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Workplace Wisdom From Space: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Captain Jim Whetherbee

Before he became a U.S. Navy Aviator, landed airplanes on aircraft carriers, flew fighter jets, and especially before making five successful trips to space, Captain Jim Whetherbee actually hated adrenaline, danger and risk-taking. In fact, he still does. To this day, he’s clearly been able to suppress this fear while being successful, safe, and productive. This is largely due to a life chalk-full of experiences, several of which were spent facing risk and danger head-on, which helped foster his... .

Find Your Next Job by Quietly Signaling You’re Open to New Opportunities

One year ago, we introduced a feature called Open Candidates, which gives job seekers an easy way to quietly signal to recruiters that they’re open to new opportunities. This is a win-win for recruiters and job-seekers alike, as interested candidates get contacted for relevant opportunities and recruiters can search a pool of job seekers looking for a new challenge. This has been — and will continue to be — a huge part of helping millions of our members connect with opportunity. The response... .

Tuesday Tip: Who You Know Can Yelp You Get The Job

Did you know that more than 70% of professionals on LinkedIn have been hired at companies where they have a connection? The next time you’re checking out a job opening or a Company Page on LinkedIn, we’ll show your mutual connections in the messaging conversation window. The people you know at the company may be able to help you learn more about the culture, make an introduction, or refer you for a job. Starting a conversation is a great first step toward opening up new opportunities. .

Keep the Conversation Going with New Smart Replies in LinkedIn Messaging

The conversations you have on LinkedIn can open up a variety of opportunities, ranging from making  an introduction to your next boss to getting valuable advice from a peer in your industry. But we know that finding the time to reply or simply be responsive to incoming messages can sometimes be a challenge with everything else you have going on. To help you shave a little time and more easily respond to your messages, we’ve made our reply suggestions smarter. Using machine learning, we’ll show... .

Evolving the Definition of Success in the U.K. and Germany

When I was growing up, pop culture perpetuated the idea that success only came from power, money and possessions. Whether it was Gordon Gekko ruling Wall Street or Jerry Maguire being shown the money, the idea of achieving success revolved around hitting the financial jackpot. Since then, the world has been redefined in every way possible. We watch all our shows when we want to without the need to tune in at a specific time, clouds now store our pictures rather than frames, and apps help us... .

Practical Tips for Finding The Way In: Anna’s Job Search Story

Shortly after starting law school, Anna realized it wasn’t for her. “I just wasn’t very fulfilled,” said Anna. “And I didn’t know what I could do next.” We’ve all been there. Sometimes we feel stuck. But it’s what Anna did to get unstuck that makes her story so inspiring, actionable and insightful for anyone considering a career shift. Specifically, Anna did three things to kickstart her new career as a software engineer: #1 Talk to the people you know. Anna leaned on her personal relationships... .

Tuesday Tip: Update Your Career Interests and Discover the Right Jobs

Finding the right job can sometimes feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. One action you can take to help is to share your career interests, which in turn helps LinkedIn personalize job recommendations for you. Using the Career Interests dashboard, you can set your career interests by location, company size, industry, and the job titles you’re interested in pursuing. Here you can also turn on Open Candidates to privately signal you’re open to a new opportunity — in fact, this can... .

Huawei and LinkedIn: A new way to power your professional relationships

We’re excited to share a new partnership with Huawei, which announced its new Mate10 flagship smartphone in Munich, Germany today. As part of our collaboration with Huawei, you will now be able to access the power of your LinkedIn network directly from your Huawei smartphone. It’s an OS level integration available to all users of the new EMUI 8, which means that you can now connect your LinkedIn account to see the latest profile information about your professional contacts directly integrated... .

Tuesday Tip: Never Miss a Beat with the Daily Rundown

Ever worry that you’ll be caught tongue tied when your coworkers are talking about the news of the day? Fear not. Each day, LinkedIn’s editors publish the Daily Rundown to make sure you’re up-to-speed on the day’s top professional news, trends and career tips. If you have the LinkedIn mobile app, you’ll see the Daily Rundown in your notifications when it’s ready: The Daily Rundown is currently available to members in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and India, with other countries... .

