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Your Facebook Posts Will Probably Go Viral if You Follow These 5 Steps

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Do you want your Facebook posts to go viral? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t want to dramatically increase the reach of their posts?! Going viral is the holy grail of content marketing — and any business owner marketing their company online wants it. But getting there isn’t always easy. Today, I’ll outline 5 steps you can take to improve the chances of your Facebook posts going viral. Your Facebook Posts Will Probably Go Viral if You Follow These 5 Steps 1. Get Personal You’ve got to get personal on your page if you expect your Facebook posts to go viral. >> Click to Tweet << Consider the strong engagement you receive from your Facebook friends when you post on your profile about: a job promotion yours or your child’s wedding your newborn baby losing weight high school or college graduations personal achievements Personalizing the updates on your business page can have a similar effect. Your fans will connect with those posts on a deeper level & are more likely to Like, comment on or share your posts with friends. Many of them have experienced something similar or they just want to be there to support your happy news. My first day at Post Planner was Jan. 21. I announced it by sharing a photo on my Facebook wall, and the post got more than 211 Likes & about 127 comments. 2. Use Viral Photo Finder Here’s a confession: I’ve recently used Post Planner’s viral photo finder to locate some of the most shared & most Liked photos on Facebook to publish on my profile & on pages that I own. For example, this photo got more than 80 Likes & about 45 shares when I posted it on my page:   Not too bad considering that it took only a couple minutes to find & publish the photo. You may see greater engagement depending on the size of your community & how much your fans engage with your page. We used the photo finder to locate the following image, which went big when we published it on our Facebook page:   // Post by Post Planner. It got more than 5,600 Likes & 34k shares. 3. Ask for Help Sharing Your Posts It can be tough getting your posts in front of a large audience on Facebook. The news feed algorithm buries your content to the point that your updates don’t even reach most of your fans. So ask family members, friends & customers for help pushing your posts. Sometimes just a little nudge is needed for a post to gain the momentum it needs to snowball. >> Click to Tweet << Most people won’t mind helping you with this small request. 4. Timing is Everything Like with many things in life, TIMING is EVERYTHING. When should you post on Facebook? Rather than blindly following advice from some blog post you find, dive deep into your Facebook Insights to see when your fans are most active online. Then test different posts at the most opportune times to see which content gets the most engagement from fans. Then continue testing fresh posts to determine which updates might someday go viral. Your Facebook Insights make it easy to determine the best times to post on your page. >> Click to Tweet << WHEN you update your status is critical if you expect lots of people to share your post. 5. Run a Facebook Ad Sometimes you’ll have to spend a few bucks to get posts in front of your fans. It’s harsh, I know! But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, especially with Facebook limiting the reach of your status updates. You don’t need to pay to boost every post.  But you may want to with the most important ones — the posts with the most potential for getting shared. I usually select “People who like your Page and their friends” as my audience. And I spend between $10 and $20, depending on the post. I then deviate a bit from Facebook’s settings on my ads. I go into my Facebook ad manager, open the campaign I just created for the post, and delete the post that targets my fans’ friends. I’ve found it works best to target just my Facebook fans. But this varies from case to case, especially if your product targets a wide demographic. Conclusion Don’t give up! It can be frustrating since Facebook’s news feed algorithm so tightly controls what people see. Trust me. As a small business owner, I feel your pain. But try to be grateful that today you’re able to reach an audience on Facebook that didn’t exist a few years back. What’s your secret for getting people to share your Facebook posts? The post Your Facebook Posts Will Probably Go Viral if You Follow These 5 Steps appeared first on Post Planner.

Gliding Over Seattle

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Chris Young of Chefsteps took me up in a glider while I was in Seattle and it was an amazing experience. There are some great organizations dedicated to it like the Soaring Society, and I’m planning on taking some lessons this summer, probably in the Tahoe area. The acrobatics were a blast, but my favorite was just the elegance of the more gentle flight, catching thermals and floating over the world with no engine and super-panoramic views. After gliding I met some fellow Automatticians for drinks, and Sam from Audrey.

