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Top 5 Design Trends Coming Your Way in 2016!

We’ve turned over another leaf in the calendar & like every new year, we’re bombarded with lists of Top Fashion Styles for 2016, Biggest Mistakes of 2015, What to look forward to in 2016 & the like. For an industry such as ours, few things get us more pumped than striking web designs that seem to change the world wide web. We’re no different when it comes to ‘listings’ and we’re stoked to be penning down the Design Trends of 2016 Coming Your Way. If you share our enthusiasm, brace yourselves for the awesome design elements you’ll read through this article: 1) Video: The New Hero Image: While 2015 saw websites use clear, high definition, impressive images on their homepage screen, 2016 brought the video back in a new style – full screen, interactive, extreme clarity, fast loading. High speed internet connectivity and video plug-ins have made it easier for the comeback of the video. We expect to see a lot more of such “movie-like experiences” on upcoming websites. What’s even cooler about these videos are that they’re interactive – allowing for better user experience. This website below allows for an interaction like no other. It allows the user to view a concert from different view points, giving him full control over the camera angle he wants to use. 2) The Hamburger Menu: While this trend made its debut in 2015, the feature is only becoming more popular. As users are accustomed to mobile sites and responsive websites, this design style has crept into the desktop websites, simplifying navigation by hiding it under a hamburger menu. 3) Flat Designs: In 2015, Google spent huge dollars to change their logo to a flat, bolder, cleaner, sans-serif typeface. Why? Because it helped reduce the size of the logo file on sites by more than half and it was easier to read on palm-sized devices. Hand-in-hand with the Flat Design is the Material Design – clean, modernistic, UX focused design. This type of uses shadow effects & movement concepts to make designs look more realistic.   4) Card Layouts: Thanks to sites like Pinterest, card layouts are overtaking the web. The reason for the success of such a layout is probably the bite-size information they provide at a glance for multiple items/products. The rectangle content “containers” also easily rearrange themselves to fit any device.     5) Motion Animation: As users, we love motion. Our eyes are naturally drawn to motion animation & designers have started to capitalise on this, experimenting with modular scrolling, slo-mo animation, dynamic charts, progress bars & buttons, fold effects, page header transitions etc. You can see the whole list here. Slo-Mo Animation We sure enjoyed going through websites that tickle our creative side. If you’ve come across a great design or have something to contribute, share it with us in the comments section below! *The above images are for illustration purposes only. ResellerClub has not claimed any copyright or IPR. Please contact us or leave a comment if you would like to be attributed.

Which is the Best Platform for Reseller Hosting?

Undecided about whether you should choose Windows or Linux for Reseller Hosting? This is quite a common confusion among those who aren’t very sure of the differences between the two platforms and their benefits. In a compact infographic, we’ve outlined the differences so you can make an informed choice to benefit your business.   Let us know if you’ve got any queries for us. You can check out our website for more information on our products.

New gTLD Report – January 2016

As we step into 2016, we’re excited for all this year has in store of the industry and new gTLDs in particular. Is 2016 the year where the new extensions become the new internet trend? Are we going to see a stark change where these TLDs are concerned? It’s the first month in the year and as we take a look at the numbers for the month, we’re very much encouraged. Before we highlight for you the interesting changes, do take a look at the report for your benefit.   New gTLD Report – January 2016 Create pie charts *Registration Numbers facilitated by ResellerClub Highlights: 1) .LOAN & .ACCOUNTANT’s mammoth increase: Both these TLDs increased by 97% since last November which is one of the largest increases we’ve seen for a TLD. This is most likely due to the promos we ran on the two TLDs starting mid November (continuing this month), accounting for the spike in registrations. For the first time, the two TLDs featured on the list of Top 15 TLDs for the months of Dec ’15- Jan ’16. 2) .TOP’s spike in registrations: While .TOP had a $1.99 promo in November, we ran a further discount in December, dropping the price a 70% lower than the promo price. This contributed to the spike in registrations over December 2015 and January 2016 by 41%. 3) .WIN increases by 25%:  .WIN was on promo from mid-November on the global program and other international programs. A part of the increase can be attributed to the special pricing in the China market for this TLD alone. 4) .XYZ, .SPACE, .WEBSITE, .UNO remained the same: Some TLDs continued to remain at the same registration percentage through December and January. We currently have promos on a bunch of other TLDs. You can take a look at the entire list here. If you’ve got questions about the report, do let us know in the comments below.

