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How to manage payroll effectively across borders?

The costs of doing all this, per employee, are steadily rising year over year. Payroll management services is a equation to solve. In fact, according to Ernst & Young, 55% of global firms doubt they will ever find a payroll solution that satisfies their payroll processing services needs. On top of this comes the required technology infrastructure, which can become particularly expensive when a company operates in multiple locations across the world.

Budget 2017 - Push or Poll To Digital Economy

There are not many changes in current indirect taxation in India regime as GST is proposed to be rollout on 1stJuly, 2017. Hon’ble Finance Minister in today’s speech, said that IT system is on schedule for GST implementation and several teams of tax officers are also working tirelessly to give finishing touch to the Model GST law and rules and other details. Therefore, this Budget of 2017 is not a pull, but a push to Digital economy. Our government is determined to lay a beautiful foundation of digital economy in chartered accountant firms in Mumbai.

State of Drupal Poll

There's a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) in the community these days. Let's try to quantify how people are feeling. Take the State of Drupal poll. Results will be tabulated and published during Drupalcon Baltimore. http://theaccidentalcoder.com/state-of-drupal-pollDrupal version: Drupal 8.x

New Drupal 8 Private Message module

I've just released a new private message module for Drupal 8. The module is currently in beta version, and needs some work for a full release. If anyone is interested in assisting in the remaining features for a full release, more information is available on the module page. https://www.drupal.org/project/private_message This module will be a full-feature, fully-extensible, fully customizable private messaging system. The core is there, it just needs some additional work to get it ready for a full release. Drupal version: Drupal 8.x

Challenges and Opportunities in the Upcoming Drupal 8 Upgrade

Drupal 7 and all previous versions used a procedural approach to scripting. This means that code is executed the same way every time the script is run. Procedural scripts are more reliable, but less customizable. Reliability is good, but in order to capitalize on it, developers must be intimately familiar with exactly what procedures are occurring, and in what order. This depth of knowledge gave Drupal 7 its famous steep learning curve. The object-oriented approach used by Drupal 8 means that the execution of scripts will be much more dynamic. Functionality is treated like mutable objects, able to be modified programmatically. With object orientation, Drupal will operate more like a true API. Newcomers will appreciate this, since the framework will more closely resemble popular imperative languages such as C++ or Javascript.Drupal version: Drupal 8.x

wholesale lingerie

“We got the opportunity to showcase our product. They did a runway show,” wholesale lingerie, she said. “We were trying to get a sense of whether our product is something that would work in a boutique setting.” Her other marketing strategies include launching home parties and making items in school colors to appeal to the co-ed market. “I have two young teenage daughters myself. I wanted to start a home party element to the business so that mother and daughter can come and shop in a more intimate, comfortable setting,” Field-Alvarez said.Drupal version: Drupal 5.x

Url to Video Filter module

I've just released the Url to Video Filter module. This module creates an input filter that can be used in a text format, that will automatically parse YouTube and/or Vimeo URLs into embedded videos. This means that any field that uses text formats can have URLs directly pasted into the body, and the URL will be replaced with the relevant video.Drupal version: Drupal 8.x

Sandeep Marwah Nominated Global Cultural Minister at International Summit

Noida: Once again the popularity and the hard work of Sandeep Marwah brought him to the limelight internationally when he was nominated and awarded as Global Cultural Minister during Global Media And Entertainment Summit at Noida Film City. Delegates from Haiti, Bhutan, South Sudan, Niger, Nigeria, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Ivory Coast, Botswana, Iraq, Magnolia, Tajikistan,. Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Fiji, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Sudan, Timor Leste, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Chile, Cote D’ Lvoire, Egypt, Guatemala, Iraq, Ghana, Namibia, Mauritius, India and United Kingdom were attending the summit. “Sandeep Marwah deserves more than this. His contribution is enormous,” said Sarantsetseg Lundeejantsan delegate from Mangolia. “Marwah is a Global Leader, we will support him in his activities,” said Naomi Manu delegate from Ghana. “He is father of Nigerian Cinema,” added Osagie Ewewie delegate from Nigeria. Sandeep Marwah has already been titled as Global Peace Ambassador, Icon of The Decade, Global Green Ambassador, Man of Asia, World Cultural Minister and once again announced as Global Cultural Minister when 70 delegates from 35 countries of the World signed and handed over the certificate to Marwah. Sandeep Marwah has been chairing 101 international and national organizations and has been honored more than 400 times on different platforms. He is five times international record holder in media. Sandeep Marwah Nominated Global Cultural Minister, Global Media And Entertainment Summit 2017, Sandeep Marwah President of ICMEI and Marwah StudiosDrupal version: Drupal 8.x

