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The Extra Mile 24: Vishal Desai

While we were giving you a glimpse at the champs from our Account Management team over the past few months, our technical support team has been up to a lot, business as usual as they like to call it! Vishal Desai, who has featured in one of our blog posts previously, is back with another instance to make us all proud of! Our Support Executive: Vishal has been around for about 3 years and hasn’t stopped making waves at ResellerClub, with his expertise and deftness! Here’s more about the issue itself and how Vishal’s super skills helped us please yet another happy reseller: The Issue: Allan faced problems in connecting to FTP and in the installation of Open Cart. He also required tips to reduce instances of email IPs getting blacklisted for (incorrectly flagged as) spamming. The Complication: FTP error occurred due to incorrect settings on FileZilla. Several applications installed on his SDL server coupled with the huge size of the default index page led to the website resolving considerably slowly, hence the installation of Open Cart was proving troublesome. An incorrect table prefix had been used, which too caused errors during the installation. Also, since he was using a shared hosting package, his installation which used a full server (root access) query and IPs were getting blacklisted. Our Solution: Vishal, with his quick thinking and experience, was able to identify the stumbling blocks in a jiffy. To begin with, Vishal resolved the FTP error which Allan encountered, by fixing the FileZilla settings and then downloading coreftp. He sent Allan screenshots of all the steps in order to ensure the correct procedure is followed. To ensure the server response time is optimal, Vishal advised Allan not to load the server with multiple unrequired applications and to get them deleted.  Vishal also recommended Allan some tools which would help him check how well his website is optimized. To fix the Open Cart installation issue, having checked the error screnshots which the client shared, Vishal immediately noticed that client was using incorrect database table prefix which was a major obstruction in the process and promptly assisted Allan in getting the same rectified. To tackle the issue of IPs getting blacklisted for spamming, Vishal advocated Dedicated Servers to Allan and explained to him how he can make their best use. This way, Allan could ensure that he is in complete control of all outgoing emails from a particular IP. In reseller’s own words: “I’d like to express my gratitude towards the entire customer care staff of ResellerClub for their speedy and efficient services, with special mention of Vishal, who’s nothing less than a genius! He provided timely and helpful advice regarding the Database, FTP issue, Open cart and also went on to give me tips on how to better use my service with respect to applications. I am definitely buying the Dedicated Server from ResellerClub, Vishal has helped me with all the important information regarding the product including its features, consumption and specifications. He has always been very patient even when I had multiple queries. He has excellent technical knowledge and is honest with the information provided. I was able to complete all my transactions within seconds, thanks to the efficient team!”

What the New gTLDs mean for Search Engine Optimization

With the rise of the new gTLDs, the Internet ball game is changing. An important question that arises with the influx of the new gTLDs, is how these will affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google says no new TLD will be given preference over a traditional TLD and vice versa. It will simply continue to rank based on the best result regardless of a new gTLD or a traditional TLD. Will different search engines give different results then? Check out this video by Google Webmasters to get the full answer: While Google may insist that new TLDs will not affect SEO largely, an article by my colleague pointed out with an example how a keyword-rich domain name did rank higher. Additionally, there is a possibility of “search by extension” that we may be witnessing soon. The .XXX registry already has a in place that allows for search within that specific TLD, just as Google & Bing search the web at large. Likewise, for example, if a .LAWYER allows a number of verified lawyers to have their domain names with this TLD, the registry could decide to have a to make search faster and more convenient. With the new gTLDs, the possibilities on the Internet are enormous. There are business opportunities for everyone especially domain resellers. As a company that caters to domain resellers as part of our business, we bring you the best promotions and offers so you get a substantial profit margin. Join the gTLD revolution. Book your domain name at the extension of your choice or join us as a domain reseller!