Announcing Bing Knowledge Widget & App Linking

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Bing Knowledge Widget At Bing, we want to help people do more and know more. We’ve been building Bing’s knowledge repository that now has hundreds of millions of entities (people, places, and things) and billions of relationships between them. This helps us create a deeper understanding of our world. The quest to understand our world cannot be done alone. We work with many partners who enrich our knowledge. We give what we’ve learned back to the world via and Windows Search Charm. Now, we want to empower every webmaster with the power of Bing’s knowledge repository. Today we’re releasing the Bing Knowledge Widget for webmasters and publishers. It’s an easy-to-deploy, JavaScript-based widget for webmasters that detects and visualizes entities on the webpage and displays rich information about the entity. It provides your visitors with quick access to relevant information about the entities on the page, and keeps them engaged, entertained, and informed within the context of your webpage. A visitor to your site need simply hover over the objects you’ve selected in the backend to see the widget come to life along the right-hand side of the screen, showcasing content related to each entity, directly from Bing’s knowledge repository. Here’s an example of the Knowledge Widget in action in a blog post related to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. You can see how it is understanding the entities of the page and bringing in useful, related content. You can easily configure how you want Bing Knowledge Widget to visualize the entities detected on a page. There are three pre-defined options: Entity Images: when you select this option entities that are detected will appear only as images in a vertical carousel alongside the page. Entity Images & Links: when you select this option entities that are detected will appear both as images in a vertical carousel alongside the page as well as links within the text of the page. This is the most popular option. Entity Links: when you select this option, entities that are detected will appear as links within the text of the page. When you have chosen a visualization option that includes entity links, you can set the link style associated with these entity links. You can select from a number of pre-defined options or provide a name that you have defined yourself. Without getting into all of the set-up details, which can be fully explored on the dedicated Bing Knowledge Widget Help & How To page, the Knowledge Widget enables you to create a unique user experience for your visitors, which you control, and that is powered by Bing’s knowledge repository. App Linking At the same time we’re also announcing the App Linking functionality for businesses. Bing Webmaster Tools will be your interface to linking your website to your app. Bing App Linking lets you connect your app to your web site so that search results for the top level of your web site include a link to your app. If you implement deep linking, search results for pages within your web site will include deep links to targets inside your app. App Linking is an extension of our Connected Sites concept, where you can connect official social pages, for example, and associate them with your site. This functionality now allows you to do the same for your apps. More information on the App Linking program can be found here, with the Help & How To content located here. Bing Knowledge & Webmaster Teams

AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Ruby 2

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AWS Elastic Beanstalk makes it easy for you to deploy and manage applications in the AWS cloud. After you upload your application, Elastic Beanstalk will provision, monitor, and scale capacity (Amazon EC2 instances),  while also load balancing incoming requests across all of the healthy instances. Choice of Language and Runtime EnvironmentYour PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or .NET code can run in the appropriate Tomcat, Node.js, or IIS environment: Your Elastic Beanstalk application can use the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) to create and manage SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database, and PostgreSQL databases. Elastic Beanstalk chooses and sets sensible defaults for all of the AWS resources that it creates and these values will work fine for a wide variety of applications. Of course, you have the power to customize these settings by editing the appropriate configuration files. See the AWS Elastic Beanstalk Developer Guide for more information. New Support for Ruby 2Today we are making Elastic Beanstalk even more useful by adding support for Ruby 2.0 applications. Today's launch gives you access to a very wide variety of new features. Elastic Beanstalk for Ruby 2.0 comes with a choice of Passenger Standalone or Puma web server for Ruby with Nginx as a reverse proxy. This highly requested combination allows you to utilize all the virtual cores available on the instance type running your environment. If you use Nginx, you can improve performance by configuring gzip compression and support for static files. Gzip compression reduces the size of the HTTP responses and can increase the apparent speed of your web application. Static file support lets Nginx serve static assets such as images and CSS style sheets in an optimized fashion. To get started, simply create a new Elastic Beanstalk application and select the Ruby platform. This configuration will use the Puma web server by default: Sample Ruby ApplicationsTo help you to get started with Ruby 2 and Elastic Beanstalk, we have created some new samples. The Sample Rails 4 application creates a simple pre-launch marketing site. Be sure to create an RDS database instance if you use this sample: The Sample Sinatra application creates a simple welcome page within an environment set up to use the Sinatra domain-specific language (DSL). And there you go! Ruby 2 support is available now and you can start using it today. -- Jeff;  