FIFA 17 stripping a mechanic

FIFA 17 offers players a lot of mechanics and tricks to use in their game but there are some that improve your game if you don’t use it.cheap and reliable fifa coins Today we are talking about this because I have somehow managed to break my RB and I could not do any passes, fines shots or drag backs. How did this improve my game you ask? Well simple… I have no idea… Joking aside, there is a bit you learn when playing without the RB in FIFA 17 and here is what you learn. What’s this about? Playing without the right button in FIFA 17 and losing all of the mechanics that come with it has somehow managed to improve the games of a lot of people. When doing this, you stop doing most of the planning for fancy pass moves and improve shots and you play as FIFA 17 is supposed to be played.#fifacoinsreviews.com Saying this, you could still keep all of these mechanics in FIFA 17 but trying to play without them makes sure that you see the bigger picture of FIFA 17 and not focus on the lesser things. Basically, playing FIFA 17 without some of the mechanics makes it a more interesting game. What do you think? Anyway, if you want to have fun freely in this game, cheap FIFA 17 Coins will be needed. FFIA 17 Points Accounts PS4 will help you have more fun with pack opening too. Conclusion As weird as this sounds, a lot of people have taken to ignoring the RB in FIFA 17 and have actually started performing better in online matches. This does sounds weird yes, but if you give it a try you will not regret it one bit.fifa 17 coins reviews SO go out there and break your RB on your joystick and you will be sure that you will perform a lot better in FIFA 17…. Or just ignore it…. Drupal version: Drupal 5.x

share market online

Preference shareholders usually receive fixed, regular dividend payments. However because the dividend is fixed, there is less potential for the share price to grow over the long term. Remember dividends aren’t guaranteed and share prices can fall as well as rise so how to buy shares online You buy stocks from an investment firm, commonly known as a brokerage firm. The investment representative or advisor who sells you stocks is commonly known as a stockbroker or broker. You can buy stocks by paying cash, borrowing on margin or reinvesting your dividends. ou can give your advisor or investment firm instructions to buy or sell a stock in person, by phone or online. This is called placing your order. You’ll pay a commission each time you buy or sell a stock. If you’re unsure whether stocks and shares are right for you, you should seek independent financial advice. All investments can fall in value as well as rise and you could get back less than you initially invested. It may still be worth something even if the stock no longer trades under the same name. For example, the company may have merged with another company or simply changed its name. Here’s where you can go to find out more about the company and if it is still in business. You may have to pay a fee. 87257


Weightlifters prepare with weights, as well, however they are just keen on figuring out how to lift however much T6 Black weight as could reasonably be expected, and after that lone for the couple of specific lifts that are included in rivalry. Around the mid-1940s most muscle heads got to be distinctly disappointed with the AAU since they just permitted novice contenders and they put more concentrate on the Olympic game of weightlifting. The RIPPED weight training aide will really expound far more then simply this. http://newsupplements2017.com/t6-black/

Predictions for 2017

Like last year around this date, it is the time of year where we predict what the future wil bring for Drupal. Will decoupled Drupal get a head start? Wil chatbots be written in Drupal, will our tool fuel the Internet of Things, will the Whitehouse still run Drupal and will there be an IPO of a Drupal company? Time to put your predictions, deep thoughts and even deeper thoughts online, and post them as a comment here. And in case you lack inspiration, see the previous predictions for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

