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China battery testing equipment factory

Lancol is a “State High and New Technology Enterprise” which specializes in research, manufacture and sales of transportation & stationary battery conductance analyzers. Lancol has independent intellectual property rights of “Battery Conductance Analyzers”that have already obtained several national patents. Lancol become a few major factories who can produce battery conductance tester in the world, also only one manufacture of battery conductance tester in China. Lancol is a good option for you to advance your battery management program. China battery testing equipment factory website:http://www.lancoltester.com/ website2:http://www.lancoltester-ru.com/

Wysiwyg is coming to the forums

Hi folks, We are going to be implementing the CK Editor wysiwyg for the forums here in the near future. This forum post is just to let folks know this is happening ahead of time. If you would like to see an example of the wysiwyg is action you can head over to https://www.drupal.org/node/2804241/discuss Once implemented, if you run into issues you can request support here: https://www.drupal.org/node/2741227 Cheers, B_man

Added a download link somewhere in the cmts

[url=https://livestream.com/4Konline/events/7799262]South Alabama vs Troy Live[/url] It's a bit complicated to explain fully, but to summarize I used a bit of program and a bit of hand. Round shapes and especially humanoid shapes are hard to make in a blocky game, and as of yet we have no programs to do that for us accurately , however voxelsniper (a mod) aids us in that. Worldedit was used, but it's basically like an ingame editor of sorts that lets us place a number of blocks at a time, or change a blocks color. No importing of models was done either.

Hope and Happiness - International Patients care in India

Anand Hospital’s expertise and a caring hospital environment are ideal for any international patients. We believe that hospitals should be places where people find a new life and find happiness. Therefore, we treat every patient with great care. With numerous general specialties and super specialties, we aim to treat diseases and give people a happy and healthy life. In the past 10 years, our doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff have been making people smile with their gentle manners and calm demeanor. We hope that you will also find health and happiness upon visiting Anand Hospital > http://www.anandhospital.com/international-patient/

How to Increase the Value of Your Investment Property

Maintaining an investment property is very much important not only to attract the good and higher-quality tenants but also for increasing its value. It may possible that your house deserve more rental charges that you have set for it all it requires is a upgrading the plumbing fixtures and cleanliness. With this you can increase the value of your Baltimore rental property and you can earn more than your expectations. Managing property is not that too hard. You can either hire professional Property Management Company in MD or you can search on internet for great DIY tips for managing rental property. But if you want to know that how you can increase the value of your investment property then we are here to help you. Clean and Paint: A well neat and clean home is what good tenants look for. You must clean your property and also paint the walls of your home before tenants move in to the property. Fresh coated paint on the walls makes your house look a brand new one and this will attract the good tenants to stay longer and offer good rental amounts too. Upgrade Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures: Kitchen and Bathroom is the essential part of a home. The fixtures like faucet, sinks and sprayers get old and dingy quickly hence the landlord must change or upgrade these fixtures if it is too old no matter what’s the condition. Furnish your home: Today everyone looks for a semi or fully-furnished home with other amenities too. If your apartment is not furnished then you must furnish it. Furnishing your home will surely increase its value and you can also charge a higher-rental charge for it. Hire Professional Property Manager: Property managers know the right way to manage your property. They have their own maintenance crew members who makes repair and maintains the house. They will help you to find right tenants for your property and will also set the right rental charges of your property. You can also visit to see some other properties to know how the properties are maintained and can also talk to some property owners to know what they are offering to their tenants. If you find something different that you had no idea about then you can also add up in your investment property. Ask your nearby similar properties rental charges and set your own. Managing property and keep it well maintained is the best way to increase the value of your investment property so hire Baltimore Property Management Company who are professionals and know the right way to manage and keep your property maintained and increase the value of your rental property. Reference Link - http://stlyouth.org/forums/oym-online/website-news/4569Drupal version: Drupal 8.x

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Best Two Wheeler Bike Portal in India

Best Bike Portal in Inida. BikeJinni is the rapidly growing & best Two Wheeler portal in India. A trusted Market place that covers all aspects of Buy,Sell,Exchange,Services,Accessories for new and used two wheelers & ATVs. Read all news related to new bikes, Compare bikes, emi calculator, Get loan for new and old bikes. Visit - Best Bike Portal in India Bike Prices in India New Bike Price Bike Valuation

Pompano Beach Highlands real estate

Ed Cook is a real estate professional specializing in oceanfront and Intracoastal luxury condominium sales and rentals in Pompano Beach, as well as throughout Broward and Palm Beach County. Ed owns, invests, lives, works and plays at the fabulous Plaza at Oceanside in Pompano Beach. Give him a call, text or e-mail today to answer your questions, show you The Plaza or any other top-of-the-line condo property or help sell your condo at 732-997-8620.Drupal version: Drupal 4.7.x

Registration for DrupalCon Vienna is open

We're shouting it from the rooftops today. DrupalCon Vienna registration is now open. Early bird pricing is happening now until 4 August, but for the next two weeks only you can also get a conference t-shirt if you register and are a Drupal Association Individual Member. You can also receive a t-shirt if you sign up to be a sprint mentor, or you volunteer on-site at DrupalCon for a minimum of 4 hours. See more on the blog and register early!