Top 4 Outages and Downtime of all Time

Downtime is almost a “bad word” in the web industry primarily because of the loss of traffic, business and ultimately money associated with the word. The bigger your company, the more disastrous the downtime. However, no company is completely “downtime proof” and even some of the biggest companies face the inevitable. Here are the 4 biggest downtime cases in the history of web hosting!

Web Design Trends That Ruled 2015

2015 saw some fierce & bold, subtle and classic web designing styles, playing with space, fonts, colours, animations & more. As we step into the new year, we’d like to highlight the web design trends that blew us away in 2015 and are here to stay for 2016. 1) Minimalist Homepage Minimalism is the single most important principle of web designing. Although this may be difficult to accept that the homepage contains little or no content, the design is clean, classy & attractive. From simplifying navigation to hiding icons, the reduced clutter helps focus on a single, powerful image or video known as the “hero image”. This has become a trend possibly because of larger screen sizes on devices today and higher screen resolution that allow for stunning displays and thereby much improved user experiences. Here are some of our favourites: Courtesy: Bellroy Courtesy: Born 2015 saw a lot more websites follow this design. A big thumbs up from us! 2) Creative Scrolls We love that the scroll has taken on more of a ‘role’ than just the vertical slide. The scroll has been used as a horizontal scroll, a colour scroll, a feature scroll, a tour scroll & so much more than what it started out as. We can attribute this trend to the boom of smart devices with touch screens in the recent years allowing for ‘swipe’ in the manner that the user may prefer rather than the conventional vertical scroll. Courtesy: QUO+ Tour Scroll Courtesy: OhDeerGames Do also take a look at Swiss Airlines‘ website too. We love how the scroll gives you a feel of flight take off while taking you through the features of the airline 3) Innovative Page Layouts 2015 brought about a trend that introduced innovative page layouts. No longer are designers afraid to play with different layers, shapes, asymmetry, and angles. The trend helped move away from the standard front facing images, flat layouts to more asymmetrical and “edgy”. The screen rotation feature, the zoom feature, the HD display on smart devices probably cajoled designers to experiment and explore even allowing for more, realistic images. Images took quite the forefront in designs in the past year owing to image heavy sites like Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr & Instagram in the recent years. Take a look at some of these designs with different page layouts. Courtesy: The Rosa Courtesy: DAN Paris 4) The Preloaders We all dislike the ‘load’ icon primarily because it is those very seconds that makes us wait, get bored while we wait and wait some more.  And although greater bandwidth and connectivity have reduced the load time, 2015 set the trend for visually appealing & engaging preloaders. 5) App-like Designs Hidden navigation, cleaner designs, menus stacked under a single icon of 3-4 lines (also known as a “hamburger”), sidebars disappearing to make room for more content, all became quite a fad in 2015 when designers began taking into consideration the mobile-viewing market. More and more website designs mimic app designs due to the growing familiarity with app interfaces. Courtesy: Unmetric   6) Ghost Buttons From screaming, loud call-to-action buttons to transparent to translucent, less-obstructive, seamless, no-fill buttons, the evolution has been obvious in 2015 designs. These buttons compliment the minimalist design feel, making it a perfect fit. Like the app-like designs, the ghost buttons too became a full blown trend after apps became increasingly popular and users, familiar, all owing to the smart devices/ smart phone boom. Courtesy: Unsung   Courtesy: Haruki Murakami The trends in 2015 shifted the perception of websites from boring, cluttered, load-heavy to sleek, interesting & worth visiting, reviving the platform for marketing, show-casing & making the brand’s online presence worth it. We’re excited for all 2016 has to offer. Look out for an upcoming post on the path-breaking designs that are touted to create quite a stir this year! *The above images are for illustration purposes only. ResellerClub has not claimed any copyright or IPR. Please contact us or leave a comment if you would like to be attributed.  