New module: Mcdoolz Social

Hey folk; I released a sandbox project I call _social a few weeks ago and I'd like to take it to full project status but I felt I should let people try it out first. https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/mcdoolz/2840456 It is a social network links module for making linking to social networking pages super easy and client sustainable. It's not that social network pages change frequently, but it beats having to go through the typical rigmarole to set up a set of links that you can easily add to or take away from. Instead of setting up a block with HTML, or a menu system with code hacks to allow HTML icons, install this module and if you need more than one (header AND footer) you can use block clone. I'll have to adjust the code to afford that possibility. These links are stored in a system variable, and are the easiest method of providing a block with font awesome links (font awesome is not included and there's no libraries check for the library). I'm always open to criticism and welcome any input from the community regarding my work. Please feel free to use the issue queue. Thanks for taking a look :)Drupal version: Drupal 7.x

drupal 7 video problem

Hi friends, I want to add video to my web page by using Drupal 7. I will share my video on a block. I added video but It didn't work. It gives an error like this : “ Video not found ” I glad if you share with me your help and ideas about this issue. Thank you.Drupal version: Drupal 7.x

Community Working Group Statement Regarding DrupalCamp Munich 2016

A copy of this statement is also available at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yqRznyqS1HrgQd1STh1c_a-8Hz5O43bkT4B0... What Happened On December 1, 2016, the Drupal Community Working Group (CWG) heard concerns from several attendees and prospective attendees of DrupalCamp Munich, a volunteer-run community event, as well as others in the Drupal community. People were concerned about tweets suggesting the German edition of a magazine well-known for its sexualized images of women was to be included in the event’s welcome bags. Others were concerned about how few women were speaking at the event. Some also expressed concern about the way some individuals associated with the event responded on social media once those issues were raised. The CWG does not usually involve itself directly in local camp issues unless asked to do so, but in this case, the CWG’s email address was listed as the point of contact for code of conduct issues on the Munich site, and several community members contacted us directly instead of the camp’s organizers. In general, we recommend camps designate individuals on-site to address code of conduct issues. The CWG is available as a point of escalation if additional advice is needed, and can point organizers to helpful resources on how to respond when incidents occur. While we immediately reached out to the camp organizers via email asking for more context around this issue, we did not receive a reply. Over the next day the issue began to receive attention on social media, both from people in the Drupal community and beyond. At least one speaker publicly announced they were withdrawing from the event. After a second e-mail inquiry on December 2 also went unanswered, we began working with a German-speaking member of the Drupal community who had reached out to us offering assistance. Later that day, the camp announced via its Twitter account that it would not include the magazine in its welcome bag. A few hours later they posted a statement in both English and German apologizing for “a decision made in poor taste”. As promised in its statement, the camp also addressed the issue in its plenary session and held a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session on how to improve diversity at future events. Several speakers and attendees of the camp, including Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire and Josef Dabernig have also posted their perspectives on the situation. To date, the CWG still has not received any direct response from the organizers of DrupalCamp Munich regarding the situation. Several community members have asked the CWG if we were planning to make a statement about this issue. While the CWG is dedicated to protecting the privacy of people who report issues to us, we do reserve the right to make public statements about issues that are reported to us when necessary. We do not claim to speak for the entire Drupal community; however, we felt that a statement was warranted in this case given how much publicity the situation received, both within our community and beyond. Following discussion at our regular weekly meeting on December 6, we began drafting this statement, after we were satisfied the immediate situation had been addressed. Creating a Welcoming Environment One of the shared values of the Drupal community is that we treat one another with respect because we believe that everyone can make a valuable contribution to Drupal. The code of conduct adopted by many Drupal events, including DrupalCamp Munich, further elaborates that “our goal is to ensure that all participants can freely and openly share ideas in a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment that encourages and inspires mutual respect and collaboration.” The publisher of the magazine in question also produces many other magazines on different topics for a wide variety of audiences, and not only helped provide support for the event, but has also made other significant and welcome contributions to our community. The publisher also provided other technically-oriented titles