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Social Startups: Topi Connects Everyone at Any Event

Social Media Today -

“The world would be different had Steve Jobs not met Steve Wozniak,” David Aubespin says. “We work hard to make sure this doesn't happen. Topi was built with networking in mind. Even the main page is based on ongoing conversations at events, both public and private ... Within a group of people who don't know each other yet, group interactions are the key to bonding."read more

AWS OpsWorks With Amazon RDS

Amazon Web Services Blog -

AWS OpsWorks is an application management service. You define your application as a set of layers within a stack. Each stack provides information about the packages to be installed and configured, and can also provision any necessary AWS resources, as defined within a particular OpsWorks Layer. OpsWorks also scales your application as needed, driven by workload or on a predefined schedule. The Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) takes care of all of the tedious, low-level system and database management work that you would end up doing yourself if you were hoping to use MySQL, Oracle Database, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL. You can let RDS handle the hardware provisioning, the operating system and database installation, setup, and patching, scaling, backups, fault detection and failover, and much more. Today we are marrying OpsWorks and RDS, giving you the ability to define and use an RDS Service Layer to refer to an RDS database instance that you have already created within the AWS Region that serves as home to the OpsWorks stack for your application. This is in addition to the existing OpsWorks support for MySQL layers.

Net Neutrality: It’s a good thing Blog -

We’re proud to join a growing crowd of tech companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter in supporting and restoring Net Neutrality. loadYouTube(); What is Net Neutrality? To us, it’s what we’ve always assumed the Internet to be: a portal to an equal opportunity to be shared, enlightened and even paid. As Reuters reported, a collective of companies have asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to “take the necessary steps to ensure that the Internet remains an open platform for speech and commerce,” and we have a limited window to influence the FCC before they likely vote on new rules on May 15. There are those that oppose net neutrality, or are at least in favor of changing it. Often their argument is that if someone has the financial means, then they should be allowed to take the express lane. But the traffic analogy dismisses the fact that an express lane on the highway actually helps traffic, while ending net neutrality will adversely affect consumers and businesses on both ends of the digital highway. Those who pay will stay at current speeds, and those who can’t will be slowed down. AT&T, Verizon and Comcast might like to see an end to Net Neutrality, but this isn’t their Internet. Their service would be pointless without the structure, the content and the protocol that has been created and nurtured by passionate people who work way beyond the hours they’re paid. The proverbial playing field already leans in favor of the big players. Many of those people worked very hard to get to gain that influence. However, we have to give the smaller players a chance to at least get out of the tunnel to compete. Net neutrality maintains that equality. Here’s how you can make sure the FCC hears you and maintains Net Neutrality as we’ve known it.

National Small Business Week Success Stories: Strings and Beyond

Yahoo! Small Business Blog -

We are on our third day of a series of profiles of successful small businesses that are also our customers at Yahoo Small Business in honor of National Small Business Week. We will besharing some of our favorite success storiesthroughout the week and we that you suggest and contribute your own stories of small business success on our Facebook account. More than half of all working Americans either work for or own a small business and small businesses create almost 2/3 of all new jobs. Here at Yahoo Small Business, we are proud to say that some of these businesses are our customers. We have already and  Today it is the turn of Strings and Beyond, a fantastic success story of a business that started small and grew while staying true to its core passion of giving great value to serious musicians. 

Success on AWS: Broadcast Interactive Media + Wowza Streaming Engine

Amazon Web Services Blog -

I would like to share an exciting AWS customer success story with you today, courtesy of AWS Partner Wowza Media Systems and their customer, Broadcast Interactive Media. This is the first of what I hope will develop into a series of guest posts authored by AWS partners and customers. If you are interested in contributing a post of your own, please contact me at About Wowza Video is everywhere and viewers expect a high quality –TV-like– video experiences, wherever they are and whatever device they use to access video. Wowza Streaming Engine is robust, customizable, and scalable server software that powers reliable streaming of high-quality video and audio to any device, anywhere. The software runs on Amazon EC2 so that organizations can take full advantage of both the servers' extensive streaming capabilities as well as the flexibility and scale of AWS. Wowza Streaming Engine on Amazon EC2 is ideal for streaming of live events, concerts, church services, webinars, and company meetings. It is also an excellent choice for adding overflow capacity to an organization’s dedicated Wowza deployments or for cost-constrained start-ups that need the flexibility of starting small but need the available capacity to grow their businesses cost-effectively over time.

