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Featured Shop: Balzer Design

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is the artist behind Balzer Design with primary interests in collage, acrylic painting, surface design, printmaking, paper engineering, quilting, and mixed media art. She teaches art classes in person and online. You... The Typepad Team

Featured Blog: We Can Explore

We Can Explore allows Richard to use his knowledge in education, design, and communication to help schools and organizations succeed. Past clients include SONY, Kumon, and SriLankan Airlines. As a consultant, he helps his clients... The Typepad Team

Featured Blog: Nestled In Quietude

With beautiful images and poetry, Nestled In Quietude is a collection of reflective thoughts to enhance your day. This blog also includes inspirational quotes and personal musings. Take a moment to land on this blog... The Typepad Team

Typepad Loves Teachers!

Blogging is a tool you can use to reach students and parents. There are many reasons to blog and all of them have to do with communication and learning. There are many Typepad teachers that... The Typepad Team


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