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Our Expanded Transparency Report: First Half of 2019

Today we’re publishing our bi-annual Transparency Report for the January-June 2019 reporting period. As always, this includes our Government Requests Report, outlining how we respond to government requests about our members or the content they share. For the first time, we’re also publishing a Community Report. We’re including this new report to provide more visibility into how we enforce our Professional Community Policies and address activity and content that isn’t allowed on our platform.... .

Be What You Must: Finding the Job Meant for You

For some, the search for a job is a search for a sense of purpose or passion. For others, it’s fueled by the drive to get to that next level or the desire to provide. Whatever the motivation, the job search is a common thread millions of professionals share. But how do we navigate the sometimes daunting process to find that great job -- that place where we feel we truly belong?  With millions of open jobs and more than 660 million members, LinkedIn can help you connect with the community and... .

Updates to our Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service are getting an update, effective January 6, 2020. This means our Privacy Policy, User Agreement and Cookie Policy will all have some changes to reflect new features, simplify language and make your data choices even more clear. A few highlights to note: You’ll see our newly expanded feature that makes it easier to plan in-person events leveraging your LinkedIn community. You’ll see we’ve reflected a recent acquisition that is now part of our service. You can review our... .

Maintaining the Trust of Our Members

Here at LinkedIn, one of our core values has always been to put our members first. This means that every day, when making decisions large and small, we ask: "Is this the right thing to do for our members?" This value is what drives us, unites our company, and pushes us to remain worthy of the trust of our nearly 660 million members.  As our impact on the world of work has grown, we recognize that our responsibility has grown as well. We understand that in the critical areas of privacy,... .

We Need to Talk about Fertility at Work

Some sobering stats for you here: 1 in 6 couples across the world experience fertility issues (source: World Fertility Day), and there are 1.5 million treatments given annually to assist in conception (source: International Federation of Fertility Societies). Today marks the start of National Fertility Awareness Week in the UK, and we have been working with Fertility Network UK to uncover the realities of what these fertility challenges can mean for employees and employers alike. Looking at the... .

What Are You Searching For?

What are you searching for? When it comes to your career, it’s one of the biggest questions you might ask yourself. It could be that you’re searching for your dream job, fulfilling ambitions that you’ve held since you were a child. Or, it could simply be that you want to cut down the hours spent commuting every day, spending more time with your family or creating a better work-life balance. Our new jobs-focused brand campaign - the latest iteration of our global In It Together initiative, which... .

Your Professional Network Can Help You Succeed

It’s been said again and again: Networking is important to get ahead in your professional career.  If you’re like a lot of people though, the concept of networking can seem intimidating or time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. Think about the last person you leaned on for advice or the person you celebrated your latest career milestone with. You already have people in your life who are the foundation of a healthy and vibrant network. Start there.   Recently, we invited Julie Miller, a... .

Finding News on LinkedIn

Keeping tabs on industry news and trending stories can be essential to your day-to-day work. Knowing what is going on in the world, and hearing expert opinions on that news, can make you work smarter and help you have more engaging conversations with your colleagues.  But time is limited in a busy work schedule. When looking for news, we not only want to know what’s being discussed quickly, but also want to get smarter by discovering diverse perspectives and joining the conversation. That’s why... .

National Boss’s Day: Find the Right Boss (and Job!) For You

It’s National Boss’s Day -- a holiday created 60 years ago to celebrate all the great managers in the workforce. Having a good boss is crucial to your success and happiness at work; and today, professionals throughout the U.S. will be taking a moment to recognize the support and encouragement they have received from those bosses and mentors who have influenced their careers.  But, what does this day mean for you if you’re looking for a new job? A new boss is a key factor during the job hunt --... .

Planning an in Person Professional Gathering Just Got Easier With LinkedIn Events

One of the most important aspects of building professional relationships for our members is being able to meet face to face. Whether at a local networking meet-up, a workshop or an alumni gathering, in-person interactions can help you create and foster deeper professional relationships. In fact, our data says that the chances of people accepting connection requests on LinkedIn increase 2X if they have attended a face-to-face meeting. To help you plan your next face-to-face professional... .

