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Infographic: This Will Make You Feel Old

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The post Infographic: This Will Make You Feel Old appeared first on HostGator Web Hosting Blog | Gator Crossing.Every now and again a gentle reminder comes along to let us know that we’re just not as young as we used to be. That game system we played so much as child, or that toy that came out that we remember so vividly… oh, that was over 20 years ago, wow! Well, this infographic is one big reminder that yesterday was likely longer ago that we’d prefer it be.     This Will Make You Feel Old via HostGator web hosting

Behind the scenes: How we responded to Heartbleed

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First things first. As we noted in our first post about Heartbleed, we’ve fully implemented the recommended patch for the Heartbleed SSL issue across primary GoDaddy services. Heartbleed is a critical vulnerability that has affected nearly two-thirds of the Internet. Many Internet companies, large and small, have been working long hours to update their services to keep customers and visitors safe. GoDaddy has over twelve million customers, and is one of the largest web hosts. How does an organization of scale turn on a dime and secure an operation of this magnitude against an industry-wide vulnerability such as Heartbleed? Locking down the perimeter In this type of incident, we always pursue multiple solutions in parallel. As our operations team was assessing the impact to our servers, our security team was hard at work developing filters to detect the attack. We continue to monitor the situation looking for any threat shifts and will adjust as appropriate. Rolling out a patch to secure millions of websites We have processes in place for “patch deployment at scale,” and our operations teams have a sophisticated set of configuration management and patch management tools in place to support both regularly scheduled patching and rapid response for critical events such as this one. This enables us to maintain a secure environment at all times, even during an incident. In this instance, we used these tools to first assess the environments running vulnerable versions of OpenSSL, and then systematically pushed out the updates and initiated the required Web server restarts. We used a combination of tools and automation to manage this process. Management of certificates In addition to hosting millions of websites, GoDaddy is a large provider of SSL certificates. We quickly realized that this vulnerability would cause a spike in “rekeys,” a term used to describe the replacement of a certificate with a new one using a different private key. Because Heartbleed can potentially expose private keys to an attacker,  who can in turn use them to intercept encrypted traffic to that website, we’re recommending that any certificate used on a server that was vulnerable be rekeyed once the server is patched. We are not charging our customers to rekey their certificates. Rekeying certificates causes the old ones to be revoked after 72 hours, which in turn places extra load on our CRL and OCSP validation services that browsers use to determine if a certificate should be trusted. We have a highly scalable system in place – we serve well over 1 billion OCSP responses every day – but nevertheless we’re keeping a close eye on these systems to ensure they remain healthy. What you need to do While we have rolled out the patch to all of our Shared Hosting and WordPress Managed Hosting customers, if you are running certain versions of OpenSSL on your Linux server using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server, you may need to take action.  Additionally, if you have shared hosting and an SSL with us, send an email with the common name of your SSL to, and we’ll take care of it. If you purchased an SSL from us and are hosted elsewhere, ensure your service provider is patched before rekeying your certificate. How can you check? Run the test available at — this will tell you whether or not your website is impacted. What if your server needs attention? 1.    Update your server to the latest version of OpenSSL. Click here for the instructions to secure your server against the Heartbleed vulnerability. 2.    Restart all services that use OpenSSL. (If you aren’t certain which services this includes, restart your server.) 3.    Rekey any SSL certificates your server uses. We have instructions for rekeying certificates you purchased through us here. Again, we arenot charging to rekey certificates. 4.    Ensure you’re using your SSL properly by using an SSL configuration tool. 5.    Test your mail server configuration using a tool such as Wow, that was intense – are we all good now? Let’s make sure. Double-check your domain name at and make sure you get an “All good” response. Hope this has been helpful. As always, reach out to us if we can answer any questions or if you have any concerns. We will keep you updated if any further action is required as the situation unfolds. The post Behind the scenes: How we responded to Heartbleed appeared first on GoDaddy Blog.

