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Drupal 7.37 released

Update: Drupal 7.38 is now available. Drupal 7.37, a maintenance release with numerous bug fixes (no security fixes), is now available for download. See the Drupal 7.37 release notes for a full listing. Download Drupal 7.37 Upgrading your existing Drupal 7 sites is recommended. There are no major, non-backwards-compatible features in this release. For more information about the Drupal 7.x release series, consult the Drupal 7.0 release announcement. Security information We have a security announcement mailing list and a history of all security advisories, as well as an RSS feed with the most recent security advisories. We strongly advise Drupal administrators to sign up for the list. Drupal 7 includes the built-in Update Manager module, which informs you about important updates to your modules and themes. There are no security fixes in this release of Drupal core. Bug reports Drupal 7.x is being maintained, so given enough bug fixes (not just bug reports), more maintenance releases will be made available, according to our monthly release cycle. Changelog Drupal 7.37 contains bug fixes and small API/feature improvements only. The full list of changes between the 7.36 and 7.37 releases can be found by reading the 7.37 release notes. A complete list of all changes in the stable 7.x branch can be found in the git commit log. Update notes See the 7.37 release notes for details on important changes in this release. Known issues See the 7.37 release notes for a list of known issues affecting this release. Front page news: Planet DrupalDrupal version: Drupal 7.x

Pre-production Drupal.org environments unauthorized access and rebuild

An issue was reported to the Drupal.org infrastructure team that uncovered an installed rootkit on our pre-production (dev and staging) environment on April 19th. We stopped all services on these servers. The access was gained through an open VNC port on our OpenStack environment that allowed hijacking of an open console session. The attacker was attempting to create a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on targeted IPs. There is no evidence that information was taken from our staging database or that user information was compromised. As of Monday, April 27th, our staging and development environments have been mostly rebuilt. If you had a dev environment, you may need to request a restoration of your code in the infrastructure queue.Front page news: Drupal NewsDrupal version: Drupal 7.x

Limited email privacy breach on Drupal.org on April 15th

On April 15th, a change to a Drupal.org website permission inadvertently allowed a small segment of users to view a report listing the email addresses of recently logged in users. No passwords were involved. The problem was mitigated within 13 hours of being introduced and within 3 hours of being reported. The problem was completely resolved within 24 hours of introduction. The number of affected email addresses is relatively small – fewer than 500. Those users are being contacted directly if their email was affected. Users with maintainer access or the community role and above were not affected by this incident. The users with permission to see this report were limited to community members that have shown frequent contribution to Drupal.org. The possible exposure time was also limited to between April 15, 2015 20:53 UTC to April 16, 2015 9:00 UTC. There were approximately 44 IP addresses that accessed the information during that time. These users are mostly administrators of Drupal.org and the community members who first reported the incident. Even though the exposure of email addresses was limited as described above, we recommend all users to be cautious of any email that asks you for personal information. We want to thank the community members who moved quickly to alert the Drupal Security and Drupal.org infrastructure teams about the problem.Drupal version: Drupal 7.x

Ready, Set, Drupal 8! D8 Accelerate Fundraiser

Last November we launched Drupal 8 Accelerate, a grant program designed to eliminate Drupal 8 release blockers. Through the progam, we’ve made a small number of grants that have had a huge impact. In fact, we only have about 50 release blockers left between us and release. So now the Association is going to take it to the next level. We've already pledged $62,500 of our general operating budget in 2015 as matching funds for you donations. Now we are announcing that the board has partnered with 7 outstanding community supporters to “match the match” and provide another $62,500 of the program, bringing us to $125,000 available for grants. Now it's your turn! We're asking you to help us raise another $125,000 to make the total amount available for these grants $250,000. You can give knowing that every dollar you contribute is already matched by the Association and these anchor donors, doubling your impact. Your donations will allow us to make more grants, faster, increasing our impact and getting D8 out the door! This is an all-out, everyone-in effort to raise $250,000 to kill the last release blockers in our way.This is our moment - together, we are going to move Drupal 8 from beta to release with the Drupal 8 Accelerate program. We already know it works. Drupal 8 Accelerate grants have already tackled release blockers issues related to menus, entity field validation, and caching. As a donor, you will always know exactly what you're funding because we're making it all public.  Join us today and make your donation. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can all enjoy those launch parties! Special thanks to our anchor donors, Acquia, Appnovation, Lullabot, Palantir.net, Phase2, PreviousNext, and Wunderkraut, for making this matching campaign possible.  These seven organizations stepped up to the plate and made this entire campaign possible. Thank them on Twitter using the #D8Accelerate hashtag. The D8 Accelerate project is designed to help move Drupal 8 from the initial beta to a full release. This directly relates to the Association's mission: uniting a global open source community to build and promote Drupal. This is a pilot program from the Drupal Association to put $250,000 of community funds toward accelerating the release of Drupal 8, due to the strategic impact this work has on the entire Drupal ecosystem. --- Originally published at https://assoc.drupal.org/blog/holly.ross.drupal/ready-set-drupal-8-d8-ac...