Highlights from National Small Business Week’s kickoff event

The Twitter Small Business Blog -

This past Monday, we partnered with the U.S. Small Business Administration (@sbagov) to kick off National Small Business Week (#SBW2014) at our San Francisco headquarters. In addition to thousands of people who tuned in online, the event brought nearly 500 small business owners and employees together with leaders from government, tech and entrepreneurial communities to raise awareness for #smallbiz across the nation. Our president of global revenue, Adam Bain, began the morning by recognizing the tremendous value that small businesses bring to our economy and to our communities. Guests then heard from San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee (@mayoredlee) about the importance of community support for small businesses. To officially kick off National Small Business Week, the newly-appointed U.S. Small Business Administrator, Maria Contreras-Sweet (@MCS4Biz) shared the “three Cs” that guide Small Business Administration (@sbagov) priorities: capital, consulting and contracts. She closed her remarks by inviting small business owners to ask questions and give feedback via her Twitter account, launched earlier that day with this Tweet: Photo by Aaron Durand for Twitter, Inc. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) also took the stage to celebrate the contributions and entrepreneurial thinking that fuel small businesses across the country. Then Premal Shah (@premal), the president of, discussed ways in which the small business community can humanize the lending process. He highlighted real-life examples of how Kiva’s platform has helped many small business owners see their goals become realities. Photo by Aaron Durand for Twitter, Inc. The audience then heard from their peers: Jamie Walker (@jamiewalker19) from @thesweatguru, JP Patil (@jpatil) from @tenXer and Jonathan Lai (@jonwlai) from @SCOREMentors participated on a panel discussion about social media best practices. Here are some of our favorite insights: The youngest small business owner in the room was Vivienne Harr (@vivienneharr) from @makeastandinc. This remarkable 9-year old shared what she’s learned through transforming a single lemonade stand into a global movement to end child slavery. Photo by Aaron Durand for Twitter, Inc. To close, Richard Alfonsi, our vice president of sales, gave guests a first look at a new interactive resource to help small businesses effectively reach their marketing goals. Stay tuned for more National Small Business Week information this week, and let us know how you’re celebrating #SBW2014 by tweeting us @TwitterSmallBiz.

The New AWS TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Calculator

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Our customers often find multiple benefits from moving to the cloud, including agility, cost savings, and flexibility. Whether you run on AWS or own and operate your own infrastructure, there are many contributors to the overall cost. Weighing the financial considerations of owning and operating a data center (or renting a colocation facility) versus using a cloud infrastructure requires detailed and careful analysis. Customers tell us that it can be challenging for them to perform accurate apples-to-apples cost comparisons between on-premises infrastructure and cloud. In reality, it is not as simple as just comparing on-premises hardware costs to the pay-as-you-go pricing model of compute, storage, and bandwidth in the cloud. The problem is further complicated by the fact that calculating the true, complete cost of owning and operating your own on-premises infrastructure is not trivial. To make it easier for you to compare these costs, we are announcing the new AWS TCO calculator. This tool should help customers with a base level of familiarity with infrastructure to generate a fact-based apples-to-apples TCO comparison between on-premises infrastructure and AWS.