Improved CloudFront Performance with EDNS-Client-Subnet Support

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Amazon CloudFront automatically routes requests for your content to the nearest edge location. Behind the scenes, it uses the IP address of the DNS resolver that is making the DNS query for the content. This model worked well back in the days when a particular resolver had a single, fixed geographic location. Today, many popular DNS resolvers are geographically dispersed (Google DNS and OpenDNS are two good examples) and the location of a particular resolver is no longer an accurate predictor of the location of the client. This can lead to sub-optimal performance if a request for content is routed to an edge location that is farther away than necessary. The EDNS-Client-Subnet extension to the DNS protocol solves this problem by returning additional information in response to a DNS query (read about how it works). This information allows the content delivery network to make a better decision. This extension was developed as part of the Faster Internet project. Today, we are adding EDNS-Client-Subnet support to CloudFront. You don't have to make any changes to your code or to your CloudFront distributions to take advantage of this new feature. Your users will see an immediate benefit if they are using a geographically dispersed DNS resolver that supports the EDNS-Client-Subnet protocol. -- Jeff;

Everyone’s getting World Cup fever! And with the official announcement of the US World Cup away...

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Everyone’s getting World Cup fever! And with the official announcement of the US World Cup away kits, Yahoo merchant, the official store of US Soccer, got a boost from a great article on Yahoo Sports and featured on the Yahoo homepage.  We think it’s that cool “One Nation. One Team.” … check it out!  Big congratulations to our long-time, successful customer.

Help Test New Column Behavior in Beta

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Thank you for all the amazing feedback. We've closed the Beta Test and are now reviewing your form entries and blog comments. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to work on the new column building experience. More Information About Columns Beta The new columns experience was designed to improve column generation and make it easier and more intuitive to create multi-column layouts for your site, store or blog. There are three big changes you’ll notice in Columns Beta.1. The columns element has been removed. You can now generate columns automatically by         simply dragging an element to the left or right of an existing element. 2. We added a new element called spacer. Spacer allows you to create an empty column or extra vertical space. Drag spacer into position to introduce space between other elements. Spacer should make it easy to introduce and control the negative space between your elements.  3. Any changes made on Columns Beta will translate to your live site. Elements will work the same between the beta and non-beta editors with a few minor exceptions.The spacer element will be automatically added into any empty columns you’ve placed on your site when you login to Columns Beta.If you use the spacer element in Columns Beta and log back into non-beta Weebly the spacer elements will convert into blank elements. The blank elements will still function as intended. We look forward to your thoughts on the new experience. Your feedback helps make Weebly a better place for everyone!

Help Test New Column Behavior in Beta

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Thank you for all the amazing feedback. We've closed the Beta Test and are now reviewing your form entries and blog comments. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to work on the new column building experience. More Information About Columns Beta The new columns experience was designed to improve column generation and make it easier and more intuitive to create multi-column layouts for your site, store or blog. There are three big changes you’ll notice in Columns Beta.1. The columns element has been removed. You can now generate columns automatically by         simply dragging an element to the left or right of an existing element. 2. We added a new element called spacer. Spacer allows you to create an empty column or extra vertical space. Drag spacer into position to introduce space between other elements. Spacer should make it easy to introduce and control the negative space between your elements.  3. Any changes made on Columns Beta will translate to your live site. Elements will work the same between the beta and non-beta editors with a few minor exceptions.The spacer element will be automatically added into any empty columns you’ve placed on your site when you login to Columns Beta.If you use the spacer element in Columns Beta and log back into non-beta Weebly the spacer elements will convert into blank elements. The blank elements will still function as intended. We look forward to your thoughts on the new experience. Your feedback helps make Weebly a better place for everyone!

All the best one day getaways

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Last week we asked you to imagine your dream 24-hour daycation and then send us place boards of all your would-be adventures. We heard from people in nearly every state, all over Europe, and as far away as Thailand, Sydney and Dubai! Here’s a look at 25 of our most adventure-packed favorites: Unwind with wine - Ashley Urdang is taking the day to sip, swim and winery-hop around Napa Valley. Follow Ashley Urdang’s board Wine Not? Napa Valley on Pinterest. Beach city - Christy from OrdinaryTravelr is going from beach to brewery in San Diego. Follow Ordinary Traveler Blog’s board Things We Love About San Diego on Pinterest. Manhattan mania - Patrick Fenton is eating, shopping and strolling his way through New York City. Follow Patrick Fenton’s board 24 Hours on Manhattan Island on Pinterest. Best friend stop-over - Kacie Davis is heading to Stockholm for opera, summer markets and drinks at an ice hotel. Follow kacie davis’s board 24 hours in Stockholm - The Swedish Escape! on Pinterest. Here are a few more that we found inspiring: Escape to Half Moon Bay Virginia Beach from sunup to sunset 24 hours in Mexico City One day vacay in Victoria BC A day in the life of a Seattleiete Colorado Staycation Savannah Georgia London calling Columbia River gorge daycation Galveston Golly-Go-round Escape to Cabo A fabulous trip through the Florida Keys 24 hours in Tokyo Circling the beltway in the DMV Soul therapy in Austin TX Explore the Twin Cities, Minneapolis 24 hours in British Columbia Escape for the day in Norfolk Virginia Charlottesville, VA Miami, FL Dawn to dusk daycation from Atlanta to Senoia Georgia Daycation in the windy city Now it’s your turn: make a place board, take a sick day and head out on your own day-long adventure! —Lauren Michaels, Marketing, Currently pinning to Australia 2014

