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Interview with Neha Naik, Radix Registry

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Radix is Asia’s largest new gTLD applicant and has invested over $30 Million in securing licenses to operate the new gTLD extensions. Radix has applied for 27 Domain Extensions in ICANN’s new gTLDs program. Radix has executed their agreements with ICANN to operate 4 new gTLDs – .website, .host, .space, and .press and will be launching these later this year. Radix is also the Registry for the repurposed extension .pw – the professional web and – a new domain targeted at the Indian market. We met up with Neha Naik, Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnerships at Radix, and asked her a few questions about the new gTLDs program, the market response and Radix’s plans for its TLDs for the future. 1) Why do you think it was essential for ICANN to introduce the new gTLDs program? I think one of the main reasons for the introduction of the new gTLD program was the over-saturation of existing gTLD namespaces. For a long time now, .com and .net have been the popular choice for domain names and the focus for all registrations. It has become quite difficult to get a first choice domain or any of the shorter domains with these existing extensions. The introduction of the new gTLDs should help people finally get the short and brandable domains they want. Non-generic extensions like .press, .host, .bar, etc. are aimed at specific verticals. Overall, the program gives customers a large variety and an opportunity to register good, quality and memorable names. A lot of big brands like IBM, BMW and NIKE have applied for their own extensions as well. 2) What is your take on the reception in the market to new gTLDs launched so far? I think the new gTLDs have received a good reception in the market so far, 765,000 names have already been registered. Registrars are excited about offering the new gTLDs, expanding their own markets as well as product offerings, plus adding a new revenue stream. They numbers definitely represent the interest from end customers too! And this will only grow further with increasing awareness and more generic new gTLD launches. 3) Radix has applied for a bunch of new gTLDs, how has the response been from registrars and the industry to your applications? The industry reception has been amazing. Radix had initially applied for 31 new gTLDs and currently we’re ready to launch 4 of these gTLDs – namely .website, .host, .space & .press. this year. Of these, .website & .space has seen a very a good response due to the global mass appeal and the generic nature of the TLDs. On the other hand .host has seen really great interest from wholesale registrars such as ResellerClub because generally most domain resellers are web hosts too! And basis the marketing we’ve been doing for .press, we’ve realized that a lot of individuals and companies that don’t have web presences currently are excited to get online with a strong identity via these upcoming new gTLDs. While we’re gearing up to launch these four extensions, we’re also in the process of resolving contention for other TLDs through auctions. 4) Radix has been successfully operating and .pw TLDs for a few years now, what lessons from that expertise do you think will be most crucial in launching these new TLDs? One of the most important things when it comes to operating a TLD is a strong distribution network. We’ve accomplished that via strong ties with Registrars across the world. And we have a good idea about how to work in sync with channel partners to make it as simple as possible for them to launch and offer your TLD. 5) One concern some people have voiced is that the extra domain name extensions can make the internet a more complicated place to search or to have even more duplicate content. How would you address that? This, of course, is something new and people will need to be educated about this. There’s a learning curve involved. Registries and registrars are actively working towards educating end users. A few years ago, domain strings such as .co, .me and .xxx were completely unknown but have slowly and steadily gained popularity among the masses. In fact, search engines will be able to factor and adapt to the classifications of the new gTLDs to make the internet a more organised space. The internet usage is only growing and there are more and more people coming online. These new gTLDs will give these customers more options, variety and the opportunities to register better, first choice names. 6) Do you think the introduction of the new gTLDs will complicate the ownership of Intellectual Property for Brands? I don’t think it would complicate things. On the other hand, brands need to be out there and need to be aware of all the new TLDs being launched. They need to take an informed decision of what TLDs to register based on several factors that make sense for them with regards to relevant industry verticals, generics with a mass market adoption and TLDs focused on certain geographical classifications. This is also a good opportunity to come up with some interesting branding strategies and working with TLDs specific to the vertical like a publication could get,,,, One of the new gTLDs that could affect brands is .sucks as all the competitors could acquire brand name domains and misuse them. The introduction of the trademark clearing house service has made things simpler and more centralized for brands. Over and above this, the introduction of other Rights Protection Mechanisms like the Trademark Claims process, URS in addition to the UDRP give brands the option of getting their names back in their own hands. Though ideally, Sunrise is the best phase a brand should look at to avoid such hassles at a later date. 7) How is Radix planning to promote the launch of its new gTLDs? We have been talking to registrars to help them with everything required to launch our domain extensions. Like I said, the distribution network is going to be one of our biggest strengths as a Registry. We’re also going to reach out directly to end customers for specific TLDs such as hosting companies and web service providers for .host & journalists and media houses for the .press extension. Once the awareness of the new gTLDs increases, the market will quickly adapt and create more demand. 8) What is the long term plan with these new gTLDs? The long term plan is to create a sustainable namespace with a primary focus on quality as well as quantity. We hope to provide valuable domain names to businesses and people across the world. .Website & .Press from the Radix stable will be getting into Sunrise by mid June this year.   If you guys have any questions, we would like to hear them! Please leave them in the comments below.

