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Get More Profits and Insights with Yahoo Apps - Free Webinar Series

Yahoo! Small Business Blog -

Join the Yahoo team for a series of free webinars focused on showing you how to increase profits and gain insights about your business using Commerce Central apps.  These apps are specially designed to help online retailers find new customers and increase revenue.  During these sessions, you’ll be able to: Receive a guided tour of the free Live Web Insights app by a product expert. Get tutorials on marketing apps like Retargeting and hear how other merchants are getting great results. Have your questions answered by the Yahoo team. Here is the upcoming webinar schedule.  Register today! Thursday, May 22 at 10 am PST“Guided Tour of Live Web Insights”Register Now. Mark your calendar: Thursday, May 29 at 10 am PST“Don’t You Forget About Me: Retargeting 101”  Thursday, June 5 at 10 am PST“Guided Tour of Live Web Insights”

Responsive features out of Beta plus a new theme!

Everything Typepad -

You may remember that we recently released a theme called Snap to beta users - this theme is fully responsive so it looks great on any size screen. We're happy to announce that after lots of testing, we're ready to release the theme to the entire userbase. To celebrate Typepad's foray into the world of responsive design, we're releasing a second new responsive theme today called Sol. With a variety of color options, and a simple design aesthetic, Sol is ready to showcase your content. If you prefer to select your own colors, or add a banner, you can do so easily with the Custom CSS feature; a lot of what you need to know to make those changes was previously shared and still apply to Sol. Along with these themes come some new features - centering and adding social media icons to the navigation bar and fancy tooltips for links in posts. You can read about that here. These features are only available with the responsive designs, so we encourage you to give them a try! To apply one of the new themes to your blog, just go to Blogs > Design > Choose a theme and look for the Responsive category on the left side. Each theme has multiple color options to choose from. We look forward to releasing more responsive themes soon!

Introducing 1&1’s Joomla! Specialist: Viktor Vogel

1&1 Online Success Center -

1&1 is proud to introduce the newest addition to our team of in-house App Specialists: Viktor Vogel. As a Joomla! expert, Viktor has more than a decade of experience working with the content management system. He is a core contributor, developer of over 30 extensions, and active member in the Joomla! community. Viktor has been working with Joomla! since the premier version 1.0 in 2005. From the beginning, he has been modifying extensions to achieve his desired functionality. The flexibility of the platform and the simplicity of the administration make it easy for him to implement modifications and build websites that meet all of his needs. Eventually, Viktor began publishing his adjustments. With increasingly more positive feedback from the community with each publish, Viktor began making bigger and even more substantial contributions – including the development and implementation of his own ideas and extensions. To date, Viktor has developed over 30 helpful extensions (components, plugins, and modules). Some of his most notable contributions include EasyCalcCheck Plus (ECC +), Simple Image Gallery Extended (SIGE), and Easy Frontend SEO (EFSEO). All of Viktor’s creations are available for free and can be found on his Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Extensions project website or within the official Joomla Extensions Directory. Viktor proactively collaborates with other Joomla! experts and participates at some of the world’s most important events dedicated to the platform. His affiliations with CMS Garden and JandBeyond e.V. enable him to further promote the use and development of Joomla! and other free, open-source content management systems. Viktor is quite active with these associations and is involved at many conferences. Recently, he manned the Joomla! stand with CMS Garden at CeBIT and this week he is spreading the word about the platform at “IT Anwenderforum” in Chemnitz, Germany. As a 1&1 Joomla! Specialist, Viktor continues his developer work within the Kubik-Rubik Project, contributes to the improvement and expansion of the Joomla! core and community and furthers the optimization of 1&1’s hosting environment for Joomla! installations. All 1&1 Specialists are experts in their fields and have made significant contributions toward the development and advancement of the technologies that are their speciality. Follow Viktor on Twitter @ViktorVogel or the Kubik-Rubik Project on Google+ and Facebook.

Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight On Bon Affair: Wine Spritzer That Popped On Shark Tank

The Rackspace Blog & Newsroom -

ABC’s Shark Tank is an intense way for budding startups to achieve funding, and preparation for an appearance on the show goes far beyond just the pitch and presentation. On a recent episode, entrepreneur Jayla Siciliano, Founder and CEO of Bon Affair, struck gold with the Mark Cuban Companies. Bon Affair, a Rackspace Startup Program company, makes a premium wine spritzer and boasts two tasty offerings: Sauv Bon, a citrusy white wine spritzer and Syrah Bon, a refreshing red wine spritzer. Siciliano credits friends at Diesel and Burton, and their frequent happy hours, for sparking the idea for Bon Affair. On a working trip to Hong Kong, she was inspired to create a new brand of wine spritzers. After two weeks of toasting co-workers, she had a vision – a lighter, everyday wine option that fit her professional, healthy lifestyle. ”After years of working in the fashion/action sports industry and being a fitness enthusiast, I discovered the need for a lighter, healthier wine option that didn’t exist on the market,” explains Siciliano. Siciliano made it her mission to create the perfect wine spritzers. She quit her job to create a better, modern spritzer worthy of America’s burgeoning wine culture. Between MBA classes, she consulted beverage experts. The spritzers had to fit within her specific ideals: they had to be real wine and all natural, with zero added sugar. She added electrolytes to the mix, and after four years, Bon Affair launched with a white and red wine spritzer offering that met Siciliano’s very scientific criteria based on the question: “Is it kind of awesome?” “Bon Affair first launched here in Solana Beach, Calif. at one of my favorite places to shop, Whole Foods Market, our first account,” says Siciliano. And when the team was notified of the airing of the Shark Tank episode, Bon Affair was introduced to Rackspace. “Rackspace was recommended to us by our web experts,” Siciliano says. The ability to handle site traffic to scale when Shark Tank airs is crucial for a startup. So, in conjunction with the Bon Affair web team, Rackspace deployed teams of specialist from its Digital and Cloud Launch teams to consult on and properly configure the site so Bon Affair’s appearance went off without a hitch. Siciliano says her love for health, fitness and having fun drives the passion at Bon Affair. In 2014, following her stellar Shark Tank appearance, Siciliano says she plans to continue making her spritzer vision pop. “Selling throughout California, leading the trend for the spritzer revolution. We just recently started selling at Nordstrom, which is an exciting new account for us,” she says. The Rackspace Startup Program helped Bon Affair prepare for its Shark Tank appearance on ABC, which gave its new brand of wine spritzers great exposure. Drop the Startup Team a note and let us know if you need help building your startup.

National Small Business Week Success Stories: Ranger Up!

Yahoo! Small Business Blog -

We are on our fourth day of a series of profiles of successful small businesses that are also our customers at Yahoo Small Business in honor of National Small Business Week. We will be sharing some of our favorite success stories throughout the week and we that you suggest and contribute your own stories of small business success on our Facebook account. More than half of all working Americans either work for or own a small business and small businesses create almost 2/3 of all new jobs. Here at Yahoo Small Business, we are proud to say that some of these businesses are our customers. We have already profiled Strings and Beyond, BaconFreak.comand  Today it is the turn of Ranger Up, a business that uses an unusual attitude, strong social presence and solid core following to be successful and continue to grow. They also support veterans, other businesses and have a strong social conscience.  Please join us online at to let us know about your favorite small business – whether it’s your own or one that you want to let everyone know about.