Ways to Ensure That Your Mailing List is a Legitimate One

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The post Ways to Ensure That Your Mailing List is a Legitimate One appeared first on HostGator Web Hosting Blog | Gator Crossing.  Email marketing is big. It’s no secret. Email marketing is one of the best ways to not only ensure that your brand and your products or services stay fresh within the minds of your clients, it allows you to catch their attention, appealing to the impulse buy side of your clientele.   Leverage Existing Relationships (Legitimate Ones) If an individual sees your product or service in their email and thinks that what you are offering is a great deal they may simply click through the email to purchase it, as they already have a relationship with your company, without feeling the need to do any form of price comparison or the like. It’s easy for people to get caught up in the moment, wanting to get their products and services out to as many people as humanly possible, regardless of whether or not the person has technically asked for that email from you. There’s just one problem with this. That type of behavior is illegal; an internet no-no. “But I just found this list of people’s email addresses! It’s obvious that they wouldn’t have left it lying about if they didn’t want others to use it” you might proclaim. Or you might have decided to purchase a mailing list, share email addresses with your buddy who has an email list as well, or simply have pulled email addresses off of Craig’s list or some other site where such information is freely posted. You might justify it to yourself in a thousand and one different ways, but the fact of the matter is that the justification doesn’t count, not when it goes against the CAN-SPAM act, your hosting provider’s terms of service and acceptable use policies, and their upstream providers terms of service and acceptable use policies.   The Low Down: In order for your mailing list to be a legitimate one, in order for your messages to not be considered spam, and to ensure that you are able to stay with your hosting provider, there are several things that you cannot do. You cannot: Use a purchased mailing list Use a mailing list that was given to you Use a mailing list that you found somewhere (sorry, that email address you found in the back of the taxi can’t be just tacked on to the end of your list, gotta throw that one out!) Randomly generate email addresses and send out messages to all of them, hoping one goes through to a legitimate email address. “Well, that seems like a lot that I can’t do,” you might think to yourself, and the truth is, you’re right. You cannot do anything that gets around the idea of not getting someone’s permission to email them. So what can you do, not only to make sure that your mailing list is legitimate, but that it’s CAN-SPAM compliant?   The Double Opt In: Make sure that you get everyone’s permission to email them, not once, but twice. This process is referred to as double opt in, and it means that not only does someone have to give you their email address, but you then have to ask them if they really meant to give it to you, and they have to say yes before you can start including them on your mailing list. The process usually goes something like this: A person puts in an email address on your site, indicating that they want to receive email from you. The reason this isn’t enough is that you have no way of knowing whether the person entering the email address is the one that owns the email address. You receive their form with their email address listed. You’re excited! You want to add them to your list, but you just can’t yet. First you have to send them an email, typically with a link that will write to a database stating the date and time that they accepted (this is the second time they are accepting). They will click on the link, writing the information to the database (you want to retain this information in case you later get reported as spam, thus proving your legit status and ensuring that you don’t get in trouble). You will add them to your mailing list and can email them every time you send out the mailing list.   The Rest Of The Story: Keep in mind that there are other laws, rules and regulations that you may need to adhere to, such as  the fact that all individuals requesting access to adult content, if that’s what you’re offering, must be over eighteen, but it’s your responsibility to determine whether what you are sending needs those additional features. You can read about the guidelines at the FTC’s site here: Remember, if you receive a complaint from your hosting provider about your mailing list, they’re not only working to make sure that you are in compliance with the rules, but that they are as well. They don’t want to get in trouble either for violating Federal law, so don’t take it personally, just remember that you’ve got to keep your mailing list legit; once it’s there, it’s smooth sailing for both of you.   Image Source: Dartmouth. (2014). Mailing List. [image online] Available at: [Accessed: 25 Mar 2014]. web hosting

