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Deis Acquired by Microsoft from Engine Yard

Microsoft, a cloud services company, recently acquired Deis from PaaS company Engine Yard. The Deis platform will be used by Microsoft to help attract developers. It offers tools for application addition to containers. No financial details were released. Deis is a San Francisco based company, while Microsoft is based in Redmond, Washington. The goal of the acquisition is to make Microsoft Azure the best platform available for application development. Deis is an open source option with tools, such as Helm and Workflow. Read the full story here.

Domain Anonymization Service Launched by Co-Founder of Pirate Bay

Peter Sunde, a former co-founder of Pirate Bay has launched a domain name registration anonymization service. The service is called Njalla and offers protection for customer data and privacy. Instead of the customer owning the domain, the company will own it on behalf of the customer. Njalla isn’t a domain registrar and doesn’t offer ownership by proxy, like many other privacy services. They own the domain fully for the customer and give the customer full control over it. The domain can even be transferred to the customer or another third party without charge. Read the full story here.

Echo Cloud Acquired by Online Tech

A hybrid cloud service called Online Tech recently acquired Echo Cloud. The move is expected to help Online Tech reach the Midwest market and will help strengthen the complaint services of the company. Online Tech is based out of Michigan, while Echo Cloud is based in Kansas City. Two edge data centers are now a part of Online Tech from the acquisition. Both are found in Kansas City and will be added to the other four data centers the company owns. The existing services will be combined to give customers access to all Online Tech can now offer. Read the full story here.

Spanning Cloud Apps was Sold by Dell EMC Recently

Last Thursday, Dell EMC announced it has sold Spanning Cloud Apps, which it acquired in October 2014. The company hasn’t released the terms of the deal yet, but it will allow Spanning to become an independent company. Spanning is known for offering SaaS applications, such as Office 365, G Suite and Salesforce applications. The company will be led by Jeff Erramouspe and all 56 employees will stay with Spanning. Read the full story here.

Yahoo Customers Going to Court in Class Action Suit

A class-action suit was recently filed against Yahoo Small business and Aabaco, the parent company. A customer believes that Yahoo took down his website without warning or notice and still charged him for hosting it. The suit was filed by Photographer Ronald Meyer in Northern California District Court. He is demanding a jury trial to seek damages and “declaratory relieve.” The suit is said to be in the amount of more than $5 million. Read the full story here.

Why Should You Use Link Building?

Link building has been frowned upon, in some ways, when it comes to SEO. However, it’s still a very important strategy and works great, when done correctly. Since you cannot just build a website, add some content and expect people to find it, link building and other SEO strategies have to be employed. If you already have quality content designed for good on-page SEO, you just need to start building good links. Here’s a look at why you should use link building and how to go about using it. What is Link Building? An SEO term used to describe the process of having another website or blog link to your website or blog from inside the content is known as link building. This helps to earn you a better ranking on Google and other search engines. They value quality links over quantity, so buying a link building package isn’t always a good idea. However, when you acquire trustworthy links from large, authority website, it can make a huge difference. Getting these types of links regularly, will help turn your own website into an authority site. Value of Top Quality Links High quality links do a few things for your website. First, they give you a source of traffic. Second, they provide SEO benefits. Third, they help you create a new relationship. Google sees all of this as good and will give you more respect because of your links. There was a time when the quantity of links trumped everything. Today, it’s all about quality and one high quality link can be far better than hundreds of low quality links. Getting high quality links has to be the goal instead of just getting any links. A high quality link comes from a site relevant to what your site is about. For example, if you run a web hosting site, it would make sense for an internet security site to link to information found on your site. However, it makes less sense for a store selling cookware to link to your site. The other part of high quality links is the authority aspect. It’s far better for someone with high traffic that is seen as an expert to link to your site than just some part-time blogger with very little traffic. Link Building = Relationship Building You don’t have to contact other websites to start building relationships with top notch sites. Instead, you can link to them and drive traffic their way. When this happens, the webmasters at the site you linked to will fine your site and will link to you, if you have good content. It’s not hard to build these relationships, but it does take time and effort. You have to link to other websites and blogs regularly in order to get these relationships moving in the right direction. Getting Started The process of link building starts with finding influencers in your industry. Then, you want to start linking to those influencers when it makes sense. You can even use social media to help find these influencers. Along with linking to influencers, you should start commenting on their blog posts and start the conversation. This helps to get you in front of them and the rest will happen naturally, over time. High Quality Content Only Letting links build naturally by creating relationships is a great way to gain better SEO. However, this strategy won’t work if you don’t put up high quality content on your blog and website. Make sure the content is relevant, helpful and easy to read. With these tips, you can start using link building to find more traffic gain SEO benefits and build lasting relationships.