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The BIG .COM AUCTION [Terms & Conditions]

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BigRock is proud to announce a very limited time auction where you can buy a .COM domain at the price you want! Here’s how it will work: The auction will run for a limited time on our Facebook page where you can “bid” the amount you wish to pay to buy a .COM domain Every Winning bid will be entitled to get to buy the domain for the said amount           Sample Comment Mr.X: I wish to buy my domain for Rs.11 #bigrockauction Mr.Y: I wish to buy my domain for Rs.12 #bigrockauction Mr.Z: I wish to buy my domain for Rs.12 #bigrockauction Mr.A: I wish to buy my domain for Rs.14 #bigrockauction Mr.B: I wish to buy my domain for Rs.13 #bigrockauction In the above case Mr.X, Mr.Y and Mr.A will each get a coupon that entitles them to purchase for Rs.11, Rs.12 and Rs.14 respectively. Mr.Z will not be able to get his domain since his post was the same as Mr.Y’s but a little late. Mr.B is will not be able to get his domain since the last bid had already gone up to Rs.14 and placing a lower bid is not a valid entry. Bidding to Begin at Rs.10 (this will also be the minimum reserve price, all bids have to be more than Rs.10.) All bids must be in the comment section along with the hashtag “#BigrockAuction”. Your bid will not be accepted if you miss the hashtag. We are offering very limited domains for this auction [200 domains only] You can only bid once so bid wisely. Below are all the rules associated with the contest: The minimum value for raising bids is Re. 1 If two individuals bid the same value, the person posting first wins that bid No individual can place a bid lower than the current bid (Mr.A & Mr.B example above) Person who wins the bid will be sent a unique code via email/direct message on fb/twitter that they must use on to avail the offer. The code will be sent to you within 48hrs from the time the auction ends. The auction is applicable for .COM domain available for registration. This auction does not apply to Premium domains or domains that are available via the secondary market Bids less than Rs.10 will not be considered. BigRock reserves the right to deny any Order or cancel an Order associated with this Auction. We hope you enjoy the Auction and get your dream .COM domain. ALL THE BEST

What are ADDON domains? And how can I add one?

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If you have a hosting plan with Pickaweb and you´re on the starter plan or above. We allow you to host multiple domains under the same hosting plan. These are called add-on domains. To the outside world they appear to be completely separate to your original domain. So if you find yourself wanting to host […] The post What are ADDON domains? And how can I add one? appeared first on Small Business Marketing, Domain Names & Web Hosting Blog | Pickaweb. Related posts: Domain Transfer Instructions for US Domains A domain transfer is actually a pretty straightforward process and... What is the difference between shared hosting and reseller hosting? We are often asked what is the difference between shared... What is CPanel Hosting? We’re often asked what is CPanel Hosting. Cpanel is basically...

The Weirdest Intro to AdWords Ever

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In my article today, I'll quantify the impact of Quality Score on your cost per click and cost per conversion. I'll also explain to you (mathematically!) how Google calculates your Quality Score. Finally, I'll share my three best tips on how to raise your Quality Scores, all in an effort to help you hack AdWords to improve your more