Important Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Web Hosting Company

When you own a business, deciding on which web hosting company to choose can be difficult. At times where every other company out there promises to provide 99% uptime, it becomes more so difficult to decide which ones to choose. You have to ensure that the web hosting company you choose does not only provide with maximum uptime, but also with unlimited resources, and knowledgeable support. There has to be a way to finalize a hosting service. Although price is an important consideration, it should not be the only one. Choosing a professional web hosting service for your website will be effective in the long run. They assure of long-term results and the quality of their services will be appreciated. Here are some of the important considerations that will help you decide the best hosting service provider that best fits your requirement. Price                                                                                                                                                    When you have to choose a web hosting service, the first thing that most people consider is the price rather than looking at the host specification packages. However, price shouldn’t be the determining factor when choosing a hosting provider. After considering a couple of web hosting providers, consider the price differences between them. Make sure you do not jump on the cheapest offer you come across. It may not necessarily be the best idea, especially if you intend to make money out of your website. Take a close look at companies who are aiming at long-term contracts at a lesser price. They may not have much to offer. Where you could save money, on one hand, you might lose your freedom to opt for a better hosting company in future. Technical Specifications Take a deeper look at your site, analyze it and find out how you want your website to work for you. If you’re planning to host a blog on your website, with rich media content and videos, or you want to present it as an e-commerce site, then you must not opt for the cheapest hosting package you find. It is least likely to have the desired RAM, processing power, and disk space you need to meet the challenges of a dynamic website. Besides, you might have to spend excess on dealing with downtime and loading issues unnecessarily. Bandwidth Limitations Consider the bandwidth limitations of different hosting package providers. Make sure you don’t end up paying extra for additional traffic whenever your website has higher number of visitors. Most hosting companies do include an unlimited bandwidth for traffic in their packages. Be careful while deciding on one. Data security and information If your website business involves monetary transactions for goods or services, it must have an SSL support (Secure Sockets Layer). An SSL support will ensure safer transactions and will assure safety of personal user information. Also, it is important that you find a hosting company that has the option for data backup on a regular basis. In case of any unfortunate event, you can avoid losing your data and your website’s content with daily backup. Technical Support Before choosing a web hosting provider, consider their reputation for customer support. See if there are different ways of getting through them whenever you need technical assistance – email, toll-free service, and so on. Do they operate 24/7? Do they outsource their customer support? Check what kind of technical support the hosting company offers especially at midnight. Check how fast they respond and how effective is their response. Scalability Another important consideration other than the package you choose is whether or not you see them as a part of your future plans. In simple words, what feels adequate now may not meet your demands a couple of years later. A web-based enterprise must focus on growth and future expansion. So, in case of a hosting company finds it difficult to meet your increasing demands, it could pose as an issue. At ResellerClub, we offer Linux Reseller Hosting at great prices giving you a profitable margin, secure hosting & 24×7 support! Starting a hosting business has never been this easy! Got some queries for us or tips you would like to share? Leave us a comment!

HostingCon Europe Is Back!

The World’s premiere conference and trade show for cloud and hosting providers is back! Mark your calendars for 22nd and 23rd September at Amsterdam! At HostingCon Europe, meet the brightest minds, the industry veterans and learn about the latest ideas and technology and cutting edge products to grow your business! Networking is a huge part of this HostingCon Europe and we get the leaders in the industry together at one place! Here’s who all you can expect to see there:  Click here to check out the list of exhibitors, the schedule & other details of HostingCon Europe. Also, check out pictures from last year’s HostingCon Europe! Hope to see you there! If you have any queries for us, do leave it in the comments below!

Gear up for HostingCon China, May 2015

It’s that time of the year when we’re gearing up to meet the biggest names in the Internet world at HostingCon China, 2015! Meet and hear from professionals, experts and industry veterans! Interact with Edmon Chung (CEO, .ASIA), Toa Charm (Founder & Chairperson, HKCS) and John Yang (ResellerClub, Vice Manager), the three speakers among the big names at HostingCon China! We will announce more speakers shortly. Register NOW, get your free pass & stand a chance to win an iPad Mini 3! Mark your calendars for May 30th! See you at the event! For any queries, please comment in the section below!