Configuration Clusters in cPanel & WHM version 11.44

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cPanel & WHM version 11.44 will introduce a new feature to help you manage configurations for multiple servers quickly and easily. New Configuration Cluster interface in cPanel & WHM version 11.44 The Configuration Cluster interface in WHM will allow root users to access a configuration cluster, with a master server and one or more additional servers, using their remote access keys. You can then choose to share certain server configuration settings for the master server with other servers in the cluster. These settings will push to all of the configuration cluster servers whenever you make changes to the master server, saving time and making it easier than ever to add new cPanel & WHM servers. Initially, this feature will only allow you to share settings from WHM’s Update Preferences interface. However, we plan to add configuration cluster integration to more features in the near future. Sharing settings from Update Preferences interface with multiple servers Integrated interfaces will include an option to share settings with configuration cluster servers and will display a confirmation message, indicating success or detailing any issues. Confirmation of successful update to configuration cluster server from Update Preferences interface We need your feedback! Are there specific cPanel & WHM features that you want to see integrated with the Configuration Cluster feature? Let us know in the comments section below or add your voice to the conversation on our Feature Requests page. You can create a new feature request for the interfaces that you want to see most or vote for feature requests that other users have submitted.

Avoid Distractions on Facebook by ERADICATING Your News Feed!

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Do you run a Facebook page? Then you know how busy you can get writing status updates, interacting with fans & finding amazing content to post on your page. And you know how quickly you can get distracted by the news feed. You log on to Facebook just to respond to a fan or update your status — but then… SQUIRREL! You see a photo of your cousin’s new baby — or a photo album of your friend’s last vacation — or one of those pesky “upworthyish” headlines catches your eye, and you can’t resist clicking to see “what happened next”. Suddenly you’ve wasted an hour!… gone… down the wormhole. And it kinda sucks. Because your work suffers for it. Luckily, today I have a solution for you. It’s a neat little tool that keeps your news feed free from distractions when you really need to get stuff done. Since I started using it, I’ve pretty much doubled my productivity — and without decreasing my engagement with my friends, family & network. How? It’s all thanks to a Chrome plugin called News Feed Eradicator for Facebook. Avoid Distractions on Facebook by ERADICATING Your News Feed! As the name suggests, it removes pretty much everything from your news feed — leaving you with motivational quotes like this:   Voila! No more distractions. WOOHOO! Inspiring Quotes Most of the quotes from News Feed Eradicator are about success & productivity. >> Click to Tweet << Honestly, this plugin has changed my life. Since I started using it earlier this year, I haven’t looked back. In fact, I recommended News Feed Eradicator during an interview with Antavo, and founder Zsuzsa Szabo is now a convert, too. Here are 3 major reasons I love the plugin: 1. Eliminates Distractions News Feed Eradicator removes all the distractions from your news feed while you’re logged on to Facebook, letting you focus on important tasks like: Responding to comments left by fans Posting updates on your Facebook group or page Replying to Facebook messages News Feed Eradicator helps me stay focused when I need to quickly post to a group, page or profile. 2. Follow Only Important News News Feed Eradicator removes most updates from your news feed, but you can still follow important topics on Facebook while using the plugin. >> Click to Tweet << One way is to click the Pages Feed — which shows posts from the pages you’ve Liked. If you don’t want to see posts from every page you’ve liked, go to the Facebook pages you want to follow & click “Get Notifications”: This lets you receive updates from pages you choose — like Post Planner. 3. No More News Feed Ads News Feed Eradicator removes all the Facebook ads from your feed too. No more irrelevant ads on my news feed = #winning!! One Last Tip One last tip for those of you concerned that a plugin like News Feed Eradicator might hurt your ability to build relationships on Facebook. Using News Feed Eradicator on my computer helps me focus on getting my work done as quickly & accurately as possible. But since the plugin is on Google Chrome, I don’t use it on my phone. So I use my phone to engage with my Facebook friends. If I’m using my phone it usually means I’m taking a break or not working. That’s when I use Facebook’s mobile app to Like, comment on & share posts from my news feed. Have you tried News Feed Eradicator? How do you avoid distractions on Facebook? The post Avoid Distractions on Facebook by ERADICATING Your News Feed! appeared first on Post Planner.