ResellerClub Presents HostingCon India 2015: An Event to Remember!

As we enter 2016, we’re stoked about the things we’re going to see unravel through the coming months- new product launches, brand new partners, new targets, bigger, better events & new business. And although we do believe new years are new beginnings, it’s hard to let the year begin without the mention of our biggest, most successful event that closed out our 2015 with a promise of a fantastic 2016! The ResellerClub Presents HostingCon event was a 2 day event held at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Center which drew a record number of people from the web industry and others. We thank each of you for attending the event. The interesting line-up of speakers ensured a packed auditorium more often than not. From Santosh Gannavarapu (Co-Founder & Head – SMB, Sokrat) to Mahesh Murthy (Founder – Pinstorm, Managing Partner – Seedfund) to Sachin Pukale (Founder – Internet of Things), the speakers engaged the audience on topics ranging from Internet Security, to Digital India Campaign to Net Neutrality and Online Advertising. In case you couldn’t be there, we’ve curated for you, the presentation decks from our speakers so you don’t miss out. Click below to access the presentations. The venue was buzzing with enthusiastic attendees trying their hand at shooting hoops, clicking selfies, attending sessions, interacting with the industry’s best, networking & just enjoying themselves at the event. It’s impossible to encapsulate the spirit of the event in words alone. We’ll let the pictures do the talking. Speaking about the event, Shridhar Luthria, General Manager & Business Head at ResellerClub said, “ResellerClub presents HostingCon India 2015 was an incredible success, to say the least. The turnout far exceeded our expectations and the energy, ideas and vigor shown by the online presence enablers community left me in no doubt that India is set for a great leap in bridging the digital divide in 2016. In addition, our outstanding speaker sessions got a tremendous response and made the event fruitful for all attendees. I’d like to thank all delegates and hope they enjoyed networking with the Industry’s best, & garnered critical business insights.” Riding on the success of the ResellerClub Presents HostingCon Event that took place last month, we enter the new year with a fresh breath of air, thrilled, hopeful & pumped! We look forward to seeing you at the ResellerClub Presents HostingCon China, this year. A big thank you to you, our resellers, for all that we’ve achieved together this past year. We wish you a Happy New Year!

Simplicity, Speed and the Internet Revolution

In the competitive environment of Internet, the simplicity and the fast access to information are considered crucial factors to the success. To this end, first level domains new generations, known as Top Level Domains (TLDs), have been gradually gaining ground, and they are a promise of a revolution in the Internet world stage. Currently, the most popular domain extensions are already overwhelmed, so it is harder to get a good combination. However, a new ICANN initiative, a world entity in charge for the administration of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) and country code top-level domain (ccTLDs) is innovating and bringing competition for the popular .com, “.net” and “”. The project consists in considerably increase the existent domain extensions on the internet, and promise to really expand the possibilities of combinations of domain names, using new extensions as .tech, .cloud, .online, .top, .site, .shop and .auto. The project expects to launch more than 1,300 new generic domain extensions in the next years, a really impressive number, considering that only 22 gTLDs have been launched since 1985. Currently, millions of these registered new domains already exist around the world, and Brazil is among the 30 countries which have the most register numbers of these new extensions in the global ranking, staying behind of countries such as China, USA, Germany, and England. With this movement, companies need to be prepared to protect their brands with new domain extensions that correspond to its areas of activity. Agencies, web developers, wholesalers, industries and entrepreneurs will have new opportunities to make their websites, campaigns, and online projects more creative and innovative. Besides, new endeavors will have several possibilities to find their desirable domain name. There are several applications and benefits for new domain extensions. The first one is the simplicity to show the company activity area in its own URL, such as .software, .computer, .solutions and .hotel. This “self-description” makes brands, even more, relevant and memorable. Besides, the keyword in the domain name is an important criterion that may affect the relevance with search engines such as Google. The second one was never easy to explain about services, products or online campaigns, as in the use of terminations .cloud, .host, .digital, .tickets, .top and .email, making them, even more, remarkable in the perception of customers and consumers. Another option is in the use of geography to reinforce the local identity, such as .rio, .london and .nyc. Communities or specific group also receive its own identifications – such as .tech, which reinforces the technological context, and .dev or .guru, for developers or Internet professionals. Giving merit to the importance of this movement, big companies already have its own extensions, as .globo, .itau and .sony. This brings a bias towards innovation and perceived value to the brand. There are domain extensions and combinations for all kinds of businesses, communities, styles, tastes and trends, providing, with all of these, a remarkable experience in the life of customers and consumers. Just use the creativity, and it will be possible to find several combinations, such as: .social.project, guru.smith,,,, and so on. Finally, this movement results in some marketing investment, cultural adaptation and depends on the natural evolution of the internet in the global scope. The thing is that this scenario is really creating a new opportunity for companies, entrepreneurs, and people to stand out in The internet and become even more competitive and innovative. And as soon as these segments are inserted in this context, the evolution of Internet in Brazil and in the world will happen faster.