Importance of Latency in Web Hosting

How long does it take for the visitors from another country to load your website? This is one very critical question you must ask yourself when hosting your website on servers in a particular location but have visitors from another geographic location. Since the Internet is global, it is highly possible that your website visitors from a distant location are experiencing delays (latency) in getting through to your web content. In the web world, “latency” is the time taken for the host servers to receive and process a request for a web page. The amount of latency is largely dependent on how far the visitor is from the server location. It is always recommended to locate your server close to your primary audience base for your website content to load faster. The load time on your website does affect the overall user experience too. In case your webpage takes a lot of time to load, it is highly possible that your website visitors will move on to another website even before your content could load. The latency becomes a rather critical aspect especially if you have loads of images and videos on your website, making it really heavy. For obvious reasons, taking on latency thus becomes a top priority for the web industry. There are several ways to do this. Understanding Latency Regardless of where your host servers are located, there will be some amount of latency between your users and the server. That’s because the information is passed at the speed of light through switches, between networks along the global fiber optic routes. Do not confuse latency with bandwidth. Bandwidth does affect internet speeds, but a high bandwidth/high latency connection may achieve better throughput with a delay before the data arrives, due to the high latency. A good example of this would be a news channel interview over the satellite, where there is a visible delay between the question and answer – that’s latency. When it’s about latency in hosting, every fractions of a second counts. A difference of 10-500 milliseconds while loading a webpage may seem really long for some, while others would consider it as normal. It all depends on how your visitors like to use your service, and how much every millisecond is worth. Content Delivery Networks (CDN) In order to analyze latency, you first need to understand the existing issues in your infrastructure and applications. These days, most of the hosting companies also provide CDN services. The CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) provide the website content to a visitor based out of any location from the nearest servers. This service thus helps in cutting down the latency of your website. This feature is all the more critical for those websites having an international audience. This way your website is presented to the users from the servers located nearest to them, thereby reducing the down trip time. Thanks for reading this article! Comment & tell us if you found it useful!

Rise of the New gTLDs

What are new Top Level Domain names? Why were they launched? This infographic is a cool insight into the purpose of these new gTLDs that are changing the Internet scene. Found this infographic interesting? SHARE it!

What is Website Builder? What are Its Advantages?

A user friendly, well designed website is one of the biggest assets that adds value to any business today. With the ever-increasing need of having an online presence today, people are trying their best to come up with a website that’s designed perfectly according to their respective needs. No wonder website builder tools are gaining popularity with each passing day. As internet access is getting faster and more reliable with time, website builders are becoming more and more popular amongst the masses. What is a Website Builder? Website Builder is an Internet-based website designing application that allows users to produce professional-looking website in very little time.  With this, you can help your customers develop websites within minutes. An online website builder helps your customers obtain a fully functional online presence. Besides, updating the website’s content or adding new content, images or multimedia content is easier via a user-friendly interface. What are website builders for? These systems are perfect for individuals, freelancers, photographers, small-time businesses and start-ups. Give Customers a Comprehensive Website Builder Website Builder tool helps your customers build fully fledged websites quickly. Your customer can be charged on the basis of the Web Space and the number of web pages specified with a particular plan. While conventional content management systems were designed to administer large websites, online website builders were designed keeping smaller website projects in mind. Essentially, the user doesn’t require much of technical know-how or special programming skills like installing a CMS, applying a template, or creating a database. This means that incorporating any changes to the website’s design or templates is easier, while the content need not be modified in between. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of using online website builders. Advantages of Using a Website Builder Reduced Cost – Using a website builder reduces the cost of developing and maintaining a website significantly. No Coding – With a website builder, one doesn’t need to learn HTML or any other type of website coding. Choose any of the templates to develop a website that fits the business perfectly. High Quality Graphics – A website builder gives you access to high-quality website graphics which can be used at no additional cost. These graphics can be used to enhance the website pages thereby making the site more attractive for visitors. Ease of use – Almost all website builders offer a drag and drop facility, which means the user need not write a new code every time for every change he wishes to make to the website. It thus gives the user the ability to upgrade content and images very easily. Apart from these obvious benefits, as a seller you can expect these benefits too No Technical or Designing Skills Required Ample of Unique Designs Customizable Templates Easy Customer Management Customize Your Own Plans Set Your Own Rates In a nutshell, you’ll get all the profits and advantages under your own private reseller web hosting business label without additional cost or efforts! Got some tips on how to make a website awesome? Share it with us in the comments below!

