famous faces Thai celebrities also enjoy collecting Pins. There are some amazing thai celebrities on Pinterest! Model Aimee Morakot uses Pinterest to save inspiration for her style and home while actor Siwat Chotchaicharin keeps it classy with men’s fashion. Meanwhile, actress Amy Klinpratoom is prepping for her upcoming nuptials (congrats, Amy!). Visit Amy Klinpratoom’s profile on Pinterest. Enjoy exploring Thailand culture on Pinterest today and now that we’re translated, everyday. ขอบคุณ! (Thanks!) —Vaishali Parekh, Marketing, Currently pinning to อรอยมาก

Double Your Number of LinkedIn Connections in Just 5 Minutes per Day

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Have you been ignoring LinkedIn? Let me guess… your Facebook page is smokin’ & your Twitter is going pretty well too. You’re even taking advantage of all that Google+ has to offer — Hangouts, Circles and all the rest. But what about LinkedIn? With 225 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world, according to a new WhoIsHostingThis? infographic. The communication style may not be what you’re used to on websites like Facebook & Twitter, but there are lots of ways to use Linkedin to: get noticed make new connections become an influential player in your niche This infographic has 6 easy LinkedIn strategies you can start using today. Double Your Number of LinkedIn Connections in Just 5 Minutes per Day Be Active Only about a third of LinkedIn members log in every day. Here are some tips for boosting your activity on LinkedIn: Update your status every day Comment on updates from companies you follow Share updates from your connections Send an invite for a new connection at least once a day Make it Personal Always include a personalized greeting when you send a connection request. Here’s how to write a genuine message that will catch someone’s attention: Describe yourself as you would in person Tell them why you admire their work Keep it short Avoid cliches Reach Out LinkedIn’s alumni search feature helps you find connections from high school & college. Other ways to reach out on LinkedIn include: Making it easy for people to contact you Joining LinkedIn groups in your niche 81% of LinkedIn members belong to at least on group. Be Smart Use your updates to get your network to engage. When posting, make sure you: Share content that is relevant to your niche & industry Ask questions when you share an article or blog post to get your connections to respond Endorse People You Know An endorsement is a great way to show someone you respect & value their skills. Here are some endorsement best practices: Endorse others without expecting an endorsement in return Endorse people you know for skills you admire Thank those who endorse you Promote Your LinkedIn Profile Tell people about your LinkedIn profile — online & off. Post your profile: on your store window in your marketing materials on your business card in promotional materials at events The post Double Your Number of LinkedIn Connections in Just 5 Minutes per Day appeared first on Post Planner.