Three Ways You Can Take the Plus One Pledge and Help Close the Network Gap

Last month at Talent Connect, our CEO Jeff Weiner introduced the network gap -- the advantage some people have to access opportunities based on where they grew up, where they went to school, or where they work and called on people to come together to help close it by taking the Plus One Pledge. We’re inspired by the stories many of you have shared about the “Plus One” mindset you already have. And we’re encouraged to hear that so many of you want to help people who don’t have access to the... .

The Future of Work Could Be At Home

Working from home has been on the radar of professionals for years. It used to be reserved for the occasional furniture delivery or an in-a-pinch necessity; but now, as technology has improved and professionals seek more flexibility, major organizations are incorporating remote work policies across the board. In fact, with almost half of U.S. professionals working from home on occasion, it’s so common these days that there’s actually a national holiday week celebrating remote work -- and it... .

Connect, Follow or Message: How to Build the Best Professional Relationships on LinkedIn

Building a thoughtful LinkedIn network is a great way to open doors for getting and giving career advice. But, growing your network isn’t just about the quantity of connections you have. In fact, we recommend multiple ways to have enriching conversations and meaningful interactions with people on LinkedIn.  Know when to connect Everyone talks about LinkedIn connections and the benefits they provide as you grow your professional career. And that is the truth! But, who exactly should you connect... .

Closing the Network Gap

At LinkedIn, we believe that two people with equal talent should have equal access to opportunity. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case.  We’ve all heard that “who you know” matters, and research proves that’s true. More than 70% of professionals get hired at companies where they already have a connection. And on LinkedIn, applicants who are referred to a job by a current employee are nine times more likely to get hired.  In other words, networks matter a lot. But, like opportunity,... .

A New Holiday to Celebrate: Fall Hiring Season

Fall is here and while you might associate the new season with football, foliage and pumpkin-spiced everything, it’s also hiring season and the best time of year to look for a new job. In fact, there are more available job postings on LinkedIn in October than any other month. What’s more, 89% of hiring managers tell us it takes less than four weeks to fill a role, so if you start your search now, you could be in a new gig by Halloween.  With more than 20 million jobs available on LinkedIn and... .

Announcing Skill Assessments to Help You Showcase Your Skills

We know it’s important to have a way to effectively show the skills you spend time cultivating. In fact, according to new LinkedIn research, 69% of professionals think their skills are more important than college education when job-seeking, and more than 76% wish there was a way for hiring managers to verify their skills so they could stand out amongst other candidates. That’s why we’re we’re excited to roll out LinkedIn Skill Assessments, a new way for you to validate the skills you have. When... .

Tap Your Linkedin Network to Fill Your Project Needs

Whether it’s a marketing guru to help you with your website, a copywriter extraordinaire to manage your blog, a career coach to help you nail your next interview, or a tax genius to help you navigate your return, the LinkedIn network can help you find someone who can help.  We’ve rolled out some new tools to help you find the right service providers that can help you get the job done.  Search For Help Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to search for service providers and freelancers and not only... .

Staying Safe on LinkedIn During Your Job Search

Every day we’re making our professional community a place where everyone can find economic opportunity and pathways to grow their careers. And when it comes to finding that new opportunity, learning a skill or getting and giving career advice, you expect that process to be exciting and maybe a little nerve wracking, but never unsafe. Millions of people use LinkedIn to search and apply for jobs every day -- and when job searching, safety means knowing the recruiter you’re chatting with is who... .

The 2019 LinkedIn Top Startups Are Growing Fast -- and Hiring Even Faster

Today, we revealed the 2019 LinkedIn Top Startups in the U.S. list, identifying the top 50 hottest startups to work for today as determined by billions of actions of more than 645+ million professionals on LinkedIn.  Our annual Top Startups list is a reflection of how work is changing (more than 75% of startups on the list say that a college degree isn’t required for job applicants), which new industries are emerging and rapidly growing (this is the first time we’ve seen the cannabis industry... .

LinkedIn by the Sea: A Glimpse Into Grimsby’s Future

Earlier this summer, I wrote about a new project we have launched in the UK coastal town of Grimsby, a place synonymous with the British fishing industry. Like similar towns across the country, it’s suffered economically in recent times and is looking to   embrace new thinking to open up future employment opportunities for local people.  In the past few months, we’ve had inspiring conversations with jobseekers, educators, local politicians and the business community. They’ve helped us to better... .


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