The Extra Mile 23 – Swadha Sharma

Here’s another young gun in our camp, a charged-up live wire who is motivated to take on all issues faced by our clients – Swadha Sharma! An effortless conversationalist with a distinct ability to empathise, she is one of budding stars of our Account Management team. Swadha who has been with us for just 6 months is already a pro at what she does! With her understanding of the industry and out-of-the-box solutions, she’s proved her worth not just to us at ResellerClub but also to all her resellers who can’t ask for more when they have a guardian like Swadha for their business! Here’s a little more about Swadha: Reseller: Mr. Andrew Green Company: abc Andrew Green (Andy) had some trouble with the integration of payment gateways with his supersite. He was not too clear with the processes of funds and billing as implemented in our system. Swadha went beyond her way to explain to Andy the nuances of the platform and the math around it, she also helped him understand how everyone – Andy himself, his resellers and customers involved in the chain are charged, the nuts and bolts of the billing methods followed in our business. The taxation engine, rigorously flexible pricing engine that allows telescopic and tenure based pricing and all other aspects that could possibly be tricky to understand were covered by Swadha, so that Andy could make the best use of these features. Following a thorough walk through, she also assisted him with the integration of the payment gateway to receive payments from his customers and sub resellers, setting him up to get started with his business. In the reseller’s own words: “I am proud to say that your comprehensive expertise makes everything so much easier for us. All our queries regarding VPS installations to DNS configurations, Reseller Setups to pushing new IDN Domains, to name very few, are tackled with seemingly effortless ease. Thanks to ResellerClub for providing us with a dedicated Account Manager, more so someone like Swadha! Swadha understands what great customer service really is, and is always happy to help and lead us in the right direction. Your acknowledgement of urgency and quick-response habit reassures and inspires our team. Your loyalty and dedication have made it a pleasure doing business with ResellerClub and for that I would like to personally thank you.” Reseller: Mr. Dut Majak Company: South Web Hosting Co.LTD Dut needed assistance with the various SSL certificates on our platform and was also apprehensive about the move from Thawte to Comodo certificates. Swadha helped him understand the specifications of each type of certificate, the advantages of each and a guide on how he could help his customers choose the one most appropriate for them. Keeping the nature of Dut’s business in mind, she helped him choose the best option for his business and then helped him with the integration of the certificate with his domains. She also advised him on the other security products he can upsell to his customers, to help him boost his ARPU (Average revenue per user). In the reseller’s own words: “I cannot express how much I appreciate and thank God for giving Swadha as our account manager! I am so glad to be a part of ResellerClub and having the opportunity to work with Swadha. Thanks for all the technical support, guidance, provide best solutions which we seek time and again. I’m really impressed with Swadha whom I can call the buddy I have at Resellerclub. Since the day I started working with her, we’ve come a long way and it’s helped us become better. She has helped us strengthen our high reliability and standing as a company in the country. Thanks for your uninterrupted assistance!” Keep up the good work, Swadha, you make us very proud!

Lifecycle of a Domain Name

Thousands of domain names are registered every day. Almost every domain name starts off in the similar manner – they are all available for registration and expire at a point of time. For those who are interested in purchasing a domain name, you must understand a typical lifecycle of any Domain name. Since it is the most important thing on the internet, let’s understand what happens between the registration and deactivation of a domain name. Once you get a fair idea about the lifecycle of a domain name, you can possibly retain a domain name that is on the verge of deletion or may have accidentally expired. Available Domain Names In any domain name lifecycle, the first stage is its availability. Here, the domain name is available and not registered by any entity. Use a registrar to search for an available domain name and go for it. These domain names are available for registration for a period of 1 to 10 years. Registered Period The domain name will become active and registered for the term you have made the payment for. After registration, the current registrar should keep it for a minimum period of 60 days after which, it can be transferred to another registrar, if need be. Also, if you want to keep it for a longer period, you need to renew the domain name. A majority of registrars will notify you well in advance before the domain is due to expire. This makes it easier for you to renew the domain name early without wasting any time. Expired Period        In case you fail to renew the domain before it expires, the domain name will get deleted. All services related to domain name are then put to an end. In fact, the domain name cannot be transferred to another registrar, unless it is renewed. After the expiry, the domain name enters a Grace Period that may last up to 30 to 45 days depending upon the extension and registrar. This is the period when you can renew the domain name at a regular rate without having to pay a penalty (if not auctioned). However, if it still is not renewed during this phase, the domain enters the redemption grace period. Redemption Grace Period At the end of the expired period, the domain enters a 30 day redemption period. During this phase, most of the registrars delete all the information about the domain. The domain is then removed thus making it expensive to recover again. Most registrars charge a lump sum during this period to reclaim the domain. Pending Delete Period If the domain is still not renewed in redemption period then it goes into the pending delete phase. This period lasts for 5 days, after which the domain gets deleted and is available to public for registration. Deleted and Active – Renew ASAP The domain name is deleted and available to anyone for registration. To avoid your domain name from getting deleted, the best thing to do is renew it at the earliest. Found this article informative? SHARE it!