InMotion Hosting’s Core Principle

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InMotion Hosting was founded on a simple principle – treat your customer how you expect to be treated. Our founders were already experts in Web Hosting, and they knew there was a large market of people looking for a reliable host who cared about their success. This focus on the customer was the foundation of our culture as we grew. But, maintaining a consistent customer-focused culture while growing rapidly required a great deal of discipline and innovation. Various methods were employed over the years to live up to our founding principles, including the formulation of our company mantra in 2010. That was followed by immersion of the Mantra into all aspects of the business from hiring and training to everyday protocols, continuing education, and even bonus structures. But, was that enough? In short, no. In reality, there is never an end to the task of improving your customer’s experience. As our expansive growth continued, we learned an extremely valuable lesson: Hiring and training individuals to truly care about the customer and strive to THRILL the customer is only half of the equation. You also need the ability to verify if all of those good intentions are being realized in practice and to implement changes wherever we fall short of our goals. Our solution was to create a Customer Experience Team . In the Fall of 2012, the Customer Experience Team was born. The sole purpose of this department is to be the customer advocate, responsible for analyzing, identifying, and driving ongoing improvements to the customer experience across ALL customer touch points. I am honored to manage this team, extremely appreciative that our goals and values come directly from the founders, and proud of the accomplishments to date from this department. A couple examples of recent enhancements include: The Sales Confirmations Team has been transformed into the Onboarding Team. Instead of simply confirming the accuracy and validity of a new order, the New Account Specialists now have the goal of “Setting the Customer up for Success”, to include tasks such as: Welcoming new customers on board. Identifying and answering questions regarding the customer’s goals and needs. Providing direction and help documentation directly related to those goals and needs. Initiating conversations on important aspects yet to be considered by the customer. Installing or triggering installation of certain software as requested by the customer. A new and improved Account Management Panel (AMP). We recently launched major enhancements to our Account Management Panel, with a major focus on improving usability for top customer journeys. Some key enhancements included: Updating the look, feel, flow, and consistency of AMP, with focus on ease of use. Reducing the number of clicks to reach the top customer journeys. Creating visibility for the customer to proactively maintain contact and billing information. Increasing integration between AMP, cPanel, our Support Center. Our Customer Experience Team’s Promise to You We will put ourselves in your shoes all day, everyday. Your pains are our pains, and your happiness is our goal. We will continue to strive to THRILL you every single day. Tim Evans Customer Experience Manager

SiteGround Staging Tool Hangout – Full Record and Additional Q&A Session

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Yesterday, we had an one-hour hangout about the new features we’ve added to the SiteGround Staging tool. As promised, here is a full recording of the event and answers to all the questions we couldn’t reply to live. Additional Questions and Answers Unfortunately, we couldn’t answer all the questions on the live event because we wanted to keep it within one hour. So here is a list of all the questions that remained unanswered until now Q: Paul Oaten: If I have a 1.5 or 2.5 existing Joomla! site, can I build a new 3.2 site in a staging environment and then after all content is updated in staging push it to live status? A: Yes, such migrations are quite time consuming and require a lot of testing. That’s why our staging tool is often used for Joomla migrations from one version to another. Make sure that the initial push you make is a simple one. Q: Dale Davies: How do I add this feature to my reseller accounts? A: Right now, this feature is available only on our GoGeek accounts. If any of your reseller accounts needs it, it must be upgraded to the GoGeek plan. Q: Roger Demary: Will i see the replicated files in FTP / cPanel so i can edit those? A: Yes, you can edit the replicated files (your staging copy) through FTP, the FileManager tool in your cPanel or even via SSH. Q: Paul Oaten: Do you create a new username and password or use the original one? A: Since the staging tool is replicating your live site completely, the login details for your Joomla/WordPress site are the same. Q: Russell Huntley: what about Magento ? Q: Right now the tool works only with Joomla and WordPress but we plan adding more supported apps. Magento is surely the first app on that list. Q: Enrico Giubertoni: My assumption is that the staging copy (or backup) is on a physically different web server from my site. A: No, your staging copy is generated on the same account your live site is hosted on so you can easily access and modify its files and database.

What are some tips on marketing a content website?

