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Windows 10 Technical Support Number +1-855-639-4698

Windows 10 Technical Support Number are a team of qualified and experienced Windows 10 expert.Windows 10 Tech Support are support for Windows 10 installing, upgrading, repairing, and troubleshooting a windows OS.Windows 10 Technical Support is Improving the performance of your computer.Windows 10 Technical Support Phone Number is provide support for Windows 10 maintenance tasks.Drupal version: Drupal 7.x

Painting Contractors in Adugodi

Painting Contractors in adugodi Isn't it unimaginable however painting a space will modification the entire look of a space? simply by addingassociate degree accent wall, a space will wear an entire new expression. Luckily, painting services ar a reasonable upgrade. Painting Contractors in adugodi whether or not you're shopping for a replacement home or touching up associate degreeprevious wall, skilled painting services ar there to assist householders deliver the goods their distinctive stylegoals. There ar plenty of steps to contemplate once having the outside of your home painted. The professionals that you simply rent can are available and ensure nothing close your home can get over-spray onto it. they're going to conjointly pressure clean any surface they arrange on painting. consequent step for them are to repair anystyle of trim items that ar on the surface of your home thus you have got a pleasant sleek finished product. Most home exterior paint jobs need one priming of paint and 2 coats of the colour of your selectionPainting Contractors in adugodi. Caulking is additionally needed throughout this project to shield your home from leaks. the whole plan of painting the outside of your house is to create it additional appealing and additional attractive to you. Interior painting is slightly totally different than painting the outside of your home, however still has a similar ideas. Any elements of a wall that have a gash or deep scratch in it'll be full of putty. Caulking will be performed around trim items to allow a flush end product. Interior paint conjointly gets a primer applied before the colour coatslikewise Painting Contractors in adugodito create certain no previous colours that were on the wall bleed through. every space are fully preppedto forestall paint from aged the ground, furniture, or the rest that should not have paint on that. Painting the inside of your home has endless choices and selections once it involves vogue and color, creating your homeadditional of your creation. Other services which will be performed on your house is retouch paint and custom paint work like fencing and porches. Painting Contractors in adugodiknowledgeable painting company offers any style of service to homes and businesses that have to be compelled to do with paint. If somebody has bother deciding what style of paint theme to travel with, their painteroffers recommendation and full paint schemes rather like an internal designer would do for somebody. This presents that additional effort to create a client happy. http://busybizz.com/Painting-Contractors-Bangalore.php

Domestic Cleaning Agencies in Bangalore

Domestic Cleaning services in Bangalore Cleaning is one of the chores that individuals cannot live while not. though this could appear to be the toughestduty to try and do, individuals can still notice ways that to urge their homes to be clean. individualsDomestic Cleaning services in Bangaloredon't wishto measure during a dirty house, stuffed with mud, dirt, cob webs and rodents. Since this has been better-knownto be a necessity for a few, improvement homes area unit currently created easier with sure improvementservices. There area unit currently a spread of improvement corporations giving to wash homes. If you wishyour homes to be clean in an immediate, here area unit some improvement services that you simply might wantto rent. Pest management services area unit one amongst the extremely in demand improvement services there's. Rodents, Domestic Cleaning services in Bangaloreinsects and pests will board our homes. individuals hate them that is why they'd do something simplyto urge obviate them in their homes. they are doing an exquisite job in eliminating, termites, rats and roaches thatincrease the dirt within the homes. Having these pests removed can guarantee a higher and a cleaner home. Handy man services are offered after you rent a improvement service. they are doing alittle little bit ofimprovement from construction Domestic Cleaning services in Bangalorework. they are doing repair tiny issues regarding electrical wiring, holes, woodinjury and alternative things. this can be terribly helpful particularly if the task that may be done is minor that you simply don't have to be compelled to pay most for Associate in Nursing freelance contractor only for that. In relevance this, for larger jobs, construction finish off services area unit obtainable too. ought to there be any constructionDomestic Cleaning services in Bangalore, reworking or additions to the building, they'd wish the dirt that comes therewith to travel away. this will be done by construction improvement services. Regular improvement won't be enough to get rid of the dirt caused by construction, therefore you actually want a construction improvement service to fastidiously take awayall the dirt and mess that came on the development. Window improvement services may be a should and will ne'er be neglected. Since windows area unit muchexposed to mud, a improvement service is created for window improvement significantly. it's exhausting to wash windows since drying it properly may be a should. Stains may well be left if these windows Domestic Cleaning services in Bangalorearen't dried properly. this will be simply worn out one floor offices, however because the workplace area goes higher, it becomes a a lot of sophisticated job to end. you recognize what proportion a clean window will simply flip the mood of the space. A clean window sometimes means that a cleaner place. may be} why a window improvementservice can be terribly helpful. Hiring improvement services isn't a waste of cash contrary to what you will be thinking. In fact, it will be terriblyhelpful for you. Domestic Cleaning services in Bangalore all of your improvement chores are worn out a matter of minutes, feat your homes Associate in Nursing offices wanting as new because it ought to be. hunt for the correct improvement service for you,fancy|and luxuriate in|and revel in} a throw area that you simply can sure as shooting enjoy. http://busybizz.com/Cleaning-Services-Bangalore.php