Typeapd Master Class: Customize the Look of Auto-Generated Excerpts

Everything Typepad -

Welcome to the Typepad Master Class! If you've ever wanted to delve into more advanced trickery with your blog's design, the Master Class is for you. Topics covered in this series are for the adventurous or advanced blogger, so an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge of HTML and CSS will come in handy. We've released a lot of new features to Typepad in 2014, and one of our favorites is the ability to automatically display post experts on index pages with a thumbnail image. With Custom CSS, you can customize the look of the excerpts. If you don't already have the Custom CSS feature, you can upgrade to Unlimited at Account > Billing Info > Upgrade anytime. If you want to learn the basics of CSS, check out the latest series of posts on Getting to Know CSS: part 1, part 2, and part 3. The auto-generated excerpts can be enabled at Settings > Posts. Learn more. All CSS code included in the tips below can be added below any other code you have added at Design > Custom CSS. Let's get started! Add Border to Thumbnail Image A border can be added to the thumbnail image with a quick line of CSS: body.index .entry-body a img { border: 2px solid #000000; } If you want to add a frame around the image, insert some padding: body.index .entry-body a img { border: 2px solid #000000; padding: 2px; } The screenshot below shows you how the above CSS impacts the thumbnail image. The elements you can change for the border are the width (2px), style (solid, dashed, dotted), and color (#000000). For additional options, see the w3schools article on borders and color code generator. Style the "Read more" Link Just like with other text in your blog's design, you can change the style of the "Read more" link. Below is an example of changes you can make to the style: .excerpt-more-link { font-family: Georgia, serif; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; padding-left: 5px; /* space btwn excerpt and link */ text-transform: capitalize; } Additionally, you can change how the link appears when you hover over it. The below code changes the color and adds an underline when you move your mouse over the link: .excerpt-more-link a:hover { color: #6E6E6E; text-decoration: underline; } Force the "Read more" Link to a New Line If you do not want the "Read more" link to float with the excerpt text, you can easily force the link to start on a new line with the CSS: .excerpt-more-link { display: inline-block; } Change "Read more" Text a bit Although the "Read more" link is hard coded into the template, you can add some text before "Read more" to make it your own. Some ideas: Click here to read more, You know you want to read more, Please read more. Here's the CSS to make these changes: .excerpt-more-link a:before { content: "Click here to " ! important; } You'll want to make sure to add a space before the last " to separate the last word from the "Read more" text. Additionally, you may want to transform the text to be all caps, all lower case, or first letter of each word capitalized. .excerpt-more-link a:before { content: "You know you want to " ! important; text-transform: capitalize; /* or uppercase or lowercase */ } By implementing many of the above elements, the resulting update to the excerpts is: Here's the CSS used to achieve the above result: .excerpt-more-link { font-family: Georgia, serif; font-weight: bold; text-transform: capitalize; display: inline-block; } .excerpt-more-link a:before { content: "Click here to " ! important; } .excerpt-more-link a { color: #000000; } .excerpt-more-link a:hover { color: #6E6E6E; text-decoration: underline; } body.index .entry-body a img { border: 2px solid #000000; padding: 2px; } Are you using the Auto-Generated Excerpts feature? If so, what changes are looking to make to the look of the excerpts? Let us know in the comments!

Connecting Women for Social Entrepreneurship: TechWomen and LinkedIn

LinkedIn Official Blog -

Late last year, a group of colleagues and I had the opportunity to participate in TechWomen, a mentorship and exchange program that brings emerging female leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) from Africa and the Middle East, together with counterparts in the United States. The purpose of the program is to encourage women in these countries to pursue STEM careers and strengthen partnerships among them. I was excited to participate as I am passionate about leveraging my technology background to give back, but little did I know that I would come out of this experience completely transformed both personally and professionally. In March, Veena Bhasavaraj and I went on a life-changing trip with the TechWomen delegation to Morocco. We met young women who had dreams of becoming positive change agents in the world. They didn’t focus on how small or big their ideas were, but rather on taking action to make a positive social impact. We learned about a project that involved technology and social media to build sustainable economic opportunities in the tourism industry for boat drivers trying to integrate back into their communities after being imprisoned. Another group is creating a portal for listing and effectively matching jobs for disabled and less skilled workers. These stories illustrate how technology can bridge barriers and help us collaborate towards a better world. Participating in TechWomen has given me the opportunity to move out of my daily routine and comfort zone and gain a new perspective on giving back to the community.  In fact, I’m so inspired that I’m making a personal commitment to give back. As a first step, I applied for LinkedIn’s Nonprofit Innovation Grant to support Families Without Borders – founded by a fellow TechWomen mentor Terri Khonsari – to improve education and sustainability in Sierra Leone. My TechWomen experience reinforced in me the importance of relentlessly pursuing goals that I believe in and tapping into a professional network of smart and dedicated individuals who share similar values. Having realized the benefits of mentoring and being mentored, I plan to work with my colleagues to implement a mentoring program for those of us in technical program management and leverage lessons learned from my TechWomen experience. At LinkedIn, one of our core cultural values is Transformation – transformation of self, company and world. My experience with TechWomen has transformed my perspective and I’m better for the experience. For a more detailed version of my experience with TechWomen, please visit the LinkedIn Engineering Blog.

Atlanta Summit Showcases OpenStack’s Maturity

The Rackspace Blog & Newsroom -

OpenStack Summit Atlanta this week crushed any doubt about whether people are taking OpenStack and doing great things with it. The Atlanta Summit – the largest so far with roughly 4,700 attendees – was concrete proof that OpenStack and the community around it are maturing and adoption is increasing at a tremendous clip. The floodgates opened for user stories, including marquee enterprise names like AT&T, Disney, eBay, Sony and Wells Fargo. And innovative smaller companies like DigitalFilm Tree, a Rackspace customer, showcased how OpenStack empowers them to work quickly with an agile, fast and modern architecture. These are all real users doing really awesome things with OpenStack. And it’s the community and the great work that it’s doing that drives this user adoption. That’s what makes events like OpenStack Summit so special. While many conferences focus on vendors and customers, OpenStack Summit also features a developer conference, where the people building the next OpenStack release gather to debate, argue, prioritize and build the next version of OpenStack. There is code being written here that will make it into the project and we’ll all use it – Rackspace will use it to power our public and private cloud offerings. As a Rackspace employee, and an attendee of numerous OpenStack Summits, it makes me extremely proud to see what the community has created and the work being done here this week. OpenStack is truly a confluence of the community and the code. OpenStack was born just four years ago with just a few lines of code and handful of people. Today, it’s a full-fledged community with an incredibly bright future. It’s grown into a platform that gives customers a choice in how they move forward in the cloud. It truly is the future of computing where users and contributors build not only what they want, but also what they need. That’s the true power of an open source platform – it leaves the future up to all of us.