HOST, .WEBSITE & .PRESS now in GA, and Webinar Invite!

  We’re excited to announce that 3 exciting new gTLDs on our platform – .HOST, .WEBSITE & .PRESS entered GA on 18th September, 2014. You can take advantage of our fantastic promotions where you can save upto 60% on these TLDs. Radix Registry is hosting a webinar to help you understand the scope, potential and innovative ways to market these TLDs. Your invitation to a Webinar by Radix Registry ResellerClub has partnered with Radix Registry to bring to you a Webinar wher we will discuss the potential of these 3 exciting TLDs. You will also receive tips on how best to market them so that you can derive the most of this launch. In this webinar we will take you through the potential of these 3 revolutionary new gTLDs and why you should start selling them. Find out more about the special reseller programs that we will be introducing as well as innovative marketing strategies that you can use to promote these new TLDs. What’s more, you could also win some exciting prizes. Date – 23rd of September, 2014 Why you must not miss these 3 new gTLDs:  .Host As a Web Host/Web Services provider, you should be at the top of the new gTLD wave! .HOST domain is the perfect extension to help you create and establish a unique brand identity and stand out amidst the clutter. ResellerClub has a special promo for .Host for a price of $39.99. • Better Categorization Why go for a .com/.net when there is a TLD especially for YOU! As Search Engines adapt themselves to the growing adoption of new gTLDs, ready yourself for the future and ensure that your brand has the perfect extension in the new gTLD space. • Instant Recognition Your customers know who you are and what to expect when they come to your site. .Website With TLDs such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ etc witnessing a shrinking name pool, there is litle scope for short and strong domain names. With .WEBSITE, help your customers get online with a TLD that is truly generic, and fits any type of brand, industry vertical or service! ResellerClub has a special promo for .Website for a price of $9.99 • Truly Generic .Website is the first truly generic new gTLD to be launched. It’s intuitive, self explanatory and understood in more than 8 languages across the world. • Relevant To Everyone .Website can be used by both individuals and companies. The TLD cuts across categories and is apt for all market segments – be it technology, retail, fashion or automobile – .website suits everyone! .Press .PRESS is the perfect extension for your clients associated with the media industry. Both conventional media professionals as well as new media publishers such as bloggers, podcasters and web evangelists are the perfect audience for a .PRESS Domain. ResellerClub has a special promo for .Press for a price of $39.99. • Semantic Connect & Universal Appeal Press has a strong semantic relevance to individuals and companies associated with the media, press and news industry. The term press is universally understood and associated with this industry as well • Value to Organizations .Press can add value to organizations across the board & can be used as a dedicated PR portal that companies use to communicate important information with the media, customers and other key stakeholders. This is the perfect chance for you to learn about these exciting new TLDs, so go and register yourself for the Webinar now!  