Domain + Hosting @ $1.49. Have You Checked Our Combo Plans yet?

Last week our Combo Plans went live and it surely was an exciting time for us! Our Hosting Combo Plans were the most popular bundles so far and it received unprecedented enthusiasm from our Resellers. Have a look at our 5 featured ‘Combo Plans Contest’ Winners: We were running a ‘Fastest Finger First’ contest on our social media profiles for which our first 100 resellers to purchase our Combo Plans would receive them free of cost! Take a look at our 4 Combo Plans in case you’re haven’t checked them out till now: If you’re thinking of how you can purchase one of our Combo Plans, follow these simple steps: Log in to you Reseller control panel Go to products >> combo plans >> buy                                         OR You can also make a purchase directly via supersite from the option ‘combo plans’ on the menu bar. If you need to integrate your API or make SuperSite changes, you can have a look at a few simple steps here. You can have a look at our Combo Plans here!

ResellerClub at ResellerClub presents HostingCon India 2015

ResellerClub presents HostingCon India, is just 2 days away & we are stoked! Dates: Dec 11-12, 2015 Venue: Hall 5, Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai, India. Exciting Sessions We have sessions with charismatic personalities from Endurance and ResellerClub such as Brian Unruh & Shridhar Luthria respectively. Our industry is constantly evolving giving rise to newer ideas and businesses. Brian & Shridhar have a lot to share and discuss with you at the event. To know more, have a look at their slots below:   Discussion & Sharing Sessions You could drop by and chat with our product team as well as our account management team to enquire about our products including the recently launched ‘Combo Offers’ or ResellerClub Bundles. They are ever ready to answer your questions and solve your doubts. Amazing giveaways! Visit us at our booth(Booth Number – M1) and join us on some fun arcade games and contests you can participate in to win some awesome prizes. Not to forget a lucky draw for dropping your business card at our reception desk. If you’re a lucky winner you could win an iPad! Also, we are giving away 2 Moto G3’s! So come visit us at Asia’s premier conference and trade show for cloud, domains & hosting businesses. We are ecstatic to see you there! If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? Register now on the link below!    