How to Get Notifications When Your Favorite People Tweet

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Wouldn’t you love to get notified when your favorite people tweet? Today I’ll show you 2 awesome tools that can make that happen. Once you set them up, you’ll be able to quickly respond to your favorite people’s tweets — and start building relationships with the top influencers on Twitter.  And after a few exchanges, you’ll probably be emailing them about your awesome product! People are just more likely to respond to you when you quickly reply to their tweets. >> Click to Tweet << You can also use these tools to track your competition on Twitter — which can be tricky with other tools. I once used Twitter’s iOS app to receive push notifications when somebody tweeted, but the app often notified me of tweets from people I wasn’t interested in hearing from. I’ve FINALLY found a solution! How to Get Notifications When Your Favorite People Tweet Here’s what you’ll need to get started: Pushover Notifications app ($4.99) Zapier account Download & register your Pushover account.  Here are the steps for setting up Zapier: 1. Register account & log in 2. Visit this link & click “Start Using This!” 3. Set the default to “User Tweet” and “Push Notification” (so you’ll be notified when somebody tweets) 4. Click “Continue” 5. Choose “Select a Twitter account” & test it before moving on 6. Connect Zapier to your Pushover account 7. Log into Pushover & copy your user key Your user key will look like this: 8. Enter a Twitter user you’d like to get notifications from   9. Customize your filter Select “in_reply_to_user_id_str” and “Does not exist” — as shown above. This way you’ll receive only tweets — no replies. 10. Click “Insert fields” and “Text” — then click Continue 11. Use the “Test Zap with this sample” feature to make sure you did everything right You should receive a notification on your mobile device. Name the Zap This is the last step. Call the Zap whatever you want — something cool like: Project Sauron  Project Notify Project Tweet Project Hubble  Turn Zapier on & you’re all set. Well done! The app searches for updates every 15 minutes & notifies you when someone tweets. Now when @PostPlanner publishes a new tweet, I’ll receive a notification like this:     Remember, you can’t reply from Zapier. So you’ll need a different app to respond to the tweets. Your Turn Do you know of other apps that do similar things? I’d love to hear about them! Please share your tips in the comments below. The post How to Get Notifications When Your Favorite People Tweet appeared first on Post Planner.

Guest Blogging for Google Authorship Reputation instead of Link Building

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Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, has publicly and repeatedly stated that guest blogging for SEO purposes is dead.1  We are already seeing that Google is taking an aggressive stance towards link spam, especially on guest posts and link farms. One thing that really hasn’t been touched upon, but is lurking in the background, is guest blogging for the purpose of increasing your Google Authorship reputation. As Google starts to incorporate more indicators into its algorithm, we are going to start seeing the decline of links as the major indicator of a web page’s worth, and see the increase in importance of social media mentions, website reputation, publisher reputation, and author reputation.  These won’t replace links as an indicator, but they will certainly become more and more important over time. While the exact formula is kept secret, for obvious reasons, it is clear that Google is going in the direction of measuring a web page’s worth by reputation, in addition to the measures that it already uses, like incoming links. What this means is that authors that have a high reputation for certain topics, will appear higher in those topics than those with less of a reputation, assuming all other factors are the same.2 I predict that we are going to see a much needed shift in guest blogging towards quality posts for the purpose of either passing the author’s reputation to the website or publisher, or for the purpose of passing the reputation of the website or publisher to the author.  Not to mention the clout and exposure an author gets by being published on a respected high traffic site, or the clout a website receives by having a respected author contributing an article. Hopefully we will see a swift decline in guest posting and articles created for the sole purpose of generating links, as Google cracks down on link spam and reputation becomes more important. If you have not embraced Google Authorship yet, we recommend that you do now.  The sooner you, as an author, get associated with great content, the better your content will show up in the future as reputation becomes more important. So, guest blogging is not dead.  It is just transforming back into what it always was supposed to be: a way to get ideas and great content in front of new eyes. Matt has updated his post several times for clarity. If you have not read it in awhile, you may want to read it again.It is important to note that there are a lot of indicators that Google looks at, and the importance of each indicator will be tweaked by Google over time to achieve optimal search results. We do not want to assume that one indicator trumps all others.  It is better to take a combined approach.