The Extra Mile 2: Sharon Roy

We all have certain key customers who mean a lot to us and are valuable to our business. When faced with an issue that threatens to put our business with such a customer in danger, panic is a natural reaction but it is imperative that we keep calm and ensure that we offer them the best and the quickest resolution. Here’s how one of our support executives addressed an issue that affected a key customer of one of our resellers and helped him retain the customer! Our Support Executive: Sharon Roy, a key member of our support team has been with us for about two and a half years and it was on her watch that this issue came up. Her assured and effective handling of the issue led the reseller to exclaim “Halleluiah” in relief once the solution had been implemented! The Issue: One of the most important customers of our reseller was from the USA and was facing difficulty in registering a .CA domain, despite having created a .CA contact. After repeated efforts the customer was frustrated with the reseller and he in turn was worried at the prospect of losing one of his most valued clients. The Complication: The Reseller was using SuperSite 1, the older version of our reseller storefront which has many functions that are obsolete. Newer products that require custom data such as .CA domains are not supported on the SuperSite 1. As a result, though the registrant contact was created, it wasn’t successfully mapped as required by the .CA registry due to insufficient details Our Solution: Sharon assured the reseller of a swift response and calmed his nerves as she got to work on identifying the root cause of the problem. She logged into the control panel of the reseller and verified all the details and she attempted a test registration on an alternate instance to verify that this was indeed the issue which was causing the domain registration attempt to fail. After having confirmed that this was the problem, she gave the reseller a detailed explanation of the same. She also advised him about the advantages of Supersite 2 as well as the upcoming end of lifecycle for the Supersite 1. Once he understood the reason for the issue and the process of upgrading to SuperSite 2, the reseller was in a better position to speak to his customer and assure him that the problem would be resolved quickly. Owing to Sharon’s ability to multitask, she was able to kickstart the move to SuperSite 2 while she was filling in the reseller about the nature of the issue, the advantages and implications of the upgrade once she had obtained his consent. However another issue surfaced which threw a ‘URL in use’ error during the move from SuperSite 1 to SuperSite 2. Sharon kept her wits and discovered that the Reseller had his branded URL in a sub-reseller account and its DNS in yet another sub-reseller account. Now the issue required correcting the branding on not just one reseller panel but 3 different panels. In a matter of just another 30 minutes all the Reseller control panels were updated with the Reseller’s choice of domains, IP addresses and nameservers. Extremely delighted with the result, this is what the Reseller had to say about Sharon’s diligence and efficiency: “I would like to leave feedback about my great customer service experience I had today from one of your team members – Sharon R. We had several issues, first unable to attach contact for a .ca domain, then unable to use my primary domain with our main account, since it was attached to other account. She logged into 3 different accounts of ours and made all the necessary changes diligently. It took a bit of time because of the complication but she stayed online on live support chat and did exactly what we wanted while constantly communicating each step to us so that we were abreast of the progress in resolution. Sharon R and Reseller Club keep up the good work and great customer service.”

New gTLDs Report Card – September 2014

A total of 2.2 Million new gTLDs have been registered as of 18th September 2014! .CLUB continues to remain at the top, followed by .WIEN and .GURU. The other new gTLDS that have claimed their places in the top 5 are .TODAY and .PHOTOGRAPHY.  This week sees 3 exciting new gTLDs  .PRESS, .HOST and .WEBSITE entering GA, and .WEBSITE as a generic TLD looks poised to make an entry into the top 15, if pre-registrations trends are anything to go by. The growth of the total registrations can be seen in the below Infographic: New gTLDs Comparison- September 2014 | Create Infographics Data as of 18 September – Percentage Shares by Registration Facilitated by ResellerClub and is for indicative purposes only   Many generic TLDs are slowly making its way in this new domain industry! Which new gTLD launch are you looking forward to?

When it’s a tech support issue in

When it’s a tech support issue in question, 9 out of 10 times it’s actually resolved without any hassles. But all you ever hear about is the one time things went wrong. And since you do hear a lot about things going wrong, we thought we’ll tell you a little bit about what goes right as well. On a weekly basis, we’re going to introduce you to a member of our support team and tell you about the time they went above and beyond to help a client. Here’s our first edition of “The Extra Mile!” Our Support Executive: Sanjeet Singh Arora, a member of our support team, has been with us for about 2 years. Apart from these responsibilities, Sanjeet likes developing web applications and is quite good at it too. So apart from the above, he also works on tools that help the entire team with tasks they need to do. The Issue: Jorge Rodriguez Galarza, one of our resellers with a Reseller Linux Hosting package had installed an outdated version of WHMCS which infected the entire package with a virus. This led to several files getting corrupted, thereby making the admin as well as the customer panel inaccessible. The Complication: Important files required for the software to work could not be recovered. We later found out that the backup too was corrupted. Our Solution: As an obvious step, Sanjeet started by scanning all the files to remove the malicious code but some important files were not recoverable even after restoring the back up. Since a good amount of time had been lost and the hosting package was not completely restored, Sanjeet decided to involve his team and went out of his way to find a solution. The only viable option was a full WHMCS upgrade. Detailed steps were given to Jorge along with the files to update, but a new issue cropped up. While the upgrade was completed and the files replaced and the virus now gone, Jorge started facing an “Internal server error”. Sanjeet quickly escalated the issue to the SysAdmin team and they discovered that the WHMCS configuration selected by Jorge while the upgrade was being done was incorrect. They got the configuration fixed and restored the functionality of WHMCS back to normal. It was Sanjeet’s persistence and presence of mind that proved to be helpful and left Jorge absolutely satisfied and delighted! Here’s what Jorge has to say about our support – “I think I’ve been provided with a great solution and it’s a huge relief to have the WHMCS restored. All my data and admin and customer panel were at the risk of being washed off and Sanjeet has come to my rescue!” We can’t stress enough on the importance of using updated and latest versions of software. It can go a long way in avoiding most issues.