Demonstrate Your Online Expertise with a New .EXPERT Domain Name

1&1 Online Success Center -

This week, 1&1 launched three new top-level domains (TLDs) to help website owners strategically position their online brand. Starting today, users can immediately register the following domain extensions: .EXPERT – Applicable to many industries, .EXPERT allows for businesses and individuals alike to use their websites as a tool to position expertise in a specific subject. By communicating your knowledge level directly from the domain, you can begin to build credibility and trust at the first impression. For the first year of registration, .EXPERT can be registered for $39.99. .WORKS – Users that register this TLD will have the opportunity to advertise their website as a collection of products, services, or other works. As with any new TLD, the opportunity to secure a short, memorable domain name that has previously been unavailable is a significant benefit to website owners. .WORKS can be registered today for $19.99 for the first year. .ONL –Some TLDs have depicted the type of website a visitor can expect (.ORG for organization, .EDU for education, etc.). For users interested in simply showcasing their “online” presence, an abreviated .ONL is an option worth considering. For $9.99 for the first year, users can register a .ONL domain. For more information on how to secure your desired domain name and improve your online brand, visit Photo Credit: ©

New Datapipe Analytics for AWS Service Helps Enterprises Manage Public Cloud Costs

Web Hosting Industry Review (WHIR) / Web Hosting Talk -

Datapipe will attempt to help enterprises manage public cloud sprawl and costs with its Datapipe Cloud Analytics for Amazon Web Services, the company announced Wednesday. The managed service uses Datapipe's Big Data Engine to collect and analyze usage metrics and provides analytics, recommendations and tools.