Team in Focus: Design and Development

It is now 8 years since we set up ResellerClub and we are extremely proud of our achievements. Our most treasured asset is our workforce of highly motivated professionals. Each  of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, energetic and acutely aware of how limitless ResellerClub’s potential is to grow.  We all love what we do! Today we introduce to you our expert team of Web Developers and Designers, who have the knowledge to turn an elegant design into a highly functional and user-friendly website. They are a diverse team of nine that work hand in hand to make our website a success and it’s their individuality that makes them a great team. .nopad{padding:0!important;margin:0!important;} .no-display{display:none!important;} “When you’re building any product, focus on the goal and forget about the obstacles” TIP : I’m obsessed with perfection. When you’re obsessed with perfection as I am, everything falls perfectly into place. People you work with may get pissed off, but that’s the price you pay when you’re building something awesome. Siddharth Pereira Head, UX & UI “A Good Design is as little design as possible” TIP : Learning all the keyboard shortcuts developing a muscle memory for them, can really speed up your creative process. For example, the ALT key or Option Key on a mac, can be used to practically create a duplicate of anything in photoshop (i.e., layers, selections, paths, masks, etc.) Sanyam Hazare Visual Designer “lESS IS MORE” TIP : Keep your design always clean, fresh & simple. It helps achieving desired goals. To simplify your design follow few design steps like 1) putting the focus only on essential elements of your website 2) getting rid of the unnecessary elements 3) limiting the number of colors, fonts you use. Ashok Suthar Sr. Graphic Designer “Design is intelligence made visible” TIP : The most creative people think outside the box. Don’t use the typical icons and symbols you see everywhere to represent your topic. Create a fluid design by letting your elements breathe. The application of space around your text boxes, images and other graphic features makes it easier to read and is actually more likely to attract attention than a cluttered composition. Stacia Rodricks Graphic Designer “It always seems impossible until it’s done’” TIP : Do not stick to trends. They are quite treacherous since they can kill your creativity. Trends are good because it brings modern look to your work, but use it with caution and try to add your own ideas every time for your projects. Also, get connected! This industry is all about relationships — virtual and the face-to-face variety. Harsha Gharat Graphic Designer “Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent” TIP : Good design starts with the content. A pretty picture does not really mean anything if there is nothing in it; at that point it is just color. Start with an understanding of the content and what you need to accomplish before you begin designing. Ajay Singh UI Developer “It’s not the length of the code BUT the depth THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE” TIP : You can read tutorials all the day but you’ll only improve by doing it yourself! Most of the Developers add lots of plug-in to make a website more beautiful but what’s the point if the user has to wait to see it. Website should look beautiful not only from outside but inside too. Chirayu Jayswal Sr. UI Developer “Programmatically everything is possible” TIP : Good code is its own best documentation. As you’re about to add a comment, ask yourself, “How can I improve the code so that this comment isn’t needed?” Improve the code and then document it to make it even clearer. Sandeep Pandita UI Developer “First solve the problem then write the code” TIP : 1) Have A Goal. 2) Learn To write clean properly formatted code with comments. 3) Google For Solutions. 4) Get inspired. 5) Showcase Your Work. Tushar JoshiUI Designer This team is a pillar of our online presence! They work round the clock to understand their upcoming challenges and goals in the digital world and come up with the most effective and useful design solutions for our business. This is the behind-the-scenes team responsible for setting up booths at our events, designing mailers, creating complex codes and executing difficult briefs to make our business run seamlessly. We hope this blog helped you with a few tips that they have penned down and helped you know our team better.