The ResellerClub New gTLD Summit!

We are thrilled to invite you to the FIRST EVER ResellerClub New gTLD Summit that will be held on 27th September 2014! This is the perfect chance for you to learn about the new gTLD market from the experts themselves! If you want to grow your business and learn how to make the best of the new domain industry, then you don’t want to miss this! Our Sponsors include Radix, the registry behind .website, .host and .press, and Donuts that manages 140+ new TLDs including .guru, .photography and .email. The event will be a great place to meet them, learn about their TLDs and how you can offer them to your clients. There are only 150 seats and registrations are FREE so hurry before spots run out. The tentative agenda for the event is as below: Date: Saturday, 27th September | Venue: The Hyatt Regency, Mumbai   The seats are limited but the registration is free, so hurry and grab your spot! Here’s where you can register for the event:

Get creative with .ME!

As we saw in our previous blog, an online identity is highly crucial to distinguish one’s domain name, and .ME provides you exactly that! .ME is the right choice for all of you who require unconventional yet catchy domain names. We list down a few reasons why .ME is the next big thing!   Highly personalized .ME is an extension that gives a personal touch to your brand. It’s the only TLD that’s truly about you! It helps you establish a unique branding.  According to statistics, 57.1% of total number of .ME domains are registered by individuals and 42.9% by companies. No limitations There are no restrictions for .ME registrations. Anyone and everyone can register the domain name. Although it’s a preferred choice for Blogs, resumes and other personal pages, it can also be used for your businesses and products. Powerful Marketing .ME works as a great marketing tool as it is simple and helps to individualize your domain name. It works effectively to help you stand out from the clutter, and brands your online presence. Social Media and SEO friendly With Social networking sites being a rage on the Internet, .ME is perfect as a domain name that can be creatively used to build a distinctive brand which resonates with one’s identity. It can also be geo-targeted on Google Webmaster, thus making it SEO friendly. Shorter URL You can get as creative as you like with a .ME without resorting to a long URL.  It is a perfect URL shortner and can be used however you like. Eg: or   .ME is dynamic and can be used in interesting ways that are fun yet clever. The possibilities are endless with a combination of your name or your brand’s name along with a .ME! This is the perfect time for you guys to start building personal online presence as PDR offers you a HUGE discount on .ME domains along with free WordPress Hosting with every .ME domain name! Thank you for being there on the Webinar held on 28th August 2014! For all those who weren’t present can view the presentation and the video of .ME!

A brand new TLD for the Web Hosting community!

  We are very thrilled to announce that you can now register your domain names on the brand new TLD, .HOST! Widely expected to be the game changer for the web hosting community, we are super excited to have acquired priority access to the namespace! With a .HOST, you can now be easily classified as a brand that caters and provides services to customers having web hosting needs. As a common signature for the hosting community, .HOST can drive a lot of relevant traffic to your website. ResellerClub is one of the few select companies to acquire access to the domain name with the help of a very special Pioneer program by the .HOST registry. It couldn’t get any better than this for all of us, since we all breathe, live and work hosting. Here’s why you should get a .HOST domain for your web hosting and domain registration business: Instant recognition A .HOST TLD is easily identifiable as a domain that belongs to a web host. When a customer is looking for hosting purchases, an address having a .HOST may be recognized as an address for a web hosting service. .HOST stands out as a hosting specific domain name and potentially may serve the hosting industry specifically. .HOST may soon be the hosting industry’s very own namespace and will create a unique identity for the hosting community. Desirable and shorter names for registrants At a time when most of the gTLD space in TLDs are gradually getting saturated, the .HOST is an extension that serves as a market specific TLD. With the .HOST namespace, it will now be easier for people to acquire a shorter and more desirable domain name. It provides better branding and conveys specialization. Search efficiency By having a .HOST in your domain name, it would be easier to generate more traffic on websites catering to domain businesses. A recent study shows that 7.5m monthly searches contain the keyword ‘host’. Thus, with a .HOST domain name, organic efficiency will improve. We believe that the launch of the .HOST is a big milestone for our hosting community! The registry’s Landrush Phase opened on 26th August, 2014, and the General Availability, where names will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, will open up on 17th September, 2014. Considering that all of you have your own Web Hosting businesses, we encourage you to go and get your presence on the .HOST domain. Check out our promos which are now LIVE on your Control Panel! Go register your .HOST domain right now!      