The Most Shared Photos on Facebook from 100 TV Stations

Post Planner -

Do you follow television stations on Facebook? I do. But I’m a TV addict (whose favorite show is Survivor!) I wanted to see the most shared photos on Facebook from 100 TV stations — so I used Post Planner to examine the channels’ pages. I planned at first to focus on the 4 major networks — ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX. But then I decided to go all out & find the most shared photos on Facebook from every TV station I could find. And I was surprised some of these images achieved “Most Viral” status. The list includes posts with: New programming Inspiring quotes Favorite characters Merchandise Current events Funny memes Scheduling Here I compiled 100 images — so variety pretty much runs the gamut. Now enjoy the most shared photos on Facebook from every television station I could find. The Most Shared Photos on Facebook from 100 TV Stations A&E >> Click to Tweet // Post by A&E. ABC Family >> Click to Tweet // Post by ABC Family. ABC Television Network >> Click to Tweet // Post by ABC Television Network. Al Jazeera English >> Click to Tweet // Post by Al Jazeera English. AMC >> Click to Tweet // Post by AMC. Animal Planet >> Click to Tweet // Post by Animal Planet. AXS TV >> Click to Tweet // Post by AXS TV. Baby First TV >> Click to Tweet // Post by BabyFirstTV. BBC America >> Click to Tweet // Post by BBC America. BET >> Click to Tweet // Post by BET. BIO >> Click to Tweet // Post by BIO. Bloomberg Television >> Click to Tweet // Post by Bloomberg Television. BRAVO >> Click to Tweet // Post by BRAVO. Cartoon Network >> Click to Tweet // Post by Cartoon Network. CBS >> Click to Tweet // Post by CBS. CBS Sports >> Click to Tweet // Post by CBS Sports. CCTV >> Click to Tweet // Post by CCTV. Cinemax >> Click to Tweet // Post by Cinemax. CMT >> Click to Tweet // Post by CMT. CNBC >> Click to Tweet // Post by CNBC. CNN >> Click to Tweet // Post by CNN. Comedy Central >> Click to Tweet // Post by Comedy Central. Cooking Channel >> Click to Tweet // Post by Cooking Channel. C-SPAN >> Click to Tweet // Post by C-SPAN. CW >> Click to Tweet // Post by The CW. Daystar >> Click to Tweet // Post by Daystar Television Network. Destination America >> Click to Tweet // Post by Destination America. Discovery >> Click to Tweet // Post by Discovery. Disney Channel >> Click to Tweet // Post by Disney Channel. Disney Junior >> Click to Tweet // Post by Disney Junior. DIY Network >> Click to Tweet // Post by DIY Network. E! // Post by E! Online. >> Click to Tweet EPIX // Post by EPIX. >> Click to Tweet ESPN // Post by ESPN. >> Click to Tweet Esquire Network // Post by Esquire Network. >> Click to Tweet Food Network // Post by Food Network. >> Click to Tweet FOX // Post by FOX. >> Click to Tweet FOX News // Post by Fox News. >> Click to Tweet Fuse // Post by Fuse. >> Click to Tweet FX Networks // Post by FX Networks. >> Click to Tweet GAC – Great American Country // Post by GAC – Great American Country. >> Click to Tweet Galavision // Post by Galavisión. >> Click to Tweet Golf Channel // Post by Golf Channel. >> Click to Tweet GSN // Post by GSN. >> Click to Tweet Hallmark Channel USA // Post by Hallmark Channel USA. >> Click to Tweet Hallmark Movie Channel // Post by Hallmark Movie Channel. >> Click to Tweet HBO // Post by HBO. >> Click to Tweet HGTV // Post by HGTV. >> Click to Tweet HISTORY // Post by HISTORY. >> Click to Tweet HLN // Post by HLN. >> Click to Tweet HSN // Post by HSN. >> Click to Tweet HUB Network // Post by Hub Network. >> Click to Tweet IFC // Post by IFC. >> Click to Tweet ION Television // Post by ION Television. >> Click to Tweet Investigation Discovery // Post by Investigation Discovery. >> Click to Tweet Jewelry Television // Post by Jewelry Television. >> Click to Tweet Lifetime // Post by Lifetime. >> Click to Tweet Link TV // Post by Link TV. >> Click to Tweet LMN // Post by LMN. >> Click to Tweet MLB Network // Post by MLB Network. >> Click to Tweet MSNBC // Post by msnbc. >> Click to Tweet MTV // Post by MTV. >> Click to Tweet mun2 // Post by mun2. >> Click to Tweet National Geographic Channel // Post by National Geographic Channel. >> Click to Tweet NBC // Post by NBC. >> Click to Tweet NFL Network // Post by NFL Network. >> Click to Tweet Nickelodeon // Post by Nickelodeon. >> Click to Tweet Nick Jr. // Post by Nick Jr. >> Click to Tweet Nicktoons // Post by Nicktoons. >> Click to Tweet NUVOtv // Post by NUVOtv. >> Click to Tweet Outdoor Channel // Post by Outdoor Channel. >> Click to Tweet Ovation TV // Post by Ovation TV. >> Click to Tweet OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network // Post by OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. >> Click to Tweet Oxygen // Post by Oxygen. >> Click to Tweet PBS // Post by PBS. >> Click to Tweet Pivot // Post by pivot. >> Click to Tweet Pursuit Channel // Post by Pursuit Channel “We Deliver The Outdoors”. >> Click to Tweet QVC // Post by QVC. >> Click to Tweet Reelz Channel // Post by ReelzChannel. >> Click to Tweet RFD-TV // Post by RFD-TV. >> Click to Tweet Science Channel // Post by Science Channel. >> Click to Tweet Showtime // Post by Showtime Networks. >> Click to Tweet Spike TV // Post by Spike. >> Click to Tweet Sportsman Channel // Post by The Sportsman Channel. >> Click to Tweet Sundance TV // Post by SundanceTV. >> Click to Tweet SYFY // Post by Syfy. >> Click to Tweet TBN // Post by TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network. >> Click to Tweet TBS // Post by TBS Very Funny. >> Click to Tweet Teen Nick // Post by TeenNick. >>> Click to Tweet Tennis Channel // Post by Tennis Channel. >> Click to Tweet TLC // Post by TLC. >> Click to Tweet Travel Channel // Post by Travel Channel. >> Click to Tweet truTV // Post by truTV. >> Click to Tweet TVGN // Post by TVGN. >> Click to Tweet TV Land // Post by TV Land. >> Click to Tweet Univision // Post by Univision. >> Click to Tweet Veria // Post by Veria. >> Click to Tweet VH1 // Post by VH1. >> Click to Tweet Weather Channel // Post by The Weather Channel. >> Click to Tweet WE tv // Post by WE tv. >> Click to Tweet Find Viral Photos to Post on Your Page It’s super easy to find the most viral photos on Facebook — and post the images to your page. This short video shows you how: The post The Most Shared Photos on Facebook from 100 TV Stations appeared first on Post Planner.


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