20th May 2014: Package Updates

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Following on from our previous blog post regarding improvements to our service, we have now restructured our shared and reseller hosting packages. It has been a few years since we have made any changes to the packages that we offer, and we felt it was now time to make changes to fit more in line with industry standards and to meet today’s needs of website owners. Shared Hosting The greatest and primary change we have made is dramatically increasing the bandwidth on these packages. We have listened to your feedback and you have expressed that you wanted more bandwidth, with greater differences between each package. Bandwidth has now increased approximately 500% or more on all shared and reseller hosting packages, and the difference between packages is now much greater as a result. We have removed the ‘Ultra’ shared hosting package because we felt it is now redundant. Typically the users of the ‘Ultra’ package were high bandwidth users, who can now take advantage of a new lower package at a reduced price. Pricing has increased slightly by approximately $1 per package, per month. This is to fit more in line with industry pricing. Reseller Hosting Disk space and bandwidth on these packages have been greatly increased. Previously our reseller accounts felt more like  shared hosting accounts with WHM access tacked on, rather than an account that was specifically designed to be suitable for resellers. We feel that these increases make a reseller account far more useful and accessible to those who wish to resell hosting to others, and that the limits are again more in line with industry standards. Pricing has also changed on these packages in order to reflect the vastly increased resources being allocated to them. Account limits have now been introduced in order to improve fair usage on our servers. This is a limit to the number of accounts a reseller can create and attempts to prevent the increased resource usage from resellers creating thousands of very small quota accounts. Semi-Dedicated Hosting No changes have been made to these packages, as we feel they are already very competitive and suitable for those who have outgrown shared hosting. Existing Clients & Upgrading or Downgrading In line with all previous package changes, existing clients have not and will not be pushed or forced onto any of our new packages. Your existing products will run as they are for the lifetime of your account, however you may choose to upgrade or downgrade your account at any time should you wish. Existing clients will only be able to upgrade or downgrade to one of these newer packages, as the old packages have been retired from the upgrade path and are no longer available for purchase. To confirm, all existing clients will continue to run on the accounts that you signed up with. You will not automatically receive these new disk space and bandwidth quotas. If you wish to switch to one of these new accounts, you can do so from within the client area by choosing the ‘Upgrade/Downgrade’ option. Future Products We have plans in the near future to introduce a VPS service, which we feel will provide a further upgrade path for those who have outgrown semi-dedicated hosting or simply wish to have far greater control over their environment. We will provide more details on this soon. Your Feedback We hope that these changes are seen positively by you. We feel the increased bandwidth offerings are essential to a growing Internet where media and particularly high resolution images are becoming commonplace. We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on these changes. Please let us know how you feel about this blog post by posting a comment below.

Today's Outage

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We’re truly sorry for today’s extended outage. If you didn’t see our status updates, we were under a large DDOS attack. This attack was large enough to have a significant impact on our upstream providers, leading to the outage. In situations like we dealt with today, we have intentionally left out technical details as to not give away anything that might open us up to new attacks. We continue to work to improve our defenses and will provide a more detailed update tomorrow.

Social Signals Are Not an SEO Ranking Factor

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5 #SEO Tips To Get Your #BLOG Noticed

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  If you’re curious to learn more about search engine optimization of your blog, you’ve come to the right place. There are a few tried and true methods as well as a few ever-changing elements we want to share. Often times, writing “good content” isn’t enough to get the ball rolling and you might find yourself wondering why people aren’t finding your site. To help get you started, we’ve come up with five specific tips to help turn your blog into an SEO friendly site. 1.    Engage Online Community Link building is the key to getting search engines to discover how pages are related to each other and in what ways. By getting external pages (in this case, similar bloggers) to link to a page on your website, you’ll begin to engage your community and start showing up in results. We recommend reaching out to complementary bloggers and asking for a link exchange. You can also try guest posting and linking back to your blog.  2.    Google Authorship Link your Google+ page to your blog and authorize it. Google search engine tends to feature top results that come from Google+ authors. In fact, the search marketing firm Catalyst confirmed that clicks improved by 150% with a Google Author page.  3.    Learn What “Panda” or “Penguin” Means Google is always changing its search algorithm so keeping up to date with Google news will benefit your blog. Many bloggers miss out on the major changes that Google rolls out and end up seeing their sites drop in search result rankings. Researching tweaks can help you get to the top as long as you’re diligent.  4.    Create Themed Websites Rather than being a one-stop shop for a variety of content, hone in on what your blog is attempting to accomplish and go after complementary sites. For example, if you want to review different coffees and teas, reach out to other bloggers who review baked goods (they pair pretty well with coffee) or a recipes site to feature your reviews.  5.    Quality Over Quantity Keep your posts concise and to the point. We usually recommend writing about 500-700 words per post and including eye-catching graphics or photos. You don’t know who’s going to find your blog and you don’t know what type of reader they are. It’s better to balance your text to graphic ratio in your posts to engage a diverse audience. As you can see from the tips above, search engine optimization is a very interesting field. Some of these tips might be intuitive to you, while others are still new. Remember to write good content and have a strategy to develop your blog. Feel free to share any search engine optimization tips you have to help our community in the comments below. As always, follow along on Twitter @domaindotcom or like our Facebook page to see what we’re up to! Related posts: The post 5 #SEO Tips To Get Your #BLOG Noticed appeared first on

The Fine Line Between Data Analytics and Security

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The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve and give them the products they want. In return, the more they trust and become loyal to your brand. But with all the information you gather from your customers to provide one-to-one service and personalized products comes the responsibility to take care of their personal data. read more