Want More Loyal Facebook Fans? Try Using These 2 Words More Often

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Some of the top pages on Facebook have over 85 million fans. Wow! How do businesses build a following that big? I don’t have a magic formula for getting millions of Facebook fans — but I know that building a successful page takes lots of time & effort. And there’s one thing that the most successful brands on Facebook do over & over again. In this post, I identify 2 special words you can use on your page to build relationships with fans & grow your business on Facebook. Want More Loyal Facebook Fans? Try Using These 2 Words More Often These 2 words have helped countless businesses build stronger relationships with their customers & grow their online communities. The 2 words are: Thank You! And here are some easy ways your business can use these words to start building your Facebook community today: 1. Thank Fans When You Reach Milestones It’s important that your fans feel like they’re part of your journey. One of the easiest ways to get fans involved is to simply thank them for sticking by your side. When you celebrate company milestones, thank your fans & customers for helping you get there. >> Click to Tweet << Here’s how Disney thanked its Facebook fans when the company reached 100 million page Likes: 2. Thank Fans for Participating As you post each day on your Facebook page, it’s easy to lose track of the comments & conversations that occur. But today it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re there to listen to fans & to engage with them. The key to building a great community on Facebook is to cater to the fans you have. Thanking your community for their participation shows your audience that you’re a brand that listens appreciates what they have to say Posts that thank your community for their participation are a great way to build trust & fan loyalty. >> Click to Tweet << Samsung Canada understands this concept & provided one of its biggest fans a surprise he’ll never forget. The fan sent the message below with a cool drawing of a dragon asking for free Samsung gear. Check out Samsung Canada’s response: He of course shared this with his friends & the image ended up going viral. Samsung Canada then delivered the fan his own Samsung Galaxy SIII with a custom case showcasing his dragon drawing. A perfect way to show appreciation for a fan! 3. Thank Fans for Ideas & Feedback Ask fans for feedback about your company & thank them in advance for their ideas. This is a great way to: build a relationship with your ideal customers get new ideas your company didn’t think of The most successful companies on Facebook regularly ask fans to share their ideas & input. This doesn’t mean always asking questions. It could be as simple as scrolling down your Facebook page & acknowledging what your fans have said. >> Click to Tweet << Actually taking action on a fan’s idea shows customers that you listen to them & consider their feedback. For example, the COO of Maker’s Mark, a bourbon whiskey brand, decided to reduce the level of alcohol in the whiskey to help keep up with demand — more alcohol means the liquor takes longer to produce. The change was announced on Facebook, and fans were not happy. Maker’s Mark responded & let fans know that although reducing the level of alcohol was their initial decision, after hearing concerns from customers, the company scrapped plans to lower the amount. By listening to the customers, Maker’s Mark was able to provide fans exactly what they wanted — which was for things to be left the same. 4. Thank Fans for Sharing Their Photos As more people get smartphones & the ability to snap photos on the go, it’s easier than ever for fans to share their content with you. One of the easiest ways to take advantage of this is to encourage your Facebook fans to share their images, videos or links on your Facebook wall. >> Click to Tweet << This lets you capture some great content from fans while giving your fans a chance to share their passions with like-minded people. Jaffa Cakes encouraged customers to submit content by highlighting posts from fans on the Timeline & responding to fans directly. This gets your fans in the habit of sharing different types of posts to your fan page instead of just comments & replies. And creating this level of interaction with your fans will help you maintain a thriving & passionate community. This can also be a great transition should your brand want to host photo or video contests on Facebook. So what are you waiting for — give it a try! One Last Thing… This post wouldn’t be complete without my final message for you: Thank you Post Planner readers for sharing my posts — you guys rock!! When was the last time you said thank you on your Facebook page? Let me know with a comment below. The post Want More Loyal Facebook Fans? Try Using These 2 Words More Often appeared first on Post Planner.

Spotlight: Six Great Style Blogs You'll Love

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Once a month, we scout for great blogs in the Typepad Showcase that fit a particular theme and are guaranteed to inspire. This month, we've hand-picked six great fashion and style blogs we think you'll love. Each one is guaranteed to captivate, inspire you, and make you think about your next style move - whether you're a fashionista or not. Click through the photos below to visit each blog, and see why we think they're fantastic. Ready? Let's go! Irenebrination: Notes on Architecture, Art, Fashion and Style Style Bubble Kingdom of Style Fashion Copious Wolf Whistle Suzanne Carillo Style Files We hope you enjoyed this month's roundup of fantastic Typepad blogs! Check out more great style blogs right here. We'd love to see your blog in the Typepad Showcase, so go ahead and submit it today - you might just see yourself in the spotlight!

Think of the angels. Get a .TV domain name. Blog -

loadYouTube(); We’ve talked about the awesomeness of .TV domains on many, many occasions, and for good reason. .TV is short, has great availability, and lets your site visitors know that they’re going to get some awesome video content. You can register a new .TV for $10.99—the same price as a .COM—and immediately create a new destination for multimedia content. When it comes to domain names, shorter is usually better. So if you’ve got a video page on your existing site (like, or a YouTube channel, or even a blog about your favorite TV shows, snag a memorable .TV domain and build an even better online presence.