Practical Tips for Finding The Way In: Claire’s Job Search Story

Claire was worried her dream job didn’t exist. For her, a dream job was one with an exciting role, cool technology and a just-right commute. Oh, and it needed to be a job that would make a big impact in the world. A tall order, right? But then she found it — all of it, at a company right in her backyard. If you’re thinking this was pure luck, think again. Here are 3 things Claire did that any job seeker can do today to help find their way in to a new opportunity: #1 Search and find companies... .

Tuesday Tip: Using the Follow Hub to Discover Fresh Perspectives and Manage Your Followers

If you’re interested in finding new perspectives to follow on LinkedIn, check out your follow hub. Here you’ll find relevant recommendations on people, companies and publications to follow. Additionally, you can see and manage who you’re following and who’s following you — all in one place. From here, you can also unfollow sources if you no longer want to receive their updates, but would like to remain connected on LinkedIn (don’t worry, your connections will never know you unfollowed them). To... .

Cracking the Interview Code to Find Your Way In

Nice work, you've landed an interview for that job you want. Now what? The initial excitement may wear off as nervous energy sets in. You may start to wonder: How does my experience compare to others? Is this the right fit? What do I wear? How do I make a good impression? The good news is that some of the most common interview pitfalls that can distract potential employers from our strengths are super easy to avoid. Based on survey feedback we gathered from professionals across the U.S., we... .

Be an Ally for the Women in Tech at GHC 2017

Seeing women in tech and the allies that support them come together each year at the Grace Hopper Celebration is powerful and inspiring. This year, we’re proud to send 180 LinkedIn employees and have 12 women speaking  including software engineers, product managers and designers, as well as many of our male leaders, to the event. As one of the leaders of our Women in Tech (WIT) program, I am constantly in awe of the women who are part of this group. WIT’s mission is to help give technical... .

From Positive States to Lasting Traits: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson

There’s no denying that mindfulness training has skyrocketed in popularity, whether it be by way of yoga, meditation, or one of the many other outlets of practice. In the past few decades, it has gone from a niche exercise, to a full-blown lifestyle that millions have devoted their time, effort, and in some cases, life to. Regular mindfulness practice, even when done for a few minutes, can improve our ability to concentrate, remember, be present, learn, recover from stress, and stay resilient,... .

Practical Tips for Finding The Way In: Rahul's Job Search Story

When Rahul moved to a new city to begin a new chapter in his career, he knew the best way to find his way in to the right opportunity would start with his connections. Also, that determination and persistence were going to be critical in his job search. In fact, Rahul said it best, “Rejection is inevitable, but all it takes is one.” And he’s right. Often times, all it takes is one opportune moment to find your way in to a job you love. One message to a friend. One casual conversation with an... .

Tuesday Tip: See How You’re Being Discovered with LinkedIn Search Appearances

If you’ve ever wondered how people are finding you on LinkedIn, we’ve got you covered with Search Appearances. Go to the dashboard on your profile to check out how many times you appeared in LinkedIn search results this week, and see the companies and job titles of people who found you. Here’s what it looks like in the LinkedIn App: You can use this information to update your profile and increase your chances of being found on LinkedIn. For example, if you’re a graphic designer and want to be... .

Adding LinkedIn’s Profile Card on Office 365 Offers a Simple Way to Build a Professional Relationship

Over my career, I’ve learned that the success of a project is often determined by the strength of the team. That’s why it’s important to take time to know the people you work with, and it’s why I’m excited to share LinkedIn’s integration into the Office Profile Card, bringing personalized LinkedIn insights directly into your Microsoft Office 365 experience. This makes it easier to develop authentic relationships with your colleagues, your customers, and your partners, and is part of our efforts... .

Great Examples of How Members are Using LinkedIn Video

Since launching LinkedIn Video this summer, we’ve been wowed by the creative and useful videos that we’re seeing all of you sharing — from rocket launches and VR showcases to Hollywood illustrations and video resumes — the world of work is diverse and fascinating. Here are a few videos that caught our eye: Give people an inside look into your job A mooring master tows a floating wind turbine into position: Show off your projects A virtual reality artist makes a guide to the Burning Man festival... .


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