#Pinspiration Chat: designing with Urban Gardens

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The community often asks us about how to add a little green while living in a small urban spaces. We’re here to tell you it’s possible. In search for a little inspiration, we asked blogger and urban design expert, Robin Horton to help us jump start some ideas and also co-host our next Twitter #Pinspiration chat. This week’s theme is all about urban garden design and we want to hear what you’re growing and designing in your urban environments. Tweet us your garden design #Pinspiration to @Pinterest and @urbangardens this Friday, March 28th, between 9am-10am PST. Want to discover more urban garden inspiration? Robin, our Pincierge, will send you Just add the hashtag #Pinspiration to your tweet and ask away. Here’s a few topics to indulge your green thumb and create an urban garden oasis: vertical gardens to put in small spaces, concrete furniture for your terrance, veggie gardens that’ll grow on a window sill and more! We sat down with Robin to hear more about how she got into urban gardening: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started your website, Urban Gardens? I was born in Tokyo, started kindergarten in Puerto Rico, grew up in Los Angeles beside the Pacific Ocean (no, I did not surf) and have lived for various periods of time in Berkeley, Paris, Boston, and New York. I conceived of Urban Gardens as a print publication. After I presented the concept to a well-known creative director who’d launched a number of successful magazines, he asked, “who would want to read that?” Urban Gardens went into storage for a number of years, then in 2009, I resurfaced it as a blog. Every product, trend, and story I uncover on Urban Gardens is filtered through my unique and experienced designer lens. What are the most recent garden designs and trends that have caught your eye? I am obsessed with concrete. Concrete is the modern urban gardener’s muse. Architects and designers alike are drawn to concrete for its simplicity and range of textures. Indoor-outdoor concrete design options are endless. The material looks great raw, enriched with color, standing alone or in combination with other materials. Concrete furniture and accessories bring an urban sensibility to any indoor or outdoor room. Follow Urban Gardens’s board Concrete Furniture and Accessories on Pinterest. One trend that has been “growing” consistently is vertical gardens. Vertical gardens are an excellent way to grow herbs, succulents, flowers or other edibles in limited spaces. There are many DIY vertical gardens ideas from which to choose, including hanging shoe bags and recycled pallets (I would not recommend pallets for growing edibles as the wood might leach toxins.) Vertical gardens in commercial settings can be lush and impressive, bringing life and the fragrance of nature into any environment, even a corporate office or school where the gardens can serve as an educational tool as well. As they work in their many forms indoors and out, it is yet another way to blend and merge the interior with exterior. Follow Urban Gardens’s board Vertical Gardens on Pinterest. How do you use Pinterest during your day-to-day? Got any quick and easy design tips to share? Pinterest is a visual tool and as so works so well for sharing ideas, inspiration, and just about anything related to design. People respond emotionally to images, something I hear echoed over and over when readers and followers express what they love about Urban Gardens—and this is certainly one element that drives Pinterest too. Urban Gardens is very visually-centric so sharing from the blog is a no-brainer. I use Pinterest to browse trends, find sources, meet other bloggers, find products, develop relationships with brands and designers, and to just find cool things to share. Thanks for the advice, Robin! Don’t forget to join us on Twitter this Friday and share your design #Pinspiration with her and the Pinterest team. Also, be sure to check out her website and Pinterest boards for more urban garden design inspiration! See you Friday! Photo by Rexness (CC)

sh404SEF Lite – free for our customers only!

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We are happy to inform you that Joomla users will be able to use a lite version of one of  the most popular SEO Joomla extension sh404SEF for free as part of the Joomla installation at SiteGround. In partnership with Anything Digital we have created a custom Joomla installation that includes a preinstalled version of the extension that will make your Joomla easily generate good-looking URLs, with no numeric ids, based on your article titles. You will also be able to further customize the URLs through the sh404SEF interface. Most importantly, it will kill all duplicate content and let you conveniently set page title and meta description on per URL basis. Another option of the plugin is to optimize the URLs for some of the most popular Joomla extensions like VirtueMart, CommunityBuilder, JomSocial etc. SEF URLs option is also available in the standard Joomla installation. (To learn how to use it see this video tutorial by Brian Teeman). However, if you are one of the sh404SEF fans, you will have the opportunity to use this extension for free too. How to use sh404SEF Lite? You will be able to install it with Joomla and activate it with a click. To see more information about its configuration and usage please refer to our detailed tutorial about sh404SEF Lite.