Pin Picks: 5 ways for to-be Dads to throw a manshower

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It’s Springtime and love is in the air. And when love is in the air, you sometimes catch the love bug. And when you catch the love bug, you have baby showers. Baby showers are trending on Pinterest this week and it seems a lot of you are planning to celebrate the arrival of a baby. But according to some of you—our Pinners—baby showers are not only for women. In fact, these days, men are having their own parties to welcome their new additions. So for this week’s Pin Picks—and with a little help from our Pinners—we discover the top 5 ways for to-be Dad’s to throw a manshower. Dadpetizers - Future Fathers, if you’re feeling like your belly isn’t getting any attention, Paul Erbe has boards to help you gather some friends to start the party with food. Follow Paul Erbe’s board Guy Dadctivities - Manshowers don’t need to be indoors. According to Jeff Eyman, having a place board of breweries in your area is just what you need to make a quick toast to honor the arrival of a newborn. Follow Jeff Eyman’s board Beer Breweries in Oregon on Pinterest. Dadchelor party - If you’re looking to combine activities and events in one big bash, Erica Triantafilo shows us activities for both him and her. Follow Erica Triantafilo’s board “Dad”chelor party on Pinterest. Dadcessories - With all the good news, chances are you’re going to be receiving a lot of love and affection over the nine months. Pinner Cody Briggs has a board of gift ideas that are fun for Dad and useful for baby too, like all terrain baby strollers and camouflage car seats. Follow Cody Briggs’s board Awesome baby stuff on Pinterest. Dadchelor pad - Guys, just because you’re about to be a father, doesn’t mean you need to stop dreaming altogether. Andrzej Polakiewicz shares the best way to throw a personal manshower: by starting a board about a future home you’ll spend with your family. Follow Andrzej Polakiewicz’s board Dadchelor Pad on Pinterest. A huge congratulations to all the expecting parents out there on Pinterest. But even if you’re not expecting, keep browsing Pinterest for more ways to celebrate. And of course, tune in next week for more Pin Picks. —Pari Mathur, Content Guru, Currently pinning to Life is Funny

Patched: OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability CVE-2014-0160

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This morning we deployed an update to the OpenSSL software packages on our shared and customer servers to address a critical vulnerability. The vulnerability, dubbed “heartbleed”, is the result of improper data validation (bounds check) within a “heartbeat” feature of the OpenSSL TLS implementation. Because of this vulnerability, it is possible that a portion of active memory can be disclosed to connecting clients, which can leak sensitive information. Ultimately, this may lead to the disclosure of transaction or customer-identifiable information, which undermines the very purpose of SSL implementations for our customers and the Internet community at large. Although we make every effort to schedule updates and maintenance, the critical nature of this vulnerability prompted immediate action. We’re working hard to protect our customers and want to thank you for your understanding. What is the status of my SSL certificates? Our position is that regenerating/reissuing SSL certificates is not explicitly required and doing so would be out of an abundance of caution. Although the heartbleed vulnerability had the very real possibility to disclose the server-side private key for an SSL certificate, the ability to capture an entire SSL private key required more than just a passing interest in a specific web site. An attacker would need to conduct a targeted effort to dump thousands of memory captures using the vulnerability and piece together an SSL private certificate, a non-trivial task. Further, we have no indications at this time of any large scale attempts to compromise SSL private keys on our customer web sites, servers or network at large. We will continue to monitor our servers and networks with vigilance and if at any time we have indications that this position needs to change, we will update our customers accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this or other issues, please get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Vulnerability Scope: For customers that are currently running cPanel/WHM, the OpenSSL update will apply within the next 24h through daily automatic updates. To verify that the update has applied or to proactively apply it, please find details below. It is important to note, that once the OpenSSL update has been applied, Apache and/or Nginx must be restarted to ensure that the vulnerability is properly closed. Check the current OpenSSL Version: # rpm -q openssl openssl-1.0.1e-16.el6_5.7.x86_64 The patched version of OpenSSL for CentOS 6 is openssl-1.0.1e-16.el6_5.7.x86_64. The version of OpenSSL provided in CentOS 5.10 (openssl-0.9.8e-27.el5_10.1) is NOT vulnerable. The version of OpenSSL provided in CentOS 6.5 (openssl-1.0.1e-16.el6_5.4) WAS vulnerable. If you find that you are running any version other than ‘openssl-0.9.8e-27.el5_10.1′ or ‘openssl-1.0.1e-16.el6_5.7.x86_64′ then you should immediately update the OpenSSL packages: # yum update -y openssl  # /etc/init.d/httpd stop # /etc/init.d/httpd start Although we have made every effort to access and update customer systems, this may not always be possible in cases where customers may have restricted access to systems and/or are using operating systems other than RHEL/CentOS. As such, we encourage all Cloud VPS, Hybrid and Dedicated customers to verify that this vulnerability is patched with an updated OpenSSL package. Additional update information: Debian Wheezy, Jessie, Sid # apt-get upgrade openssl Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.10 # apt-get upgrade openssl RHEL/CentOS 6.5 # yum update openssl CentOS 5.10, OpenSSL 0.9.8 is NOT vulnerable Vulnerability Details: Proof of Concept Test:

Join GoDaddy for a Live Webinar on Website Builder

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Love GoDaddy’s Website Builder but would like to have a better grasp of all it provides? We want you to have the best experience possible, so we’re here to help! In the first of a weekly webinar series, we cover everything you need to know about Website Builder as well as some tricks you never thought possible. We will demo the software, answer your questions, and provide you with materials to design and develop your own professional website. Even if you don’t have a business, you might like one that connects you with friends, family, or just shows off your hobbies and interests. No matter your reasons for creating a website, you want it to be as amazing as possible. We’ll show you how to get started. The webinar is designed for those who have signed up for Website Builder. However, don’t let that deter you from showing up and learning for the future. Can’t make it? Register anyway so we can send you the webinar after it airs. Also, make sure to check out the GoDaddy Training Hub for more webinar listings throughout the year! Space is limited, so register early to ensure your spot. See you there! The post Join GoDaddy for a Live Webinar on Website Builder appeared first on GoDaddy Blog.

Beta users, let us tempt you with some new features for our Snap theme.

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We were hoping that our post last week about customizing our new Snap theme would tempt more of you to try the design out and give us some much desired feedback. Alas, we're just not getting the input we've been hoping for. So, we're upping the ante with new features that are only available if you use the Snap theme. First, we have two additions to the navigation bar: you can center the links and include social media icons. Here's what to look for in Blogs > Design > Content: Navigation Bar: And here's how the two options look together on a blog: Cool, right? The social icons come from the profiles you've added on the Account > Other Accounts page, so make sure you have your social media profiles listed there. The second new feature is what we're calling Post Link Tooltips. This can be selected from the Blogs > Design > Content page as well. Here's what to look for: This feature adds a little hover effect to the links you include in your blog posts. The tooltip will use the title field from the Insert Link tool. Here's a visual of how that works: Also cool, yeah? Don't you want to give this awesome theme a whirl? If you do, head over to our original announcement post for all the details. Then, after you've had some time to play with the bubble wrap and kick the tires, open a help ticket and let us know what you think. If you find something that looks amiss, we need to know. If you love it and think it's perfect, we won't turn away that feedback, either.

Important information about the “Heartbleed” security vulnerability in SSL encryption software

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A few days ago, a dangerous security vulnerability was discovered in the OpenSSL encryption software. OpenSSL versions 1.01 to 1.01f are affected. The vulnerability, which occurred in the “Heartbeat” extension of OpenSSL, can lead to information leaking from the affected systems. Thus, the programmers who discovered the leak dubbed it “Heartbleed.” Since OpenSSL is used on millions of servers to encrypt Internet connections, such as the transmission of websites or for delivering emails, the effects are very serious. 1&1 promptly began countermeasures and secured all potentially affected systems as soon as the vulnerability was known. As a customer, this means: All servers that are managed by 1&1 and use OpenSSL have been secure since a few hours after the announcement of the Heartbleed bug. Important: If you operate a server with root access (Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, or Dynamic Cloud Servers), 1&1 cannot automatically complete an update for you because we have no access to these systems. If you run OpenSSL on a root server, it is important to update to a secure version of the software immediately. Additionally, we recommend that you generate a new private SSL key and then create a new SSL certificate. Our Customer Care Team will happily assist you with this last step. You can reach them on 1-877-206-4255 (international +1 610-560-1620) or email More information about the Heartbleed bug can be found at and a simplified explanation at

