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Grow and Succeed Together With LinkedIn Groups

Now more than ever we are seeing the critical role that community plays as we navigate our lives. Professionals around the globe join LinkedIn Groups to extend their networks and connect with school classmates, company colleagues, alumni, or professionals who share common interests. As a group owner or manager, you play a pivotal role in the way people interact and feel supported by like-minded professionals. Starting a LinkedIn group Before you get started, ask yourself: What is the purpose of... .

Transparency Report: Second half of 2019

Today we’re releasing our latest Transparency Report, addressing government requests we received as well as our own actions to remove inappropriate content and fake accounts from LinkedIn in the July-December 2019 reporting period. We see transparency as crucial to maintaining the trust of our members and building a safe, trusted and professional platform. So what do the numbers show? As expected, across most reporting categories in our Government Report and our Community Report, we continue to... .

The Trending Skill You Didn’t Know You Needed

While curiosity may have led to some important moments in our careers, most of us do not necessarily think of it as a must-have skill. It’s time to think again. Curiosity, used strategically, can not only improve the way we work, it can also transform the way we think by allowing us to see creative solutions that may be missed by others, make wiser decisions and increase our influence. In fact, according to Becki Saltzman, LinkedIn Learning Instructor and Founder of The Applied Curiosity Lab,... .

How to Demonstrate Your Expertise and Build Your Brand on LinkedIn

Engaging your community by sharing stories, advice, and information is a great way to foster relationships and spark conversations. If you’re looking for the best way to get started and stand out from the crowd, here are four tips that can help. 1. NEW - Feature your work Your LinkedIn profile allows you to tell your professional story. Now, you can take it a step further with Featured, a new section on your profile where you can showcase posts you’ve authored or re-shared, articles you’ve... .

Weekly Trending Skill: Teamwork and Collaboration

During this continued surge in online learning, we’ve noticed an increase in people investing in core foundational skills that are highly transferable across industries, roles and levels. Our skill of the week, teamwork, is a great example of this. Not only are people spending a lot of time learning how to become better teammates, it’s also one of the top skills listed in active job postings on LinkedIn, with approximately two million job postings from a breadth of industries highlighting this... .

Celebrating Healthcare Heros this International Nurses Day

Today marks International Nurses Day - and it couldn’t come at a more important time as we continue to rely on healthcare workers to keep us healthy as we battle COVID-19. To help celebrate, we’re encouraging our members to share a post to thank nurses around the globe using #NursesWeek. Try mentioning a nurse that has had a direct impact on you. Helping to fill critical healthcare roles As healthcare providers work around the clock on our front lines, we are committed to doing everything we... .

Tapping into the Power of Your Professional Network with Polls

Your professional network can be a great asset when it comes to gleaning insights or getting a second opinion. Whether you’re debating which business tool you should invest in, curious about which LinkedIn Learning course professionals in your field find useful, or deciding which interview question to ask a prospective team member, getting input from your network can give you the confidence to pull the trigger or pursue another direction. That’s why we are introducing a quick, easy and... .

Follow the Changemakers Driving Change in the World of Work

We’re all dealing with a world that is very different than it was even a few weeks ago. Never has our generation experienced such levels of change and global uncertainty, not knowing what the next week will bring. But the one thing we can try to control is how we react and adapt to these changes. COVID-19 has seen organisations and professionals come together to support one another. Social media has played a key role in making this happen, allowing us to both give and get help from our phones... .

America’s Teachers Are Teaching Us All About Leadership Right Now

In a pre-pandemic world, working parents (including me) spent our days at work while our children spent theirs at school -- out of sight, if not out of mind. Now, nearly 75% of professionals are working from home, and more than half of us have children at home participating in distance learning. For the first time, we have a very clear view of what it really takes our teachers to teach our kids.   In a time when a typical school day is nowhere to be found, our teachers have had to adapt... .

Weekly Trending Skill: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Online learning continues to surge globally with 3X the number of learners visiting LinkedIn Learning in April versus February. When we looked into the skills our members were learning, we saw an interesting one rise in popularity: Feedback -- how to give and receive it. Now, it’s no secret that this is an important skill to have in order to be successful in your career. In fact, according to a recent Glint survey, when managers provide performance feedback to employees, those employees report... .