Drupal 7 Views Cookbook - REVISED!

Drupal 7 Views Cookbook, Revised, has been released and is available at Amazon and Packt Publishing. If you purchased a print or electronic version of the original at Packt, you are eligible to receive a free e-book of this revision. You can also receive a free e-copy if you are willing to provide a review. Because this is a revision and not a new version, it has the same ISBN number as before, which means it shares the same rating and reviews as before, which understandably were not great due to the issues with the instructions. New reviews are needed! If you are interested in providing a review, please contact Edward Gordon, edwardg@packtpub.com. The original printing was written during the chaos of the Drupal 7 and Views 3 initial releases. It had many issues, because changes in the UI between the writing of the manuscript and its publication. This revision has been fully revised and tested against the current version of Drupal 7 Views. Yes, Drupal 8 is out, but Drupal 7 sites are going to be around for a long time! With over 50 recipes covering all aspects of Views, this revision is a necessity for any developer or site builder. Drupal version: Drupal 7.x

Kiat Ampuh Bisnis Penggemukan Sapi yang Paling Jitu

Sapi Hewan tersebut memang memiliki banyak mafaatnya. Tahukah Anda, jika kegunaan sapi tidak hanya untuk bahan konsumsi manusia, lebih banyak lagi binatang berkaki empat tersebut memiliki kegunaan seperti halnya menghasilkan susu, sampai kulitnya digunakan untuk bahan baku industri dan kerajinan. Selain ber guna di bagian industri yang menciptakan produk-produk seperti halnya gelang, tas, sepatu dan lain nya, sapi juga di manfaat kan kekuatannya sebagai membajak di sawah. Dengan sapi, para petani menggemburkan sawah. Begitu banyak manfaat dari hewan ini, maka dari itu, saya hanya akan memilih satu kegunaan nya saja dalam rangkuman kali ini. Pembahasan kali ini mengenai kebutuhan masyarakat akan daging sapi. Kenapa harus Sapi Potong? Ya, daging sapi adalah kebutuhan masyarakat yang kian hari konsumsinya semakin naik. Terlebih lagi pada hari-hari spesial seperti Hari Lebaran dan saat-saat libur yang lain. Bahkan, ketika menjelang Idul Qurban, kebutuhan daging sapi akan meningkat secara signifikan. Untuk menyanggupi permintaan pasar yang semakin meningkat, maka para peternak sapi pun mengambil ide untuk menjalankan penggemukan. Program tersebut amat ber manfaat salah satunya supaya dapat mencukupi kebutuhan orang-orang khususnya pada hari-hari special. Dengan penggemukan, otomatis daging sapi akan bertambah berat dan banyak. Karena hal Tersebut, keinginan orang-orang akan tingginya permintaan daging sapi bisa tercukupi. Karena hebatnya teknik penggemukan ini, pada saat ini bertambah pebisnis yang ingin mencoba cara tersebut. Saking tingginya pendapatan yang di dapat bila menjalankan cara penggemukan sapi