Why Free Web-Hosting Should Never Really Be An Option

Who doesn’t love a free anything? I’m sure you do. Honestly, I love freebies. Although, not everything free is good for you. Why, you ask? I’d like to talk about how people opt for a ‘free’ web-hosting in order to avoid expenses that are unnecessary; a dangerous and unfruitful presumption. Here are a few reasons for why you must contemplate before opting for free web-hosting. Limited Templates You will have very few options when it comes to templates. Selecting a limited range of templates may not be an issue, but manipulating or making changes to them may not really be an option. Free web hosting providers may not provide you with an efficient content management system which limits the functionality of your website. Not having an efficient CMS just makes things more problematic if you want to add more  Basically, you will have to follow the norms given to you by your free web hosting provider. Unpredictable: Hypothetically, say you have a business website, a free site that gets a lot of traffic and ultimately helping you rake in money. If you’re using a free web host, your website is practically owned by your hosting provider. So, there might be a risk of it being taken down. Free web hosting providers may not offer you regular backups. You are responsible for backing up your files and unless you do it yourself, you’re most likely to lose all your data. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is no formal contract, no support since it a free service. Thus, no one is liable to answer you if things go awry.  Free web hosting providers could cause you to lose income. They are also stringent on their advertising policy. Hacker-prone:  Since free websites lack versatility when it comes to the visual aspect of it, security-wise, you should definitely not be expecting much. If you are unable to integrate SSL certificates & anti-malware, you are pretty vulnerable to hackers and spammers. Not search engine-friendly:  There are multiple reasons for why search engines can avoid your free site from showing up at all. Slow website load speed, downtime, not to forget the point mentioned above are some of the prominent reasons. Yes! Low-quality spam sites which are often hosted on free servers can result in poor search engine ranking as well. Free websites and servers are a hacker’s playground. All in all, search engines may have a very unfriendly disposition towards your site. Limited file upload:  Free web servers provide a stipulated amount of space for each website it hosts. And when I say stipulated I mean highly unrealistic limits on file uploads, bandwidth and storage. If you are planning to upload files on a regular basis and manage to reach your limit, you may have to go through an optional paid service to add more storage space to your website. A free hosting provider can give you a platform with too many constraints and you could reach  resource limits very soon. This makes things very unsavory for you and your audience. Also, your hosting provider may delete your content whenever they feel like which is in accordance with their terms and conditions.   As you can see, I’ve just highlighted a handful of many problems that you could face if you choose free hosting. I suggest that free web hosting should only be used when you’re trying and testing your online presence(say you’re an aspiring blogger). Once you plan on creating an online presence, purchasing a domain name and choosing the appropriate hosting package are the essentials. The wisest decision you can take is to opt for a shared hosting service. Once your website receives more traffic over time, bandwidth is your concern. Upgrading to a higher, more efficient hosting package will not be as problematic as trying to shift from a free to a paid hosting service. Feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

Build a Website for as Low at $1.49!

At ResellerClub, we’re constantly innovating to help improve your customer experience & boost your business. In the light of that, we’re proud to announce custom made bundles to help your customers get their websites online! What are Bundles? Product Bundles or Combo Offers are discounted offers on our most popular products packaged together to help you drive your business. The Product Bundles are combinations of Domain names, Single Domain Hosting, Website Builder and Business Email packages. You can get a package complete with Hosting, E-mail and Domain (COM/ NET/ IN/ONLINE) for an unbelievable price of just $1.49! Bundle Combos Available Here are the bundle combos you can choose from: API Integration & SuperSite Changes You can find the new API calls here and SuperSite changes here. Fastest Finger First Contest No launch as big as this is fun without a few giveaways, prizes & contest. We concur. That is why we have we’re offering the first 100 bundles absolutely free of cost! How does the contest work? Step 1: On 30th November, you will receive an e-mail once Bundles are available on OrderBox which is your cue to start purchasing. Step 2: Go ahead & purchase the bundle of your choice. Step 3: If you are among the first 100 buyers of the bundles, you will receive your first bundle absolutely free of cost! If you have purchased multiple bundles, you will still only receive the first bundle free. How will the fastest buyers be identified? By the timestamp on your invoice. How will you receive your free bundle? You will receive  a credit note with the equivalent purchase amount of the first bundle within 7 working days. For all Bundles related queries, do take a good look at our website page. If you’ve got queries for us, please do leave them in the comments section below & we’ll be happy to answer you! Go ahead & start offering combo packages to your customers! Bundles will be available on the SuperSite on 30th November, 2015!

Blackfriday Deals You Can’t Miss!