Google has Launched Google Hire

A new job site from the search and cloud giant Google has been launched. While no official announcement has been made by Google, the site is live and can be accessed online. While some of the services created by Google have flourished, others have not. Google Spaces recently shut down because it wasn’t performing as expected. However, Google Hire has great potential as Google tries to compete with LinkedIn. The site was developed by the Bepop team and will make it easier for companies to track and manage applications. It already has some job listings. Read the full story here.

Wercker Acquisition Helps Oracle Target Developers

Oracle recently announced they have reached an agreement to acquire Werker, which is a continuous integration and delivery platform. The goal of the acquisition is to be able to better target developers and give them the ability to do more. Oracle wants to be able to compete with Oracle Cloud and they are building a top PaaS and IaaS platform to do so. They understand to become a leading cloud company, they need great tooling. Adding Werkers gives them better tooling and allows for a better opportunity to compete in the cloud market. Read the full story here.

How to Clean Up Your Online Presence For A Job

Have you Googled yourself lately? What comes up? Are there embarrassing pictures, stories you don’t want people to see or something else that nobody wants found? If you’re active online, there’s a good chance information can easily be found just by Googling your name. This isn’t the best thing when you’re searching for a job. Your potential employers may Google you and find out all kinds of things you don’t want them to know. There are ways to defend against this with good reputation management. Make sure you take care of all of the things on the following checklist before you start hunting for a job. If you don’t, it could be the reason you don’t get called in for an interview. Check and Change your Social Media Settings When it comes to your social media, you don’t have to be super public. You can change all of your settings to private and should before you start hunting for a job. There’s no reason to allow a potential employers to find something that gives off the wrong impression of you. Most social media sites have a security section within the settings. This is the place to check and make sure it’s set to private before you move forward. It’s also helpful to know that some background and profile pictures may still be public. In some cases, you cannot hide these, so be aware of what they are and make sure they show you off in a professional way. Avoid any Controversial Posts If you make comments or posts on your social media that cause controversy, you could be rubbing someone the wrong way without knowing it. A potential employer may not agree with your political stance or something else about you. While they cannot fire you for this, they can decide to not interview you because of a post they found on Facebook. Be aware of what your posting and don’t put anything controversial up for a while. Make sure you get the job before you go back to normal posting. Change your Social Media Name Nothing says you have to link your social media to your real name. You can change it to a pen name so that it’s not findable when Googling your real name. You can also use this tactic to have a separate personal account or professional account. Get Things Removed Maybe someone sad something about you or posted a story on you and it’s not exactly flattering. You can contact them and ask nicely if they will remove it from their website. It could even be a picture you posted or a comment you put up a while back. Either way, just ask to have it removed. Check Your Own Website/Blog If you have a blog out there or a website, make sure you don’t have anything on it you wouldn’t want found. Sometimes, your full name associated with the wrong website can be the problem. Make sure if it’s not something you want potential employers to find, you remove your name from it. Get an Expert Involved When it’s a big enough job that you need true reputation management, hire an expert. Some companies know how to push bad things to the bottom, remove them and put the best at the top when you’re Googled. Hiring an expert may be the right step if you really need to make sure your reputation is squeaky clean online. There are plenty of things out there about all of us. You want to make sure when your name is put into Google, only good things show up.

Melbourne IT Starting to Recover from DDoS Attack

Melbourne IT, an Australian domain registrar and hosting company, suffered from a 90 minute DDoS attack recently. It was a huge interruption for customers and subsidiaries TPP Wholesale and Netregistry. The attack had an impact on many international and national customers. The DDoS attack affected cPanel and cloud web hosting and kept customers from being able to access their administration portal. It happened on Thursday and DDoS mitigation services were made standard operating procedure shortly after. Read the full story here.

NASA Cybersecurity Chief Concerned about Outer-Space Hacking

Both Swift and Fermi are satellite sent into space by NASA to gather data about black hole energy and explosions. They were supposed to be in space for a few years, but have survived for over a decade now. While having the satellites in space is excellent for researchers, the outdated computer operating systems raise concerns for Jeanette Hanna-Ruiz, the Cybersecurity Chief of NASA. She believes it’s just a matter of time before someone will hack into something in space. Read the full story here.