to the camp, and these were distributed to attendees in the welcome bag. The issue in this case is not about magazines that depict nude and/or sexualized images. The issue is whether distributing those magazines at a Drupal community event is appropriate, and what messages distributing these kinds of magazines would communicate to attendees and others not just about this event, but the Drupal community in general. We understand and appreciate that different areas of the world have different cultural norms. However, in this case the CWG heard from several German natives, including one who told us that “attending a conference where handing out [this magazine] is setting the tone, I would feel extremely alienated.” While the American version of the magazine ceased publishing nude images over a year ago, the German edition continues to do so. Regardless of whether the magazines had depicted male and/or female nudity, however, the point is that sexually charged material simply isn’t appropriate in a welcome bag for a general audience event that many will be attending in a professional context. We believe it is important for camp organizers to keep in mind their event may be many attendees’ first introduction to the Drupal community. Regardless of where in the world they are held, Drupal camps should be friendly, safe events that represent the values of the community-at-large. Diversity Several people raised concerns publicly and privately that 46 of the camp’s 47 speakers were men. In response, the camp’s official Twitter account had said that while they had actively tried to get more female speakers, they had not received enough session proposals from women. They also acknowledged that they had not tried to recruit any women to keynote the event, and suggested that “the speaker problem would settle” if we all found a way to “enthuse more women” to join the Drupal community. In combination with the attention the event was receiving over the magazine issue, the dearth of female speakers at the camp highlighted larger issues with diversity and inclusion in technical and open source communities. It is well-documented that women and some minorities are underrepresented in technology fields in general and open source in particular. It is also well-documented that underrepresented people are leaving the industry as a result of exclusion, harassment, and other forms of abuse they have experienced. As people who have organized Drupal camps and other events ourselves, we understand and very much appreciate the time and energy the organizers of DrupalCamp Munich put into making their event a success. We know how much work is involved in selecting sessions for the program. We know how much of challenge it is to recruit diverse speakers to present at an an unpaid community-run event. No one is perfect. We do not expect every event to achieve perfect representation. However, we do think it is important for Drupal events to strive to showcase a diverse range of voices in their session programs. Speakers not only provide different perspectives that might not otherwise be heard, but can also help attract a more diverse audience to attend the event. There is a plethora of research showing that diversity makes teams smarter, more innovative, and more successful than they would be otherwise. As places that help on-board many new community members, camps are uniquely positioned to help encourage innovation in the Drupal project by supporting diversity. This is not just about including more women, but also people of color and others with backgrounds and perspectives often underrepresented in our community. We encourage Drupal camp organizers to use existing knowledge and resources in our community. The CWG is happy to provide support for camps who need advice on how to improve outreach. The Drupal Diversity group has put together a list of resources and is also in the process of developing a packet for camp organizers. The organizers of MidCamp in Chicago presented a session at DrupalCon Dublin about the steps they’ve taken to help make sure their event is as welcoming as possible, and the Drupal Association is taking steps to increase diversity at DrupalCon Baltimore and beyond. Conclusion The code of conduct adopted by DrupalCamp Munich encourages people to “take responsibility for their words and actions and listen to constructively-presented criticism with an open mind, courtesy, and respect.” The CWG does not believe the organizers or sponsors of DrupalCamp Munich intended to create an unwelcoming environment for its attendees. Regardless of intent, however, the camp’s decision to include this magazine in their welcome packet, and their failure to recruit diverse speakers had a very real and negative impact both on their attendees and the community-at-large. Once that impact became clear, the camp reversed its decision to include the magazine in its welcome bags and reached out to its attendees to better understand why it was a mistake and what they could do to ensure that their event was more inclusive and diverse. While acknowledging there is much work still to do, the CWG is encouraged by these actions. We are proud of the leadership and commitment shown by the Drupal community-at-large in raising awareness of issues relating to inclusivity and diversity. Our hope and belief is that striving to create safe and welcoming environments benefits everyone. We have opened an issue in our issue queue to invite feedback and suggestions on this topic, and we also welcome any comments emailed to us privately at drupal-cwg@drupal.org.


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