It’s almost Thanksgiving & no holiday season goes without a sale! Adding to the good cheer & festive spirit, we at ResellerClub are slashing prices on a bunch of TLDs & hosting products. Here are the list of domains on the Blackfriday sale. Please note, they are only valid for 3 days so grab them at these prices now! .GLOBAL is on a special promo & is valid for just 1 day (27th November). Do not miss the opportunity! We’ve also introduced new promos on .WIKI, .INK & .DESIGN to kick of the Blackfriday sale. These promos will be available till 31st January 2016. You can see the entire list of promos here. Continuing the Blackfriday festivities, our Hosting Promos are valid till the end of the month. Here are the offers we have on Reseller & Shared Hosting. We hope you’re making your purchases NOW! Reseller Hosting – Upto 40% off! Plan R0 R1 R2 R3 R4 Promo Price $7.99 $10.99 $12.99 $16.99 $25.49   Shared Hosting – Twelve months for the price of Eight months Purchase Tenure Business Pro 12 months $40 $52 This Thanksgiving, we’re giving you an opportunity to earn at least $100 on every Dedicated Hosting server you sell! Visit out website for more details.

New gTLD Report – November ’15

The new gTLD report this month brought quite a bit of surprises. Let’s have a look at the report with the graph displaying the Top 15 TLDs for the month of November. This is great information if you’re a domain reseller or looking to start your business. New gTLD Report – November 2015 Create pie charts *Registration Numbers facilitated by ResellerClub While I was extracting the data, adding up the numbers & attempting to make analytical sense of it all, a couple of figures caught my attention. I’d like to highlight the results that stood out to me quite starkly: 1) .XYZ raced ahead of the other TLDs to the No. 1 spot, overtaking the long standing reign of .SCIENCE & more than doubling the .XYZ registrations of the earlier month. Possible reason: This could be due to the growing popularity of the extension after Google purchased a domain name on the TLD for Alphabet Inc. The demand for the TLD only seems to be picking up steam. 2) .BID showed a whooping 85% difference in registration numbers from last month to this month, rising in ranking! Possible reason: The promo on the TLD in the month of November, contributing to steep rise. .BID which earlier featured in the 48th position in October, rose up to the 14th position this month due to the promo price dropping from $17.49 to a massive low of $1.99! 3) Some TLDs remained on the list of Top 15 for November. Possible reason: TLDs like .SCIENCE, .PARTY, .WIN, .SPACE, .WEBSITE retained their place on the list due to continuous promos running right from October. We’ve got some exciting new promos on .WIKI, .INK & .DESIGN throughout this month. Do check them out. We’ve also got some great Blackfriday deals on .SITE, .SPACE, .WEBSITE, .ONLINE & . TECH, valid only for a few days. .GLOBAL is available for a price of $4.99 for only a day (27th November). Make haste & register the TLD!  You can see all our promos on domains here. Get your domain reselling business rolling.    

.DESI: TLD in Focus

ICANN’s new gTLD program has led to the release of a wide range of gTLDs over the past 3 years. In this edition of TLD in Focus, we want to bring to light a TLD which aims to proudly represent the people and culture of the Indian sub-continent; .DESI. Are your customers looking for something out of the ordinary and unique to associate their businesses with? A dash of some Indic vibe? If so, the .DESI is your go-to TLD. It is the only domain name that aims to integrate a culturally diverse society belonging to the Indian Sub-continent. According to Siddharth Ohri, .DESI TLD co-founder, “.DESI is a platform for communication – it is a way for people to make their statement, to do and accomplish things that they were not able to do before.” (DN Journal) It seems pretty evident that a substantial platform is lacking in order to bridge the gaps between the desi community. Siddharth believes this is where .DESI can serve it’s purpose. With the .DESI, your brand automatically positions itself to Indians with common roots spread across the globe. So go ahead and give your customers a unique identity on the .DESI platform.   Want to know more? Here’s a short introduction to the .DESI domain:     We at ResellerClub offer the TLD at a price of just $4.99 (66% discount), all the more reasons for you to get the .DESI. We have massive discounts on more new gTLDs as well! You can have a look at Domain Promos here. As domain resellers, we assure you that .DESI is the perfect hub for all the ‘desis’ across the globe to showcase their identity and to get in touch with their roots. .DESI has managed to get more than 2000 registrations so far according to ‘Desis’ scattered all across the globe belong to different national, cultural, educational, economic and religious backgrounds. Siddharth Ohri felt that there was no obvious place to go online dedicated to the promotion of desi culture and business, no real place to show desi pride.  The new .desi creates one platform, one unified way of being connected to the global desi community while maintaining the diversity of what it means to be a desi. (DN Journal). If you require assistance with registrations or if you need help with anything else, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below so that we may get in touch with you.