tersebut, para pengusaha saling bersaing untuk menggemukkan sapinya. Telah menjadi lumrah bahwasanya setiap persaingan pasti terdapat yang bermain curang, walau demikian juga masih banyak para peternak yang mengambil cara yang sehat untuk menggemukkan sapi dengan benar. Hal-hal yang Harus Dicermati Ketika Penggemukan Sapi Penggemukan sapi tidak bisa dilakukan secara instan. Peternak harus mempunyai sikap telaten, kerja keras dan juga sabar. Tanpa hal tersebut, bisa jadi penggemukan yang dikerjakan tidak maksimal. Adapun pont-point yang harus dijalankan ketika penggemukan sapi yaitu menyangkut pakan ternak itu sendiri. Dalam saat penggemukan sapi, pakan sapi mesti seimbang, yakni pakan harus mengandung gizi. Tentu saja, gizi itu meliputi lemak, protein, karbohidrat dan juga susunan gizi yang lainnya. Terkait Pakan sapi, usahakan makanan yang digunakan adalah makanan yang sehat dan bersih, tidak tercemar dan merupakan makanan yang masih fresh. Sebab, apabila pakan sapi telah busuk atau terkontaminasi bisa menyebabkan munculnya penyakit di tubuh sapi. Selanjutnya, Kalian pun harus memperhatikan pakan yang Anda cari. Apakah Kamu tahu kenapa para peternak sapi yang mencari rumput selalu pada sore hari? Bukan tanpa alas, peternak sengaja memotong rumput di sore hari supaya makanan sapi tetap dalam keadaan baru. Maksudnya, pakan terhindar dari terkena telur cacing yang senang akan rumput yang lembab. Adapun apabila Anda harus mencari pakan sapi pada pagi hari, penulis sarankan agar menjemurnya terlebih dahulu sebelum diberikan kepada sapi. Dengan demikian, sapi akan terbebas dari sakit perut atau kembung. Jenis-jenis Makanan Sapi. Untuk menghasilkan sapi yang mempunyai daging banyak, para peternak harus serius dan telaten ketika memilihkan pakan. Dan ketika proses penggemukan sapi ada dua macam pakan besar yang biasa digunakan. 1. Pakan Hijau Pakan hijau tentu saja menyangkut dengan tumbuh-tumbuhan. Pakan macam ini sangatlah baik karena gizi yang bermula dari tumbuhan jauh lebih besar daripada gizi buatan. Contohnya rumput, jerami ataupun daun lamtoro amat baik untuk makan sapi. 2. Pakan Konsentrat Pakan tersebut biasanya adalah pakan yang mengalami proses fermentasi terlebih dahulu. Sebagai contoh yang bisa dilihat adalah dedak padi. Dedak padi sangat cocok untuk penguat gizi yang bermanfaat untuk menciptakan sapi yang berisi. Disamping itu, Anda juga dapat menciptakan ramuan tersendiri untuk menghasilkan makanan yang berkualitas. Bisa diambil sebagai contoh. Yakni campuran antara dedak padi sebesar 70%, lalu bungkil kelapa sebesar 30% lalu bias ditambah dengan tepung tulang dan garam dapur sesuai kebutuhan. Buat Waktu Pemberian Pakan Sapi Ternak Tidak hanya manusia yang butuh hidup dengan teratur. Bahkan ternak sapi pun ketika waktu penggemukannya pun membutuhkan waktu yang teratur untuk pemberian pakannya. Adapun waktu yang baik untuk memberi pakan sapi