Voting is Open for the 2015 At-Large Board Elections

Voting is now open for the 2015 At-Large Board positions for the Drupal Association! If you haven't yet, check out the candidate profiles and review the Meet the Candidate sessions (we ran three) that we held. Get to know your candidates, and then get ready vote. Cast Your Vote! How does voting work? Voting is open to all individuals who have a Drupal.org account by the time nominations open and who have logged in at least once in the past year. These individuals' accounts will be added to the voters list on association.drupal.org and they will have access to the voting. To vote, you will rank candidates in order of your preference (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). The results will be calculated using an "instant runoff" method. For an accessible explanation of how instant runoff vote tabulation works, see the this video. Elections will be held from 9 March through 20 March (midnight UTC) 2015. During this period, you can still review and comment on candidate profiles. Have questions? Contact Drupal Association Executive Director Holly Ross.

Drupal as a platform for DITA-XML-based technical documentation

There is a new Drupal group with the aim of exploring how Drupal can serve as a platform for technical communication and documentation with DITA XML: DITA Tech Comm CMShttps://groups.drupal.org/dita-tech-comm-cms DITA XML is a widely used open standard for technical documentation. The official DITA web site is currently running on Drupal 6 and there is a request for proposal "to put more DITA in dita.xml.org". As the group is still pending approval there is no self-register link yet. Please contact one of the group organizers so we can send you an invitation.

Take Z-Ray for a test run

Hi guys, You may have heard about Z-Ray, a new debugging tool we're working on for PHP and Drupal developers. Just to let you know you can get a taste of it on this demo:http://serverdemo.zend.com/drupal/ Let me know if you have any questions, DanielDrupal version: Drupal 7.x

Nominations Open for Drupal Association At Large Director

It’s a great time to be part of the Drupal Association. We’ve done some amazing work in the last few years, and we’re in a great position to work with the community to continue to improve and grow fully into our mission. As a Drupal Association At-Large Director, you’d be in the center of the action. The At-large Director position is specifically designed to ensure community representation on the Drupal Association board and we strongly encourage anyone with an interest to nominate themselves today. Nominate Yourself Today The Board of Directors of the Drupal Association are responsible for financial oversight and setting the strategic direction of the Drupal Association. New board members will contribute to the strategic direction of the Drupal Association. Board members are advised of, but not responsible for matters related to the day to day operations of the Drupal Association, including program execution, staffing, etc. You can learn more about what’s expected of a board member in this post and presentation. Directors are expected to contribute around five hours per month and attend three in-person meetings per year (financial assistance is available if required). All board members agree to meet the minimum requirements documented in the board member agreement. Today we are opening the self-nomination form that allows you to throw your hat in the ring. We're looking to elect one candidate this year to serve a two-year term. Log in first and... To nominate yourself, you should be prepared to answer a few questions: About Me: Tell us about yourself! Your background, how you got into Drupal, etc. Motivation: Why are you applying for a board position? What initiatives do you hope to help drive, or what perspectives are you going to try and represent? Experience: What Drupal community contributions have you taken part in (code, camps, etc.)? Do you have experience in financial oversight, developing business strategies, or organization governance? Availability: I am able to travel to three in-person board meetings per year (either self-funded, or with financial sponsorship) IRC Handle Twitter Handle We will also need to know that you are available for the next step in the process, meet the candidate sessions. We are hosting 2 sessions:  Session One Tuesday, 24 February 2015 at: 8 AM PST in the US and Canada 11 AM EST in the US and Canada 1 PM in Sao Paulo Brasil 4 PM in London 12 AM Wednesday, 25 February in Beijing 3 AM Wednesday, 25 February Sydney Australia Session Two Wednesday 25 February 2015 at: 4 PM PST in the US and Canada 7 PM EST in the US and Canada 9 PM in Sao Paulo Brasil 1 AM Thursday, 26 February in London 8 AM Thursday, 26 February in Beijing 10 AM Thursday, 26 February in Sydney Australia Session Three Thursday 26 February 2015 at: 12:30 PM PST in the US and Canada 3:30 PM EST in the US and Canada 5:30 PM in Sao Paulo Brasil 8:30 AM Friday, 27 February in London 4:30 AM Friday, 27 February in Beijing 7:30 AM Friday, 27 February in Sydney Australia The nomination form will be open February 1, 2015 through February 20, 2015 at midnight UTC. For a thorough review of the process, please see our announcement blog post. If you have any questions, please contact Holly Ross, Drupal Association Executive Director. Flickr photo: Kodak ViewsFront page news: Drupal News


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