At #MusicHackDay SF 2014

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Last weekend, more than 200 developers, designers and music lovers came together for Music Hack Day 2014 in San Francisco, and we were happy to be among them. Teams dug in to integrate with everything from the newly launched Beats Music platform to demo Leap Motion devices, and inspired us with their visions of the future of technology + music. It was also exciting to see teams integrate efforts into the Twitter APIs, including: Spirit Artist - Reads your tweets and finds your Twitter spirit artist Give Me Playlist - Reads your Tweet stream and builds a playlist to fit your mood Sick Lineup - Know when your favorite artist is going on stage Tweet Playlist - Tweet or text songs to a have them play over the Beats Music app While there were tons of great hacks, the winner of Twitter’s Social Hack Prize was Give Me Playlist, by @colin_durant and @hjharnis. Congrats to the #GiveMePlaylist team (@hjharnis && @colin_durant) for winning our prize at #musichackday — TwitterDev (@TwitterDev) May 18, 2014   Check out more pictures from the weekend, courtesy of @cweichen from Gracenote. Thanks to Spotify, Rdio and Beats Music for teaming up with us on this event, and to Github for being such gracious hosts. And to all the hackers who came — we look forward to hanging out with you at the next Music Hack Day, and being inspired by your creativity and hard work! Sticker Contest: .NINJA is almost here! Blog -

In less than two weeks, the much anticipated .NINJA becomes available! Yes, that’s right, you’ll be able to get! That’s pretty sweet and we’re beyond excited about this. Why is everyone at so thrilled about this you ask? We’re obviously excited because ninjas are awesome. We can prove the awesomeness of ninjas by sharing three of the best ninja facts we know: When ninjas eat a cheeseburger, it turns into a salad in their stomach. Ninjas carry crickets in their pocket. Ninjas are really good at telling time. Let’s have a giveaway! To spread the word about the new .NINJA domain (and ninjas in general), we thought it would be a great idea to have a sticker giveaway. Entering is easy. All you have to do to enter is press one, two, or all of the buttons below. The more buttons you press, the more chances you have to win! Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway If you have any more questions about entry, press the little “Terms and Conditions” button in the widget above. You can learn about the rules and how we pick contest winners there.  

Want to try a new domain? Here are the deals to do so. Blog -

Is it me, or do you need a domain? What about a new New Domain (Mind = Blown)? That’s twice the new for the price of one! And now, we have discounted them even further! For a limited time we’ve been able to drop prices on the following domain names, including .GURU, .PHOTOGRAPHY and .LINK. Get a .GURU or .TIPS domain to dominate in your field of expertise. .GURU domain names were $34.99, now only $24.99, and .TIPS domains are now just $16.99! Or perhaps you’re in the crowded photography business? Your photos are fantastic, and now you need a website that shows that. Be found in a flash with a new .PHOTOGRAPHY, only $16.99. Other discounted domains include .EMAIL, . LINK and this wholesome chart of low-priced goodness. New Domain           Was          NOW! .guru $34.99 $24.99 .photography $22.99 $16.99 .email $22.99 $16.99 .link $13.99 $8.99 .today $22.99 $16.99 .tips $22.99 $16.99 .company $22.99 $16.99 .technology $22.99 $16.99 How were we able to do this? Well…here’s a sneak peak into our discount pricing process… If you think that’s magical, wait until you find all of the tricks you can pull with your new domain. For example, URL Forwarding can send a new domain to your current website so you don’t miss a single customer. Here’s how to use URL Forwarding. Or maybe you want a way to brand yourself every time you send an email? You can get your own company email or have the most amazing personal Get started today with a new, discounted domain name from

Amazon RDS for SQL Server With Multi-AZ

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The Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) simplifies the process of setting up, running, and scaling your MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server database so that you can focus on your application instead of on complex and time-consuming database administration chores. Many AWS customers are using RDS in demanding production environments and take advantage of powerful features like automated snapshot backups (no more tapes and easy point-in-time restores), Provisioned IOPS for fast and consistent I/O performance, easy database upgrades, and the ability to scale processing and storage by simply modifying the appropriate settings. Customers who make use of Amazon RDS for MySQL, Amazon RDS for Oracle Database, and Amazon RDS for PostgresQL can also enhance availability and data durability by creating a Multi-AZ (Availability Zone) deployment. When activated, this RDS feature creates primary and secondary database hosts, arranges for synchronous data replication from primary to secondary, and monitors both hosts to ensure that they remain healthy. In the event of a failure, RDS will promote the secondary to primary, create a new secondary, and re-establish replication, all with complete transparency and no user or application involvement. Multi-AZ for SQL Server Today we are bringing the benefits of Multi-AZ operation to Amazon RDS for SQL Server. This new release takes advantage of SQL Server Mirroring technology and makes all of the benefits listed above available to SQL Server users.


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