Nikki Stevens: Winner of the 2017 Aaron Winborn Award

The Aaron Winborn Award was created in 2015 after the loss of one of one of the Drupal community’s most prominent members, Aaron Winborn, to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (also referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease in the US and Motor Neuron Disease in the UK). Aaron’s commitment to the Drupal project and community made him the epitome of our unofficial motto: "Come for the code, stay for the community". The Community Working Group with the support of the Drupal Association came together to honor Aaron's memory by establishing the Aaron Winborn Award, which annually recognizes an individual who demonstrates personal integrity, kindness, and above-and-beyond commitment to the Drupal community. Nominations were opened in January, giving community members the opportunity to nominate people they believe deserve the award, which were then voted on by the members of the Community Working Group and previous winners of the award. We are pleased to announce that the 2017 recipient of the Aaron Winborn Award is Nikki Stevens. Nikki is a Drupal Architect and Tech Lead at Kanopi Studios, a PhD student, and a long-time member of the Drupal community who has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of diversity issues in our community and advocating for creating a more welcoming and inclusive culture everywhere that Drupal exists, whether that’s online, at events, or in our workplaces. She is also the founder of Drupal Diversity and Inclusion, an independent collective of volunteers who advocate for greater diversity in the community and more inclusive events, help create safe spaces, and build the capacity of allies. In less than a year, DD&I has already had a positive impact on our community, providing a venue for important and sometimes difficult conversations that we need to have as a community and bringing issues to the forefront that have long been ignored. Their advocacy has also been instrumental in creating a more open, diverse, and representative speaker line-up here at DrupalCon Baltimore. Nikki's leadership in particular has been instrumental in inspiring others to help tell their stories and bringing people together to make our community a place where more people can feel welcome. We have a long way left to go, but the work that Nikki and others are doing now is building the foundation for a better, more sustainable project and community both now and in the future. We hope you will join us in congratulating Nikki as this year's recipient of the Aaron Winborn Award!

Welcoming Rachel Lawson and Jordana Fung to the Drupal Community Working Group

The Drupal Community Working Group is pleased to announce the additions of Rachel Lawson and Jordana Fung. We began discussing the possibility of increasing the size and diversity of our group last year, and we are happy to take this important step. As both the community and the CWG evolve, we felt it was important to expand our numbers in order to better handle our current workload and to potentially provide more proactive contributions to the community, possibly including better support for local events, mentorship programs, and leadership training; all things designed to promote and support community health. Rachel discovered Drupal and decided to go freelance as a site-builder, after years teaching IT to schoolchildren and providing support to UK defence and pharmaceutical companies. Her early experiences contributing at Frontend United and subsequently mentoring others at European DrupalCons developed her understanding that mentoring new contributors and working within community is a huge learning and growth opportunity in itself. So, it is no surprise Rachel is keen to assist the CWG with conflict resolution and possible future mentoring/leadership initiatives. Jordana is a freelance, full-stack Drupal developer from Suriname, a culturally diverse country where the main language is Dutch. She has been increasing her participation in the Drupal community over the past few years by attending various local, regional, and international Drupal events as well as participating in community code sprints. She loves to spend her time learning new things, meeting new people and sharing knowledge and ideas. During our initial conversations with her, Jordana expressed an interest in helping with both conflict resolution as well as more proactive CWG projects. The process to increase our membership was not taken lightly. As we are currently a small group with only 4 members who almost always come to a consensus, we are well aware that expanding our numbers will come with its challenges. We feel it is important that we find people who bring new experiences and skills to our group, as well as have excellent written and verbal communication skills - and lots of patience. We are fortunate that we have been able to find two people that we believe match all of our criteria. Once we, as a group, spoke with each Jordana and Rachel, we quickly voted unanimously to invite them to join the CWG. Dries Buytaert had no objections. Rachel and Jordana will be joining us for the first time during our next meeting on May 9. Over the course of the next few months, we'll be training them on our current processes as well as working with them to figure out how they can best contribute to the CWG in our continued effort to help maintain a friendly and welcoming community for the Drupal project.


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