ResellerClub Presents HostingCon 2015

As we draw closer to the final month in the year, we at ResellerClub can barely contain our excitement for December. No, Christmas isn’t what we’re talking about…ResellerClub Presents HostingCon- Asia’s Premier Conference & Trade show for Cloud, Domains & Hosting Businesses is coming to Mumbai, India! It’s your one chance to meet, network & learn from the Industry’s best & most experienced! We have a fabulous line of speakers this year & we cannot wait for you to find out who they are! We will announce the list of power packed speakers & the agenda shortly but for now, let’s tell you a little about the event: Dates: Dec 11- 12 Venue: Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 5, Goregaon, Mumbai, India What to expect: Over the course of the two days, you can expect to meet over 2300 attendees & 40 partners and attend about 18 sessions. Of course, not to mention the amazing free food, drinks & great company! You can register for free or register as a VIP to get special benefits. You can also check out more information on the event here. We’d love to see you there & look forward to catching up with you! Take a look at all that happened last year at ResellerClub Presents HostingCon 2014 here.    

Welcome Home: ResellerClub at WHD India 2015

It was a delightful day for us at ‘World Hosting Days India’ held in Mumbai on the 28th of October. The ResellerClub booth did have a warm, welcoming look to it. So it must have been a lack of sleep and excess of caffeine for our hard working event crew. A pleasant morning which started off with eagerness and optimism met more than what we had anticipated. Our Account Managers and Sales team representatives probably found it hard to catch a breather with the increasing number of enthused attendees and our beloved Resellers. We are ever-ready when it comes to customer queries and tech-support, but it felt good to put a face to a name and clear the doubts of our customers; a much-needed exchange of our future prospects and ideas. Our Account Managers provided a live demo for our existing Resellers. For those who were new to what ResellerClub is, our NewBiz team gave a virtual tour on what we are all about and how they can benefit from us along with how the supersite functions. The ResellerClub booth had a lot of fun and games to begin with. From an industry-related quiz, to free selfie-sticks with which attendees uploaded live selfies using the hashtag ‘SmilewithResellerClub’, to goodie bags and a lucky draw as well! Each of the 3 games had a winner and the prize that was given away was a brand new HTC 620G. The best selfie won the social media contest. The lucky draw was among a bunch of business cards at our reception desk. It was definitely all smiles for our customers and our Team. Shridhar’s Speech Post-lunch at around 2 pm, our very own General Manager Mr. Shridhar Luthria delivered a speech that was well received by one and all present there. His speech revolved around the Internet industry in context with the Indian market. Some of the highlights of the topic were: How customers prioritize social media platforms over the importance of a website How customers think the website is more of an added expense which will not be of much value for their business or establishment How SMBs are not questioning the value of an online presence and how they could make better use of a website “There are less than 50,000 responsive websites in India.” “Should we only offer a website or a holistic package to add value to the website?” The crux of it all is that we at ResellerClub want to transcend the concept of a website to an online presence package. We would like the website to be perceived as a central source of information for everything online by linking social media, advertising, PR to one place. Thus, we are soon going to introduce ResellerClub bundles. Imagine an all-in-one package that consists of a domain, web hosting as well as e-mail. We believe that this could change that way we do business and in short, help to improve your sales. WHD India wound up with some delicious food, drinks and quiet a memorable after-party! We surely had fun because we love what we do and are looking forward to meeting you at ResellerClub presents HostingCon India 2015 in Mumbai! See you there!


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