From Essex To Icehouse: The OpenStack Evolution Will Be Televised

The Rackspace Blog & Newsroom -

OpenStack is the cornerstone for almost every television show we do – which is pretty astonishing considering the technology is just four years old (though, it’s been around longer than the lifespan of most TV shows). Still, it’s crazy to think that it was just a few years ago we at DigitalFilm Tree started tinkering with OpenStack, and now the majority of our business is powered by it. The first OpenStack Summit that I attended was Portland, the Havana Summit; and now in Atlanta I am up on the keynote stage doing my best Zach Galifianakis impression for a Between Two Ferns-style presentation (I’ve been told we look alike, but I don’t see the resemblance). You may recall that OpenStack is the lynchpin in my plot to save Hollywood. And working with OpenStack and Rackspace, my plan is starting to take hold. I meet with Hollywood bigwigs regularly to tout how OpenStack has changed our business and how it makes collaboration more efficient. I talk about it at the Entertainment Technology Center at USC. I evangelize it every chance I get – which I hope to get to do again when OpenStack Summit hits Paris in November (wink, wink). I’m forging a grassroots campaign to change the way the film and television industries collaborate and share film and data – similar to how OpenStack is sparking collaboration in the cloud. Through my evangelism, I feel like I’m contributing back to a community that has given me so much. I’m contributing code, but I’m preaching the word of OpenStack. DigitalFilm Tree is a pre- and post-production house. We work with the six major studios and nearly every major TV network. We use OpenStack in production – a major leap from me toying with it on a $600 box I built from Fry’s as my first devstack – and we currently have about a petabyte of Swift storage for the camera raw material, and we expect to double that next year. OpenStack is truly changing our whole company from the inside out. Our OpenStack evolution truly was a snowball effect. I think of it this way: Essex was “hey, maybe I should play around with this at home.” Folsom was “hey, let’s give this to our dev/software team and really play around with this in software.” Grizzly was “hey, let’s go to production with this on our software applications.” Havana was “hey, let’s start putting multimillion dollar television shows on OpenStack.” And Icehouse is the culmination of how do we really evolve our entire business around an OpenStack platform. For us, what it really comes down to agility. We build up and tear down our infrastructure every few months. Let’s face it, every show is different and Hollywood is a fickle mistress – each project is a beautiful, unique snowflake. We share files between our private cloud and the Rackspace Public Cloud. OpenStack, like our environment, is open and evolving all the time – it helps us stay nimble. We’ve found that OpenStack and Rackspace represent the perfect marriage for our private and public cloud environments. Overall, for me, I’m tremendously excited to go from someone who was just learning and playing with OpenStack to someone who is really helping tell the OpenStack story to the world. This is a guest post by Guillaume Aubuchon, CTO of DigitalFilm Tree (DFT) a post, production, creative, consulting and software development company. Since 1998, DFT has played a definitive role in designing post and IT workflows for the media and entertainment industry. Clients include television, motion picture, independent and the technology industry. DFT fosters an academic approach to post and IT design. Known for its numerous books, whitepapers and engineering reports, DFTs advice is sought after by clients of all scale and scope.

Meet the Two Newest Themes: Haberdasher and Collection

The Weebly Blog -

This week we’re excited to bring you Haberdasher and Collection, two more exciting themes with a focus on eCommerce. This is the first time we’ve built simultaneous themes with an eye towards eCommerce in particular, but as you will see below, these are extremely versatile themes that can be used for any occasion.HaberdasherClassy and energetic, Haberdasher features a set of gold and black color palettes. The subtle visual elements are designed to highlight your products and brand while the polished search bar will help customers navigate through your beautiful store with ease. If you're ready for Haberdasher our most recent "How'd They Do That?" video shows just how easy it is to find and activate all the latest themes. Collection With seven different color palettes Collection gives you the perfect platform to showcase your collections, products or services. With inviting splash and frictionless landing page options your online store is just a few enticing clicks away for first time visitors. This theme was made for heavy lifting, it’s perfect for handling lots of information with an elegant touch so customers can immerse themselves in your store. Collection also doubles exceptionally well as a portfolio site, with design structure that provides strong image support. Just like Haberdasher, you can preview and activate Collection by changing themes from your Site Editor. Share Your New Theme Experience and Win Prizes! We’d like to continue the latest Before & After contest from last week’s theme release. To enter the contest, all you need to do is update your site, store or blog with either Haberdasher or Collection and fill out the form below. You could win a Weebly Prize package that includes a free year of Weebly Pro, a dedicated blog post about your changes, and even some free schwag! Name * First Last Before Image * Max file size: 20MB After Image * Max file size: 20MB Site URL * Submit We can’t wait to see all your great Before & After submissions! Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the new themes in the comments.   