Working to Support Nonprofits During Coronavirus

Today, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the world is coming together for a day of global giving and generosity. LinkedIn members are honoring #GivingTuesdayNow by supporting the causes and organizations they most care about with their time, their voice, and their financial resources.  We know the nonprofit sector has been especially impacted by this crisis, and over the past several weeks we, like many other organizations, have grappled with how we can best support our nonprofit... .

Introducing New Ways to Get Ready for the Virtual Job Interview

Job searching is stressful in even the best of times and the impact of coronavirus has made this an especially tough market. If you’re searching for a job right now, we want to help you stand out to recruiters and prepare for your interview -- which most likely will be virtual. So, we have accelerated the launch of two new features to help you put your best foot forward: we are testing a new video introduction feature and adding an artificial intelligence AI-powered instant feedback tool that... .

Weekly Trending Skill: Finding Your Most Productive Self

With more than 1.85M hours of time spent on LinkedIn Learning in the second week of April (a more than 3X increase since the first week of January), it’s clear people are finding value in online learning right now. As we mentioned in last week’s blog post Turning to Learning to Adapt to our New Realities, each week we’ll share a skill that’s trending and make related courses available for free. So, what’s the skill this week? It’s productivity. Not the productivity of managing your to-do list... .

Working Together to Help One Another

In the few weeks since we launched our commitment to help fill critical roles on the frontlines, we’ve received requests from nearly 2,000 organizations in 25 different countries to help fill 200,000 healthcare and essential services related positions, and we’ve seen 550,000 applications to these jobs from our members. Starting this week, we’re thrilled to share that Uber, SAP, Relativity, Okta and SmartRecruiters will begin supporting our Recruiting for Good program, using their own recruiters... .

Turning to Learning to Adapt to Our New Realities

As our social and professional norms shift, people are turning to learning to help them get through. In the first week of April, people watched 1.7M hours of learning content on LinkedIn Learning vs. 560K hours in the first week of January -- a 3X increase in time spent learning. Whether you’re adjusting to a new normal for work-life balance, reskilling for your next job, or honing existing skills for your current role, online learning can help. We’re together apart, even in learning. Now more... .

Celebrating the People that Keep the World Healthy

In tandem with the World Health Organization’s World Health Day, we’re taking a moment to celebrate professionals and experts on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, we’re unveiling a special edition of LinkedIn Top Voices list, highlighting the health care experts who are covering the COVID-19 pandemic.  Each year, our Top Voices list surfaces the professionals whose posts, videos, articles and comments spark quality conversations in their industries. This special edition list... .

Helping Fill Critical Jobs on the Front Line

The global battle we are fighting with this pandemic has shone a light on our local heroes - from the doctors, nurses and medical professionals caring for our sick - to the growers, truckers, warehouse workers, and grocery staff all of whom keep our food and other critical supplies reaching us. As they work around the clock on our front lines, we are committed to doing everything we can to help their respective organizations find the people they need to meet the growing demand for these... .

Resources to Help You Navigate the Challenges of Today's Job Market

The global economy has been shaken by the COVID-19 outbreak, leading to an increase in people applying for unemployment. As companies from a wide-range of industries experience a decline in hiring, people looking for a job are coping with uncertainty, assessing options, and fine-tuning their career search strategies in the face of a tough job market.  To help make this easier, we’re providing a free learning path of 12 courses to help you navigate these challenging economic times. Whether... .

Jobs in Demand During COVID-19

As concerns about coronavirus deepen in the U.S., people and businesses are responding to rapid changes in day-to-day life. As a result of this, we’re seeing an increased demand for jobs within healthcare providers and other organizations that are supporting the country through this pandemic.  If your job has been impacted by coronavirus, or if you’re ready to immediately jump in to help those organizations that need to fill roles during this challenging time, here are the most in-demand jobs... .

Tips to Share Your Insights and Experiences on LinkedIn

In this new world of social distancing, it's easy to feel alone. That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep connected with one another and identify ways you can help by offering your experiences. We’ve seen sharing on LinkedIn increase, with members discussing topics like remote working, online learning and collaboration, indicating there’s a desire and need to understand how people are adjusting to new routines.  No matter what industry you’re in or where you are in your career,  it’s a... .


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