Oh, How Pinteresting!

Building a Pinterest for Everyone

Our mission at Pinterest is to help people discover and do what they love. Hundreds of millions of people come to us to get ideas and inspiration for their lives. And our goal every day is to deliver for our Pinners. To do that, we want to bring in the best talent we can and create a work environment where people can do their best work. That is why one of our top priorities is building a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace. Ben Silbermann

Pinterest 100: The top trends to try in 2018

The results are in, and there’s a lot to look forward to in 2018! Yoga wheels, river cruises and derma rollers are just a few of the emerging trends people on Pinterest are excited about. The Pinterest 100 has it all—100 trend predictions across our top categories, backed by global data. Every category is full of surprises and must-trys, so get ready to Pin your heart out…

A new way to organize your ideas on Pinterest

On Pinterest, the more ideas you find and save to your boards, the more ideas you have to try in real life. But if you’ve saved hundreds of ideas to a single board, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. That’s why we’re launching board sections—a new way to organize your Pins on Pinterest. Now you can save all your favorite ideas to a single board, organize them into sections and easily find them when you’re ready to try them. Lawrence Ripsher

What people are trying on Pinterest this week

Here at Pinterest, we believe that trying something new, big or small, can really be transformative. That’s why we recently launched What if Wednesday—our new program to turn the weekday slump day into a day of trying something new. To participate, just challenge yourself to try one new thing this week. It could be anything—that daring haircut you’ve been contemplating, a twist on your weekday uniform, or a new ingredient you’ve been meaning to play around with. Tiffany Chao

Win at winter: 23 trends to do it

Winter, schminter. The colder temps are no big deal, when you know what the hottest trends are. To help you warm up to November, our insights team dug into what people are currently searching and saving on Pinterest. Cozy coats and pressure-cooker comfort foods are just a few that made the list—read on to see the complete rundown. Wrap yourself up in cozy Christine Cassis

Introducing the Workshop: A creative studio for bringing Pinterest ideas to life

More than 200 million people discover and try new ideas every month on Pinterest, and we wanted to bring that same spirit to a physical space. Today, we’re excited to announce the grand opening of the Workshop, a first-of-its-kind creative studio and social club at Pinterest HQ, fully equipped with professional equipment, art supplies and more. Aimee Bidlack

New Pinterest shortcuts for iOS 11

The latest updates from Apple have made the iPad better than ever, with new features for multitasking with Pinterest and other apps. To make it even easier to save and share Pins from your freshly updated iPad or iPhone, we added a few new shortcuts to the Pinterest app. A faster way to save Pins on your iPad Tim Johnsen

Celebrating the 200 million people of Pinterest

When we launched Pinterest in 2010, we were floored by how many people flocked to the site to find new ideas for their lives. As it turns out, curiosity and the desire to try new things are universal. Every year, more and more people come to Pinterest to explore their unique interests and tastes. Now people from all walks of life and all corners of the world use it to discover and do what they love.  Evan Sharp

Search and Lens move front and center

When you fire up your Pinterest app today, you may notice a small but very helpful new improvement. Now, instead of having to open the Explore tab to search for ideas to try, you simply type what you’re looking for into the new search bar at the top of your home feed. You also have the Lens camera right there at the ready, so when you spot something out in the world that looks interesting, you can quickly tap open Lens to snap a photo and find related ideas. Audrey Tsang


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