The #1 Most Viral Facebook Photo Posted by 25 Top Social Media Experts

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The top minds in social media marketing are converging on San Diego this week for Social Media Marketing World 2014.  Many of the conference speakers are doing great things on Facebook — including posting photos that get tons of shares! I thought it would be cool to put their photos to the test. So I used Post Planner’s new Viral Photos tool to pinpoint the #1 most viral photo posted by each of their pages. These #1 photos received a wide range of fan engagement. Some were shared thousands of times, while others were shared just a handful. The winners were: Kim Garst’s News’ Years meme (13,204 shares) Steve Spangler’s “pun-ny” wildlife image (8,137 shares) Mari Smith’s post about hashtag privacy (1,282 shares) The content of the photos ranges from promo images advertising webinars & podcast guests to inspiring quotes & messages. And some were just plain silly. So read this post if you plan to attend the conference this week. I can’t think of a better way to strike up a conversation with Mari Smith, Jay Baer or Ian Cleary than by discussing the most popular photo on their Facebook pages. The #1 Most Viral Facebook Photo Posted by 25 Social Media Experts 1. Brian Clark, Copyblogger >> Click to Tweet // Post by Copyblogger. 2. Amy Porterfield, >> Click to Tweet // Post by Amy Porterfield. 3. John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing >> Click to Tweet // Post by Duct Tape Marketing. 4. Mari Smith, >> Click to Tweet // Post by Mari Smith. 5. Andrea Vahl, Grandma Mary – Social Media Edutainer >> Click to Tweet // Post by Grandma Mary – Social Media Edutainer. 6. Jon Loomer, Jon Loomer Digital >> Click to Tweet // Post by Jon Loomer Digital. 7. Jay Baer, Convince & Convert >> Click to Tweet // Post by Convince & Convert. 8. Kim Garst, Boom Social with Kim Garst >> Click to Tweet // Post by Boom Social with Kim Garst. 9. Pam Moore, Marketing Nutz // Post by Pam Moore @PamMktgNut. 10. Viveka von Rosen, Linked Into Business // Post by LinkedIn and Twitter Social Media Training and Strategies. 11. Ian Cleary, RazorSocial >> Click to Tweet // Post by RazorSocial. 12. Michael Hyatt, >> Click to Tweet // Post by Michael Hyatt. 13. Laura Fitton, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Evangelist // Post by Laura Pistachio Fitton. 14. Joel Comm, >> Click to Tweet // Post by Joel Comm. 15. Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute >> Click to Tweet // Post by Content Marketing Institute. 16. Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn >> Click to Tweet // Post by Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn. 17. Simon Mainwaring, We First // Post by We First. 18. Bryan Kramer, // Post by Bryan Kramer. 19. Steve Spangler, Steve Spangler Science >> Click to Tweet // Post by Steve Spangler. 20. Neal Schaffer, Maximize Social Business >> Click to Tweet // Post by Maximize Social Business. 21. Cynthia Sanchez, Oh So Pinteresting >> Click to Tweet // Post by Oh So Pinteresting. 22. John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur On Fire >> Click to Tweet // Post by 23. Lewis Howes, >> Click to Tweet // Post by Lewis Howes. 24. James Wedmore, >> Click to Tweet // Post by James Wedmore. 25. Aaron Kahlow, Online Marketing Institute >> Click to Tweet // Post by Online Marketing Institute. Want to see more? Each of the 25 photos above is #1 most viral photo on that expert’s page. Would you like to see the 2nd most viral for each page?… and the 3rd?… and the 4th? No problem.  You can access & sort all their photos in a couple clicks with Post Planner. Just head to the app here: Then do the following: Click “Photos” Click “Find more Photo Feeds” Choose “Folders” Search for the folder “SMMW14 Speakers” Click “Add” Then click on the folder & sort by “Most Viral” Like this: Booyah! What do you think? Why do you think the photos above got so many shares? Let me know in the comments below. The post The #1 Most Viral Facebook Photo Posted by 25 Top Social Media Experts appeared first on Post Planner.

eCommerce 1.2 and Stock Photo Update

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The latest round of eCommerce features are here with the release of eCommerce 1.2 along with an expanded stock photo library. These updates add greater depth and flexibility to the eCommerce experience and should help you build out an even stronger online store. Sell Personalized Products with Note to Seller Order personalization is now a reality with the brand-new Note to Seller field. Your customers can now enter custom directions and text in the shopping cart window during checkout.  The new feature is available in the Store tab under Settings > General.As one the most requested eCommerce features we’re super excited for order notes to come to life with Note to Seller and can’t wait to see all the creative new product-types it will enable on your store. Quickbooks and CSV Export Export store order data into Quickbooks or a CSV file directly from your store dashboard. One-click data conversion and collection makes it easy to sync store order information with your Quickbooks software. CSV export is available for free on all plans and Quickbooks export is a feature of the Business Plan. Google Analytics and Tracking Pixels You can now add Google Analytics to your store and tracking pixels to your Cart, Payment, or Receipt pages from the advanced settings interface. These custom tracking options will help you learn more about visitor behavior and gain valuable insight into store performance. Knowledge really is power when it comes to eCommerce optimization and we hope this update gives you the tools you need to obtain that knowledge for yourself. Stock Photos Update The new Professional Stock Photo Library provides over 12 million high-quality photos for you to use on your site, store, or blog. Browse and purchase photos directly from the Weebly interface for easy access to a rich collection of compelling images.The updated photo library presents a great opportunity to leverage powerful design features like customizable background images which can help bring a dynamic visual feel to your site.  Our whole team is hard at work here in San Francisco improving Weebly for you every day. As always, we appreciate your comments -- please let us know what you'd like to see next!


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