adalah saat pagi, siang hingga sore. Anda bias mengambil waktu-waktu luang Anda dengan memulai pada jam 08.00, kemudian untuk pakan siangnya jam 12.00, dan pada sore hari pada pukul 17.00. Gunakan saja jarak pemberian pakan antara 3-5 jam setelah pemberian pakan. Tanda-tanda Sapi Ternak yang Tepat untuk Proses Pembesaran Pasti Anda belum bergitu tahu apakah semua jenis sapi bias diternak untuk menjalani proses penggemukan. Sudah pasti tidak semua sapi bisa, hanya sapi-sapi yang baguslah yang dapat digunakan sebagai bisnis penggemukan ternak sapi. Beberapa ciri-cirinya seperti berikut: 1. Perhatikan Umur Sapi Jika Anda ingin melakukan penggemukan sapi, Anda dapat memilih sapi ternak yang mempunyai umur antara 2-3 tahun. Sapi dengan umur ini belum terlalu tua juga tidak begitu muda, karenanya amat bagus untuk dipelihara dan menjalani proses penggemukan. 2. Carilah Sapi yang Jantan Ketika menjalankan usaha penggemukan sapi, penulis anjurkan supaya Anda memilih sapi yang memiliki kelamin jantan. Bukan tanpa bermaksud apa-apa, sapi jantan juga harganya akan lebih tinggi. Apalagi jika usaha penggemukan sapi Anda khususkan waktu moment Idul Adha yang sebentar lagi datang. 3. Bentuk Tubuh Sapi Bila Anda masih awam, akan lebih baiknya bila Anda juga mencermati satu trik ini. Ya, pilihlah sapi yang bertubuh kokoh, panjang dan mempunyai rongga perut yang bulat dan lebar. Perlu Anda ketahui pula untuk ukuran badan sapi yang baik pantasnya 170 cm, sedangkan tinggi pundak sapi normalnya 135 cm. Karena berbisnis mesti untung, jadi Anda harus berpikir jernih kalau di waktu yang akan datang daging sapi juga akan bertambah. Dengan bertambahnya bobot sapi dan melimpahnya daging tentu saja juga memerlukan badan yang kuat untuk berdiri. 4. Tidak Ada Kelainan Karena tujuan Anda adalah beternak, karenanya Anda juga perlu mencermati kaki sapi. Sia-sia jika Anda menjalankan penggemukan sapi ternak, tapi terdapat cacat. Mengapa Bisa begitu?, di manapun tempatnya berada, orang yang mencarinya akan memilih ternak yang sehat dan kuat. Sebab sapi tidak hanya sekedar konsumsi, tapi juga sebuah tingkatan budaya sosial. 5. Memiliki Mata yang Sehat Salah satu indikasi sapi yang baik adalah dari matanya. Jika bola matanya tajam dan bersih, sapi itu akan bagus untuk menjalankan penggemukan. Karena dari itu, carilah sapi yang memiliki mata yang baik untuk kelangsungan bisnis Anda. Demikianlah sedikit informasi mengenai penggemukan sapi. Disamping hal-hal tersebut, Anda dituntut harus menjaga kebersihan faktor luar supaya sapi menjadi sehat. Sebut saja ketika proses pemeliharaannya Anda harus membersihkan kandang setiap hari. Ketika proses penggemukan sapi pasti akan terdapat banyak kotoran yang dikeluarkan sapi, karena dari itu Anda mesti rajin membersihkannya agar sapi terhindar dari penyakit. Akhir kata, selamat mencoba trik-trik di atas, semoga ber guna.Drupal version: Drupal 7.x