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Here are some things you can do to help market a content website: Have great content.  Nothing keeps people coming back for more than great content.  Also, search engines love updated and new content. Social Media Presence.  Set up social media pages for your website, especially Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and if possible, set up your website to automatically post to each of them every time you add content.  Set up additional social networks based on where your audience would be hanging out. Social Media Sharing.  Make it easy for people to share your content, and they will, if it is good content.  Let your visitors promote you.  Twitter, Facebook, Google+ are a must at the very least. StumbleUpon.  Join StumbleUpon and make it easy for users to submit your site.  If your website gets lots of thumbs up, you can receive a nice traffic flow. Set up Google Authorship.  If your content is written by individual authors, set up Google Authorship giving them credit for their work (or credit for your work).  Authors with a good reputation for good content will give a boost to search engine rankings. Excellent Branding & Web Design.  Marketing isn’t just about getting the word out.  It is also about how you look to visitors.  Your website must look appealing and look like something with authority.  A memorable brand also helps people remember you by name.  The website design should have SEO features built into it (like using proper HTML so search engines know what they are reading). Excellent Navigation.  Google (and perhaps others), track the bounce rate on your website.  The more people stick around on your website, the more Google suspects that your site may be valuable.  (The logic being that if everyone is leaving immediately, then something is wrong.)  This also helps you become a useful destination, and not just some random article they found via Google. YouTube Videos.  If you have videos, consider posting them on YouTube and then embedding them into your website.  You get additional exposure that way. Build a Mailing List.  Your own email newsletter or announcement list can be an excellent source of traffic, and often will contain your most loyal readers.  People are still addicted to email.  Even the social networks email people to bring them back to the social media site.  You should use email to bring people back to your site. Image courtesy of Krom Krathog /

Coming Soon - New Memory-Optimized EC2 Instances

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At last week's AWS Summit in San Francisco, Senior VP Andy Jassy announced the forthcoming R3 instance type (watch Andy's presentation), and presented a map to illustrate the choices: I'd like to provide you with some additional technical and pricing information so that you can start thinking about how you will put this powerful new instance to work. Soon to be available in five instance sizes, this instance type is recommended for applications that require high memory performance at the best price point per GiB of RAM. The R3 instances include the following features: Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 "Ivy Bridge" Processors Hardware Virtualization (HVM) only SSD-backed instance storage, including TRIM support Enhanced Networking with lower latency, low jitter, and high packet-per-second performance The R3 instances will be available in five sizes, as follows (prices are in US East (Northern Virginia); see the EC2 pricing page for full information): Instance Name vCPU Count RAM Instance Storage (SSD) Price/Hour r3.large 2 15 GiB 1 x 32 GB $0.175 r3.xlarge 4 30.5 GiB 1 x 80 GB $0.350 r3.2xlarge 8 61 GiB 1 x 160 GB $0.700 r3.4xlarge 16 122 GiB 1 x 320 GB $1.400 r3.8xlarge 32 244 GiB 2 x 320 GB $2.800 You will be able to launch the r3.xlarge, r3.2xlarge, and r3.4xlarge instances in EBS-Optimized form, with additional, dedicated I/O capacity for EBS volumes. The r3.8xlarge instance features 10 Gigabit networking. Stay tuned to this blog, or follow me on Twitter and you'll be among the first to know when you can start launching some R3 instances. -- Jeff;

A Small Orange Community Newsletter April ’14

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Welcome to the ASO Community Newsletter!  Cloud VPS Sale! Get 2x the RAM + Diskspace. Seriously. Happy April 1st. Although we at ASO enjoy a good joke, we thought we’d spare you the April Fool’s frivolity this year, and cut straight to the savings. For a limited time, you can get 2x the RAM and diskspace on any Cloud VPS plan. No coupon needed!  Offer applies to new orders and upgrades only. Click here to look at all our Cloud VPS plans. Need Your Own Website? We Can Help. If you’re in need of a website but don’t have the time, patience, or skills to get one up and running, we can get you sorted out in no time. All you have to do is pay a flat-rate price for a site created by an expert, who can provide the specific features you need. Click here to take a look at all our website builder plans. You can also purchase this service as an add-on during checkout with any Shared Hosting plan. Broaden Your ASO & Hosting Knowledge Make your hosting experience a simpler one with the storehouse of helpful information in the ASO KnowledgeBase. Learn how to get started, manage billing issues,  troubleshoot common problems across our product line, and more! Click here to take a look.  Recommend ASO, Earn Commissions! If you’re an ASO enthusiast, you should check out our Affiliate Program. Get some sweet commissions for recommending our services. Sign up for free here, and start earning commissions today. Thanks for reading. See you next month! The ASO Team  


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