EU Registry Downtime Notice & Changes to .EU Lifecycle

We have an important update from the .EU registry, please make note of the same and communicate the changes in the life cycle to your .EU registrants. .EU Registry Downtime: .EU is moving to a new registration platform on 15th September, 2014, because of which, there will be a downtime of 3 days – from 12th September, 2014 to 15th September, 2014. During the downtime, it will not be possible to perform any transaction on .EU domain names. Please note that: New registrations will be queued and processed once the downtime is over Any system changes/renewals/transfers will fail and will need to be resubmitted when the downtime is over .EU Domain Lifecycle Change: Post the launch of the new platform, newly registered .EU domains will follow a different renewal/expiry life cycle. These changes will impact registrations made only after 15th September, 2014. At present, the .EU domains expire at the end of the month they were registered in. 15th September, 2014 onwards, newly registered .EU domains will renew or expire at the end of the registration term.

Through the crystal ball – The rise of the domain names

The surge of domain names registration has been ongoing since the origin of the internet. Some of the first domain names registrations were created by scientific organizations. Before the internet saw www being used as a prefix for websites, the first domain name to be registered was in 1985. Domain names evolved into unique names that became an identity for websites. From the days of ARPANET to the advent of the new gTLDs, the world of domain names has drifted drastically. The history of domain names: In the days of network solutions, the domain name served the purpose of the host’s numerical address which began in the ARPANET era. The network of host files from each computer were mapped as numerical addresses. This soon changed in 1983, with the advent of the Domain Name System or DNS. The domain name represented the IP or the internet protocol of the host computer. Soon there were bifurcations of top level domain names or generic top level domain names and their second-level domain names. Here’s a list of the key milestones that have impacted the world of domain name registrations: This TLD was registered as the first commercial internet domain name in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The internet revolution: Since the 1980s, categorization of domain names ensued as country code top-level domains or ccTLDs which were two-letter territory identifications and seven gTLDs emerged. The latter included .com, .gov, .edu, .mil, .org, .net and .int. The right to use domain names is exercised by domain name registrars. New gTLDs Before the new gTLDs, there were domain names like .biz and .info that saw tremendous popularity. Apart from that, ccTLDs or country specific domain names became a rage for domain owners.   In 2008, ICANN, in its 32nd International Public Meeting announced the availability of new generic top level domains. The gTLD revolution: .pw and .co Several countries such as Palau tried to catch on the gTLD revolution. .pw is now synonymous with professional web. With timely rebranding of .pw into the professional web instead of the country’s ccTLD, the domain name is now a namespace for professional individuals and businesses. Another important domain like .co had been allocated to Columbia. Due to the similarity between .com and .co, the surge in the demand for .co domains increased, which led to the creation of the .CO Internet S.A.S. The latter undertakes the registration for .co domains around the world. The road ahead… When ICANN decided to expand new gTLDs to reduce the load on domain names like .com, there were several skeptics who believed that .com strategies would still not budge for several small and big businesses. Yet, within a short time of the announcement of new gTLDs, ICANN witnessed 1930 applications for 1410 unique domain names, in 2012. Some of the applicants were large online businesses like Amazon and Google. Digital marketers caught up fast with the ongoing trend as more and more businesses including regional players joined in. Other experts believe that the year 2014, will witness large transactions in internet history in the new gTLD space which will indirectly or directly impact marketing strategies such as search engine optimization. This could also help in reaching a whole new regional audience within countries. The future of the small entrepreneur seems bright with the ability to grasp the best the internet has to offer and not necessarily be fixated to a .com name.  


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