The Power of LinkedIn is Built into Your Samsung Galaxy S5

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Today, Samsung starts shipping the much-anticipated Galaxy S5 smartphone, which includes a first-of-its-kind integration with LinkedIn that will enrich your work life, helping you be more productive and successful. When you enable this integration on your new Samsung Galaxy S5, you will be able to seamlessly discover useful information about people directly inside the apps you use the most during the workday: Email, Calendar and Contacts. Setup is also easy: simply download the LinkedIn app, authorize the native apps to sync with your LinkedIn account, and you’re ready to view rich information about the people with whom you are interacting, meeting, or emailing, such as their profile picture, job title, and work experience. This integration into the phone’s native applications is helpful in so many ways: for example, when you receive an email from an unknown contact, you can instantly evaluate who has reached out to you, where they work and what you have in common. Or when you’re walking into a meeting where you don’t know everyone, quickly take a look at the calendar invite and find out where those people work and what they do. Need to get back in touch with your network? Check their profile in your contacts app and see what’s latest. As a Samsung Galaxy S5 user, you can now personalize your experience with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. We are pleased to collaborate with Samsung to bring the power of LinkedIn directly to their flagship device.

Heartbleed bug

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You have probably heard of the Heartbleed bug ( that can be used to steal supposedly secured information through exploiting a vulnerability of OpenSSL certificates. It is important to note that this security hole was available only on websites that used our shared SSL certificates. The websites using RapidSSL or SSL certificates from GeoTrust were not affected. On few of our servers we were using the exploitable version of OpenSSL and as soon as a security patch was released by OpenSSL, we have installed it and re-issued all existing certificates. What this means is that all your websites and the details you submit over the shared SSL certificates are once again secure. We want to thank you for choosing our sevices!

Social Media Tools that will make your life a lot easier

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One of the most important inventions of ancient times has got to be the wheel. Aimed to make life easier and save time, this invention has changed the face of history as we know it. Thousand years later we have another hard and time consuming task and that is Social Media Management. Image Source: I would seriously like to give a thumbs up to everyone who managed social media accounts when it first started. Managing queries, reading and sharing content, connecting with the target crowd etc on popular Social Media Platforms are some tasks that could intimidate anyone. But fortunately we are now blessed with some awesome applications that will make the task of managing social media accounts a breeze. Let’s take a look at them. 1] Hootsuite: This tool allows you to manage multiple accounts of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc all in one place, yes you heard that right. You can schedule updates which will automatically post in the respective social channels. If you have a dedicated team for social media management, then you can also use Hootsuite to collaborate as a team and easily delegate work amongst each other. There are mobile apps for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad which makes it easier to manage social on the move.  Finally the all important customer analytic reports are also present, making it an excellent tool to have. It is a bit pricey to use but if time is money for you, then it pays for itself 2] Buffer: This is my personal favorite amongst all the apps mentioned here. This tool allows you to publish to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn all from one place. This is a great tool especially if you are looking to schedule your posts. You might be taking a nap right now but Buffer will continue to publish your tweet or Facebook post as you have scheduled. The awesome browser extension will allow you to add any article, image or video to the buffer account with the click of a button. Sharing made much easier with this tool. You can sign up for free and move up to pay a small fee for more control and team management. 3] Mentions: If you are familiar with Google Alerts then this tool should be a much better version for you. You can monitor the entire web for your desired keywords and not miss anything published on forums, new sites, blogs and even social media. Another important aspect of this tool is that you can reply or retweet a mention and even share mentions directly on your Facebook from within the tool itself. You’re Multi-tasking ‘with different browser tabs’ days are over . Oh and we forgot to mention that you can generate reports and also export it. You might have figured by now that we just love Mentions. 4] If you are looking for a URL shortening tool, then is for you. You can take a long URL like and convert it into . This makes it really easy for using the links in social media platforms like Twitter where you only get 140 characters for a single tweet. You can also customize the link like we have done here . The reports generate by is fantastic as it gives you a detailed view of which location and social media platform each click is coming from. Time to put your links on diet and add more relevant hashtags These tools will surely make social media management easier and fun. Some of the tools mentioned share a few common functions but each of them is unique in nature. So it just depends on your requirements and how comfortable you are with each one of them. So go ahead and try all of them and don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions regarding these tools.


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