Designing a Great Website on a Budget

A good website isn’t just an asset anymore; it’s vital for success. People online expect the best websites providing a great user experience. Your site needs to look clean, provide plenty of professionalism and give you a great face for your company online. About three of four web users will judge your company based on the online website you present. If you don’t put together a good site, you could lose credibility over something simple. You don’t have to hire the most expensive designer to make it happen. There are several ways to get a good website on a budget. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when you’re on a budget and you need to get the best website possible. Define Your Budget It all starts by defining your budget. When you have a well-defined budget, you know what you’re working with. In fact, if you skip this step, you could realize you had more you could have used for the project than you thought. Make sure you take the time to consider all the aspect of the process including web hosting, domain name purchase, design, images/graphics and marketing. Set Your Goals Every website has to have goals behind it. Some will be designed to capture leads, while others sell products. You want to set goals for your website before designing it so that the design can match the actual goals for your business. Three Affordable Solutions for Website Design Your first expense will be hosting and domain name. However, these are not expensive as web hosting will cost about $5 a month (Shared hosting) and a domain name will run about $15 per year. Once you have your domain and your hosting, you can move on to use one of the following three affordable solutions for website design. Hire a Professional It seems like the most expensive solution, but many professional web designer are also affordable. You can find good designers from other countries or working as freelancers willing to charge a smaller fee compared to an actual design company. Tell them your budget upfront and see what they can do for you. You might be surprised at the price of some good web designers. DIY Website Design If you have the time, you can use one of the many website builders to create an online presence. Even using WordPress will allow you to create your own website. It may come with a bit of a learn curve, but once you have some of the basics down, designing your website may not be that difficult. It’s important to study the platform or builder you choose, along with some SEO tips. This will help you factor in the SEO to your design and have an idea of how to use all the features available. Hire a Student Finding a student with website design skills isn’t hard. Many will be thrilled to help you and won’t ask for as much money as a professional. Local colleges are always a good choice to find students and there are plenty looking to help out so they can start building their design portfolio. Some may even be willing to work for free because it will add to their resume. However, it’s good to offer some type of compensation for any student designing your website. There are plenty of ways to get your website designed on a budget. You don’t have to have a ton of cash to have a great online presence. Use these tips to ensure your website looks professional and helps build your company’s reputation.

Dropbox has Received a $600 Million Credit Line from JPMorgan

A $600 million credit line has been provided to Dropbox by JPMorgan Chase & Co, along with five other banks. The company is working towards an initial public offering and this line of credit is part of getting there. The company has met with many bankers to discuss their plans for going public. No timing has been announced, but Dropbox could be ready for a public offering by the end of 2017. The business is nearing profitability and has become cash-flow positive with revenues of more than $1 billion. Read the full story here.

Snowflake Opening Seattle, WA Office

Snowflake Computing, a cloud data warehouse company, has recently opened a new office in the Seattle, Washington area. The office will help to augment the Silicon Valley headquarters due to the demand for the company’s services. Snowflake’s new office is located in Downtown Bellevue, which is known as one of the top cities in the US to live in. Currently, the company is hiring for many positions to fill the new office. They also have offices in London and New York. Read the full story here.

Equinix Data Center Services will be Resold by Verizon

An enterprise offering from Verizon will now include interconnection and colocation services from Equinix. A partnership between the companies was reached after Equinix purchased a large data center portfolio from Verizon for more than $3 billion. The goal of the partnership is to target enterprise cloud services, which are in high demand. Verizon will provide interconnected services working for enterprise customers on their on-premise IT infrastructure and cloud services from Equinix. Read the full story here.

Trump’s Climate Order Keeps Large Data Center Providers Quiet

Even after the climate order from President Donald Trump, many large cloud companies are sticking to their renewable energy goals. Trump rolled back most of the climate regulations from the Obama-era, but the large data center provides still remain quiet. According to a spokesperson from Microsoft, the new order will not influence the company’s commitment to renewable energy. Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft have all stated they will still pursue renewable energy and support the Clean Power Plan. Read the full story here.