HostingCon Connect2Meet – New for 2014

Web Hosting Industry Review (WHIR) / Web Hosting Talk -

An earlier blog post announced that HostingCon would be continuing to offer their very successful HostingCon Connect for this year’s event in Miami Beach, but now there is even better news. The Connect tool has been enhanced with an exciting new feature – the ability to reserve meeting space at the conference before the event even begins! We call it HostingCon Connect2Meet. The system allows full conference attendees to reserve semi-private table space to hold meetings while at HostingCon. Full conference attendees can reserve one-hour time blocks to hold meetings in an area of the venue floor that is set aside especially for such meetings. Each attendee can book a maximum of three Connect2Meet times. The tables will be arranged to ensure a quiet space that provides a degree of privacy outside the hubbub of the exhibit hall floor. So, is there someone that you want to meet up with at the conference? A few people you’d like to pull together for a quick confab? It’s easy to arrange — just message them using HostingCon Connect and then reserve a space for your meeting with Connect2Meet. Meeting times are first-come, first-served and are available in one-hour blocks from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. each day of the conference. Here’s what the reservation screen will look like when you go to choose your spots. If you have already registered, just log in to your account to access Connect2Meet. If you haven’t yet registered, why not do so now? Our goal for you at the conference is to “network, learn, grow,” so we hope this added bonus of space to network efficiently will help you turn up the heat at HostingCon!   For all the latest HostingCon news and information, visit HostingCon - Premier Industry Conference and Trade Show for Web Hosting and Cloud Service Providers

Proposed FCC Net Neutrality Rules Pass in 3-2 Vote

Web Hosting Industry Review (WHIR) / Web Hosting Talk -

On Thursday the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted in favor of the proposed net neutrality regulations. The purpose of the proposed rule making is to protect consumers from harms identified in the 2010 Open Internet Order. Christine Fargenstein of the Wireline Bureau presented net neutrality as an item for consideration…

Where The Enterprise And DevOps Meet

The Rackspace Blog & Newsroom -

I recently attended the CIO Europe Summit, hosted by CDM Media. There was a first for me at this event: a CTO for a major global bank gave a 30-minute talk on DevOps to his peers. (In fact, he credited Rackspace’s awesome YouTube Video as a great starting point). I’m sure he’s not the first enterprise leader to talk about DevOps, but he was the first one I had seen and more importantly – he got it. I felt this newsworthy enough to report! He identified the challenges of driving cultural change and a shift in mindset as a key enabler. He was also incredibly frank with the reality that competitors who are smaller will be moving more quickly than them and the challenge was to keep pace and stay relevant. This got me thinking about where DevOps will come from in the enterprise. As a relatively new, but keen member of the community that is being formed, I’d love to think that speakers like this will arrive at all our usual haunts such as DevOpsDays, Velocity, FOSDEM etc… I think the reality is that enterprises have some challenges about community engagement that may stop them from appearing right now. Many enterprises still have restrictions on contributing to open source projects because it shows what they are using to develop applications (at Rackspace, we empower all Rackers to contribute to open source projects). Some may fear speaking at DevOps events because elements of their operations are proprietary or sensitive. We cannot expect them to change corporate culture on a dime and externalize a ton of information which was previously confidential. Enterprise DevOps is going to come from the inside – at events where Chatham House Rules can be applied where they can talk among peers who genuinely understand and share the scale of their challenge. As comfort increases, I’m sure more will publicize fully; but right now, its a world that a lot of the DevOps community members do not walk in by choice and in order to influence these organizations we need to find ways to communicate in channels they respect, value and trust. The other interesting insight is that the view of DevOps being synonymous with open source software is going to be challenged by the enterprise. They will want to make sure that the investments in tools and technology they already have can help them start this journey. It will test the assertion that DevOps is really about people, culture and collaboration – if they can use the tools of the enterprise to deliver the outcomes of the startup we’ll really have proved that DevOps is an approach for all to consider. The final observation is that the most tenured enterprise IT leaders will not find DevOps all that uncomfortable. After all, they remember the time when IT was a small team of 20 where you really could shout over your desk and collaborate with another discipline. IT has a nice way with repeating trends. Imagine what TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) will be doing for internet startups in 2030! I’m excited to see what the enterprises come up with as the thinking around DevOps gains maturity and I’m looking forward to sharing that insight with them and understanding how we can advance the entire movement regardless of size. The Rackspace DevOps Automation Service automates application environments using DevOps tools, and includes 24×7 DevOps Engineering support. And Rackspace DevOps Advisory Services help you understand the cultural shift your business will undergo to create an agile, automated environment that complements our cloud platforms.


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