Bespin (Drupal Site Updates Service)

Bespin was created to unify the Drupal update experience. Agencies (and even freelancers) that work with Drupal on client sites need a way to keep sites up to date. This is especially true if the agency/freelancer is charging retainer fees to keep their Drupal sites up-to-date. What you need is a dashboard of all your clients' sites and their update status. Enter Bespin.https://bespin.cc While Bespin won't actually update your sites, it allows you to keep all your sites in one place and Bespin will check for Drupal core and contributed module updates. Bespin will then notify you (by email) when your site needs to be updated - including how many updates are security updates! If you need a way to keep your clients' sites up-to-date with a unified dashboard, Bespin is the answer!Drupal version: Drupal 7.x

Live Stream Best Online TV for NFL 2016 round. Watch your favorite NFL football.

Watch NFL 3rd Week with us @livesports-usa.com Watch Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints Stream NFL Game 2016. This is the big event for Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints. Now the game is going to be your favorite NFL football, Team Falcons vs Saints Live Streaming Online. Now finding Live Access in proper time better streaming.

Request for Proposals (RFP) for History Colorado web site redesign

*NOTE: MANDATORY BIDDERS CONFERENCE 9/23/2016, RSVP BY 9/21/2016, 5PM MST* To read the full RFP, go to www.colorado.gov/vss. Either Log-in/Register or click on "Public Access" and search for "History Colorado". To RSVP for the Bidders conference, please contact Michael Carrara at michael.carrara@state.co.us with the subject line “RSVP for History Colorado Website Redesign Bidders Conference.” History Colorado is requesting proposals for the next phases of its ongoing website redesign project. The new website will be the cornerstone of History Colorado’s new digital identity and strategic plan, by: supporting History Colorado’s broad mission as the standard bearer for Colorado’s historic preservation and education becoming an engagement and access point for varied audiences with diverse needs and expectations, including museum visitors, families, educators and learners, members and donors, and historic preservation and archaeology professionals. showcasing our rich content, exhibits, collections, and live experiences, and our multiple museum locations and historic sites. leveraging our internal skillsets, including an organizational investment in Drupal, with a goal of a forward-looking Drupal 8 build. This project was initiated to better align History Colorado’s mission with the evolving needs and expectations of its audiences and the expanding opportunities afforded in the digital space. History Colorado is now seeking an experienced technology leader to join our team in refining and finalizing this vision, crafting an intelligent and data-driven roadmap, building and launching an innovative new website infrastructure from the ground up, and collaboratively envisioning and rolling out additional enhancements and maintenance in subsequent years. History Colorado will host a Bidders Conference at History Colorado Center in Denver to meet with prospective bidders, present an overview of the project, and to answer bidder questions. Attendance is mandatory, and the presentation and answers to questions received during and after the conference will be posted to the Colorado VSS system. We encourage vendors to attend in person, however virtual attendance will be offered. To RSVP for the Bidders conference, please contact Michael Carrara at michael.carrara@state.co.us with the subject line “RSVP for History Colorado Website Redesign Bidders Conference.” Drupal version: Drupal 8.x

Taxonomy term custom links

Feature: Taxonomy term custom links Modules: None Functionality: Remove the default links to the taxonomy terms, and add custom links instead Implementation: If the name of the field referencing the taxonomy term is ‘xyz’, create a file field--node--field-xyz.html.twig. Add the code, as shown below, to change the default path of the taxonomy term ‘/taxonomy/term/tid’, to ‘/yourpath/termName’ Note: The div class names may vary based on the field settings https://s22.postimg.io/hxc4ijrsh/Screen_Shot_2016_09_15_at_11_20_26_AM.pngDrupal version: Drupal 8.x

Implementation of site-wide, keyword based Search using Search API

Modules: Search API for Drupal 8 Functionality: Based on the keyword entered in the search input box by the user, a site-wide full text search would be performed. The output of the search page would display, all the items matching the search keyword, with an excerpt from the article, highlighting the text matching the keyword. Implementation: Download and enable Search API(search_api) for drupal 8, enable Database search (search_api_db) Adding Server: Go to Admin->configuration->search and metadata->search API Add server, use Database for Backend and check Enabled Under Configure Database Backend, check Search on parts of a word and save Adding Index: Go to Admin->configuration->search and metadata->search API Add an index Under data sources, select ‘content’ Choose the server created above, under the servers section, check ‘enabled’ Under Index Options, choose ‘index items immediately’ and save Configuring Index: Under the fields tab, click on add fields - select general and add Rendered HTML output -select content, add Body and Title Under the processors tab, check Content access, Highlight, HTML filter, Ignorecase, Node status, Transliteration. Ensure that the create excerpt option is checked, under the Highlight processor settings and save the index. View to display search results: Add a new view , select the index db created above under the show option in the view settings, check on create a page Add the fields that are to be displayed in the search results, along with the excerpt field of the search API Note: Since the excerpt field can sometimes return empty data, add the body field with a condition such that, body is displayed only when the excerpt field is null. This can be done using the rewrite results option on the body field settings.The code looks as below: {% if search_api_excerpt %} {% else %} {{ body }} {% endif %} Use Fulltext Search for the filter criteria and Relevance under sort Save the view Once the data is indexed, the search results are displayed on the view page.Drupal version: Drupal 8.x

independent news, blog and gossip

Hello everyone, I hope, all are good here. Now, I see the epeak. It's a site of independent news, blog, gossip. It's show Hillary Clinton Bar Talk, Melania Trump's Hooker Moments Suicide Squad - You Think You Know Movies and also. That's all are amazing. so, You can see that.... http://epeak.info Thanks Brigham.

