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Featured Blog: Karla's Cottage

Karla Nathan is an artist whose medium has shifted over the years - from water colors, to murals, to painting antique furniture and starting an antique business. Karla's Cottage allows her to share her love... The Typepad Team

Seen On Typepad: Too Cute I Am

Seen on Typepad highlights new and interesting posts from our community of Typepad bloggers, enjoy! From: Between The Pages When 50 years old, you reach… look as cute, you will not! >>Read more at Between... The Typepad Team

Featured Shop: Dime Store Chic

Dime Store Chic offers unique, one-of-a-kind creations made from vintage and modern materials. "Whimsical, colorful, and always over-the-top!", their items would make great gifts for the person who loves nostalgia and looks back fondly to... The Typepad Team

Featured Shop: Zabar's

Zabar's is a New York City gourmet market located on the Upper West Side which has been a family staple for 80 years. With the busiest deli counter in town, people come from all over... The Typepad Team


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