Top 5 Rules for Great LinkedIn Marketing

While LinkedIn may not attract the same large amounts of traffic as Facebook or Twitter, it’s still very relevant for bloggers. If you want to get the most out of LinkedIn marketing, you have to understand what you’re doing. LinkedIn has received more than 400 million visitors every quarter for the past year or so. It has grown from 37 million visitors a quarter in 2009 to 467 million visitors a quarter in 2016. These are staggering numbers and you have to pay attention if you’re a social media manager or bloggers. Not only do these number matter, but also the type of traffic LinkedIn attracts. It’s more than a place to share an online resume. Users join groups, messaging happens every single day and it’s a great place to share content. Here are five rules you need to follow if you want to use LinkedIn for marketing. Relationships Come First Just like with any other type of social media marketing, you have to put the relationship first. If you don’t, you’ll likely fail on LinkedIn, just as you would on Facebook or any other social media site. Focus on building better relationships before you promote to anybody. Make sure you engage with their content and use your knowledge to help whenever possible. If you do this, you will have the ability to create new relationships for better marketing on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn Pulse An excellent way to build authority and get your content out there is through LinkedIn Pulse. This is the publishing platform for the social media site and it can help you gain traffic and authority. You cannot afford to put low quality content on Pulse, however. If the content isn’t your best, it’s not the right place for it. Make sure your followers will truly be interested in the content you put on here or this plan may backfire. Create an Excellent Profile Summary and Headline Just as with anything else, you need to create a great headline and summary for your profile. Your headline should be very short and to the point, while the summary is the place to sell potential customers. The summary shouldn’t be about you, but about what you do and how you can benefit those reading it. Add Other Important Elements to Your Profile Along with the headline and summary, you need a great profile picture. It should be clean, professional and make you look friendly. It’s also a good idea to add publication links to your profile, along with any files you can upload and feature. Use Group Discussions LinkedIn has plenty of groups you can use to create more traffic and followers. You cannot spam these groups with a promotion, however. If you do, you may not be on LinkedIn for very long. You can promote your content to the group and get them to your blog or LinkedIn profile by doing so. Promotional groups are a great choice as they include members willing to help each other promote for more traffic. LinkedIn is one of the top social media channels online, especially for B2B marketing. If you want to take advantage of this powerful, traffic-generating site, make sure you follow the five rules above.

New Website Takedown Rules Considered by the European Union

Soon, it could be a requirement of ISPs to block content or full websites if they scam consumers. This is coming in a proposal to the European Parliament, which has been approved by the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee. The new legislation would provide rules for taking down any website that scams consumers. It will need to be agreed on by the European Council and Parliament before becoming a real thing. This new legislation would help to close some of the current loopholes. Read the full story here.

Apple Has Until April 7th to Pay Ransom, According to Hackers

A group of hackers has threatened to wipe all user data from Macs, iPhones, iPads and other devices of Apple customers if a ransom isn’t paid by April 7th. The group is known as the “Turkish Crime Family” even though they are based in London. These hackers claim to have Apple ID and email credentials for over 300 million users. They have demanded $100,000 in iTunes gift cars or $75,000 in Bitcoin or Ethereum in exchange for deleting the information. ZDNet actually received 54 credentials from the hacker group as a way of verifying the information. All of the accounts received were valid. Read the full story here.

How to Measure Audience Engagement on Your Blog

You’re getting visitors to your blog, but are any of them sticking around and reading what you’re posting? Measuring audience engagement is very important if you’re trying to establish yourself as a blogger, authority or just as a business with services or products to sell. You need to know if your content strategy is working or if it needs adjusting. If you’re not tracking your content metrics, you could be failing. With the right tools you can see which blog posts are getting attention and which are not. Here are some of the most important metrics to pay attention to when measuring audience engagement for your blog. Social Media Shares One of the easiest ways to find out if people are reading your blog posts is through social media shares. If you’re getting a ton of shares, it’s pretty obvious people are reading your content. However, if you post something and nobody shares it, you may not have any readers. Make sure you’re tracking the total number of shares across all platforms. When you create valuable content, people will share it, which is a good sign they are reading your content. Time Spent on Your Site How long does it take to read a blog post? If those coming to your website are only staying for a few seconds, they are not reading anything you’ve put out. However, if they are sticking around for a few minutes or longer, you probably have readers coming for information. It’s also important to pay attention to your bounce rate. If this rate is really high, you may not be attracting the right audience or you’re using low quality content. With great content and the right audience, you should have visitors sticking around for a few minutes or longer and your bounce rate should be rather low. Comments Another way to tell if people are reading your content is through the comments. If people are commenting on what you’ve written (don’t count the spamming comments just looking for a backlink) you have readers. Real comments not only show your content is being read, but they will also add quality to your blog post. Look at the number of comments you’re getting and you’ll have a good idea of how many readers you have. Links and Mentions Usually you’ll find out about a link or mention through a trackback or pingback. This can tell you how good your content is and whether or not people are reading it. You can also look at the Referral section in Google Analytics to find out if other sites are referring visitors to you. When you get plenty of links and mentions, you’re getting readers. People don’t link to content if they don’t think it’s good and valuable. New Leads and Subscribers One of the clearest ways to measure audience engagement on a blog is the leads and subscribers you’re getting. If you start to see a higher conversion rate, your content is doing the job. However, if you struggle to convert at a decent percentage, you may have something you need to fix. Adjusting Content for Better Audience Engagement If you find that you’re not getting many people to stick around and read your content, you may need to make an adjustment. High quality content is the first place to start and if you’re not a writer, it might be time to hire one. In addition, you can look at the hosting company you’re using. If your site loads slowly, it could be why you don’t get anybody to stick around. This could be caused by your hosting company, too many images you haven’t optimized or many other factors. Take the time to track audience engagement and you’ll be able adjust your blog and content strategy for your readers.


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