Call for participation in the annual Drupal CEO Survey

This year the annual Drupal CEO Survey will be carried out for the very first time! The purpose of the survey is to gain insight into the key issues that Drupal agency owners and company leaders face. Results will be published at DrupalCon Dublin. The Drupal CEO Survey aims to inform and stimulate the debate on how Drupal companies are doing and how Drupal fits in business-wise. The survey includes questions about the characteristics of Drupal companies, the role of Drupal within the companies, clients, Drupal Community contribution and about the future of Drupal. Participate! Initiators One Shoe and Exove invite all Drupal agency owners and CEO’s to participate in the annual Drupal CEO Survey. Participation is completely anonymous and takes less than 10 minutes. The results and insights of this survey will be presented on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at the annual Drupal CEO Dinner during Drupal Dublin. The results will also be officially published. Click here to take the Drupal CEO Survey

Hotmail Customer Support Services Phone Number 1-855-777-5686

Quick Support Service renders Hotmail Support Service by phone to all the users, who face problems with the mail account launched by Microsoft. Just dial Hotmail Customer Service Number 1-855-777-5686 anytime round the clock to get your problem solve in no time. For more information dial toll-free numbers 1-855-777-5686 ( US, CANADA) +44-800-051-3717 (UK) Or visit - http://www.quicksupportservice.com/hotmail-customer-support-number.html.

Zareen Khan wanted to become a singer

Actress Zareen Khan says as a young girl she always wanted to be a singer. Zareen, who recently starred in the hit Hate Story 3, hopes in the future people might approach her to sing a song. “It will sound very cliched but when I was kid I always wanted to be singer and never an actor. Hopefully in the future when these people will think of me (I will do it),” she told reporters. When asked if she has been offered to sing a song, the 29-year-old actress said, “Not yet. Hopefully, after your question I will be.” Zareen was speaking at the launch of new music video “Pyaar Manga Hai Tumhee Se” by T-Series. The video also stars Ali Fazal and features the duo sharing sizzling chemistry. According to the “Veer” actress, shooting intimate scenes are not “fun” as a lot of people are watching them on set. “When you look at this as an audience it feels different but when you’re shooting it, it is not that much fun because there are so many people looking at you. There is a lot going on. What you think of in mind it doesn’t happen on set.” Ali, too, feels filming intimate scenes are hard as even they follow a set choreography. “These things have to be choreographed. You can’t be just doing anything. Intimate scenes are the hardest thing to shoot. Intimate scenes of any kind.” “The most memorable scene was when he kissed me for the first time in the song. He was feeling shy and not me.” The recreated song was originally composed by music maestro Bappi Lahiri and sung by Kishore Kumar. It featured actor Sachin and Bindiya Goswami. The new version has been sung by Armaan Mallik and Neeti Mohan.

Drupad Computer-Aided-Dispatch (CAD)

Hello all. I'm planning to write a new module per subject line, but I see that while there already exists a project devoted to that - see https://www.drupal.org/project/cad - it's had zero activity for six years now. I've failed to reach its daddy, Jeremy Trojan (jerdiggity). So this is a plea for any information re (a) that project. or (b) reaching the author, or (c) thoughts re CAD and Drupal. AS

new case

i want to buy a case for my ipad, did anybody have suggestion? or hoe about this one.https://www.amazon.fr/Btik-Housse-Néoprène-Universelle-Tablette/dp/B01H1H2UNY?ie=UTF8&redirect=true


The KeraVe hair filaments look precisely like your hair and bond with your current hair.Using the KeraVe fiber hold shower will expand the bond between the hair building filaments and your common hair.In my salon I see a considerable measure of ladies and men experiencing diminishing hair. It truly thumps their certainty and self-regard and I'm much of the time got some information about it. I've as of late been acquainted with KeraFiber, an awesome item which is brisk and simple to apply and can be joined into most hairdos to cover diminishing hair.Instantly I went home and requested a container and fortunately you had the shading that coordinated my hair. http://www.healthybooklet.com/kerave-hair-uk/Drupal version: Drupal 4.6.x

D7 PSR : Protect your D7 work NOW!

https://www.drupal.org/node/2764899 If you have a D7 site, I highly suggest putting the site into maintenance mode at the very least. At the most I'd remove the index.php file at and set an index.html informing users the site is offline. Put site back online when you can check your modules and update to the security releases when they appear.Drupal version: Drupal 7.x


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